Demons For Christmas Chapter 14: Her Three Demons


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The next few days, the boys decided to remodel Tammy's house. It became a mishmash of old house and fortress. The damage has been cleaned and all the traces of Jimni, Klael and Zeed had been burned.

On the upside, Tammy's flowerbeds bloomed. In the copse or grove at the back of Tammy's yard, Caellum decided to make a floral garden in that area.

They often visited Susan to make sure she was alright. She was alright. The shock of that night might have taken a toll on her heart but she was otherwise surviving.

Tammy's home life was transformed. To keep up appearances, when she left the house, she was old but inside the house, she was her young and supple self. The boys followed her wherever she went since they caught some of Tucker's friends sniffing around the vicinity.

The three were deep in discussion one morning. Tammy got up late because she had a loooong night with the boys. When she entered the kitchen, they treated her to pancakes and strawberries. They were tight-lipped on what they were going to do that night. She knew something was up. When she asked, they didn't let on.

The rest of the day, they were scarce. Tammy tied to look for them but they seemed to have tasks like gardening or shopping to do.

She was about to give up that night but when she was about to entered her room, Caellum stopped her. "We have a surprise for you, mistress," he said before carrying her.

"Where are you taking me?" He flew her outside the house.

"You will see." They didn't fly fast. Caellum seemed to be taking his time. They didn't fly long for their final destination was just behind the backyard. It was the grove of woodland where Tucker had his weed garden. "Look."

Look, indeed! The weed garden had been transformed. The boys had put candles all around so she could see the hidden garden for its beauty. It was a lush garden of many kinds of flowers growing into a thick wall enclosing the area. The trees beyond added extra privacy. In the middle of the garden was a pergola and inside the pergola, Baledin and Adreen waited for her.

"This is… This is wonderful!" The flowers were in bloom and by the looks of it, some of the flowers were the type to be awake at night. The candle lights provided a warm glow, highlighting the pretty flowers.

"Take your clothes off."

She shivered at Caellum's hard voice. It was so dark and so husky it seemed to vibrate from the very depths of his chest. It was also promising wickedness to come. Her pussy began to leak in excitement. She knew the three could smell it right away.

"Hurry, love." Baledin's voice was rough and guttural and she couldn't stop the little shudder of pleasure that raced over her body.

Tammy stripped her clothes and lay flat on the pillow. Since becoming young, she felt invigorated and energized. Nudity was something she had to come to terms with but the boys make her feel comfortable about her body.

She wasn't particularly thin or unblemished but the boys loved her curves. They even licked her freckles. She felt so special.

"Are you ready, deliciae?" Adreen patted in the large pillow.

"Ready?" Of course, she was ready. She was always ready for the boys. Making love was always in the forefront of their mind, all day, every day. She licked her lips and glanced up at them.

"Lie down, love. We've got plans all night."

The three demons stood before her, appreciating her supple body and her eagerness to give them sex. Sex was demon food and the three of them were well-fed.

Slowly, they began to merge together. Tammy gasped, appreciating their combination demon form. The combination of the three were awe-inspiring. Her demon combination was ten feet tall, had so much muscles that he can easily beat a body builder. Its skin was black but was marbled with silver and gold. Their eyes were gold, turquoise with silver rings. They had a long black tail and also big white wings.

"You're going to feel every inch of us." She could distinctly hear Adreen speak.

"Of course, you'll recognize our voices. We may have combined but we are three very distinct demons. Now, open wide, mistress. We'll show you what this combination form can do," Caellum said.

Tammy opened her legs wide. The demon knelt in front of her. Smiling, it showed its long forked tongue out and swiped at the nether opening. She screamed when she felt the hot long thing tease her opening.

As the tongue plundered her pussy, she looked at the curtain of flowers they have created for her. These boys really loved her. She couldn't help but feel the warmth they created in her home, in her life! They made her happy. This gesture of flowers was part of why she loved them. Now, they were making love to her in this combination form. The century would be so exciting!

Oh Goodness me! It was her hottest fantasy come to life. The dimness of the candles made them look darker, stronger somehow. The sight turned her on more.

Her demon sucked the liquid gushing out of her. It teased her clit, teasing her further. Her senses were devastated and she knew they were just beginning.

"Spread your thighs wider." Her demon was breathing hard now. She complied and they kissed her buttocks for complying.

Tammy shifted, spreading her legs wider, moaning as she felt something long a s spiked sliding through thick hot cream just a little higher. It rubbed against her swollen pussy lips, sent pleasure shooting into her clit.

Then it was parting the soft folds before running its length to let her slit feel it. She looked down to see their tail playing with her.

"Ooooooh," she whimpered.

It was no longer just brushing the entrance of her vagina. It was rubbing furiously. She could feel the spikes hitting her channel and her clit. Even as it brushed her thighs, it turned her on.

The tail halted and she felt bereft of sensation. Her demon produced something. She squinted to find out what it was. It was the vibrator they always threatened to use on her.

"But I want—"

"We know what you want, Love. But you need to be prepared. This is big for you and we don't want you to get hurt. We'll need to prepare you for us so this will do," they said.

They switched the big vibrator on. It penetrated her. The soft latex parted her flesh, slid in her slick juices and began to stretch her erotically. It was the most decadent thing she had ever heard of, a demon pleasuring her with a vibrator.

The vibration increased, as if they zapped it with electricity from their powers. They slid it in and out of her, parting her, sliding slowly, then deeply inside her as a wail of pleasure shattered the silence of the grove. Then it was sliding free, no matter how she pleaded, how she begged for more, it was removed.

Why did they pull out? She was about to orgasm. Tammy cried out for them.

"You aren't allowed to come yet," They whispered at her ear before moving in front of her. "This is enough. Are you ready to be well and truly fucked by a Level Z demon?"

She looked at their impressive member. It looked intimidating as it jutted out in front of her. She could have sworn it was more than a foot long and perhaps at thick as her fists. She shuddered but at the same time, she wanted to know how it would feel inside her. The texture was equally impressive. Th black marbled cock had veins, ridges and bristles.

"Suck us," Her demon ordered.

Tammy knelt in front of the combination form. They were big. When she knelt, she was almost eye level to the huge organ. This combination shaft was big and textured. It had Adreen's ridges, angry gold marbling of Baledin while the large mushroom head of Caellum. Also, like Caellum, the texture was bristling on one side. This was a weapon and it was going to wreak havoc to her pussy. Her mouth watered as hunger pierced the core of her womb.

Instead of be scared, Tammy opened up and took the mushroom head into her salivating mouth.

"Ohhh, Tammy!"

Tammy reached under to fondle her demon's balls. They were heavy and oh so warm. She would feel this weight as it slaps her ass. She couldn't wait! She licked the shaft from base to tip and sucked it all around.

She moaned as she tasted their pre-cum. It was salty and very masculine. How could she be this lucky? It was like the universe was rewarding her. So, she rewarded her boys with love. She sucked hard and squeezed them with her hands.


She smirked. They were losing control and she knew she had pushed them. Why would she be the only one throbbing in need?

Suddenly, vines crawled to the pillow and restrained her. She was stretched out, her legs up and wide open. She moaned in pain. "Please, put it in."

"Are you ready?"

"Can't you tell," she sobbed. "I need you in me!"

Her pussy was slick with her juices. "Look how pretty." They caressed her reverently. "Do you know what the scent of your pussy is doing to us?"

The already aching flesh between her thighs began to burn with a spasming, violent need. Their words were turning her on. She wanted him so bad.

Her demon knelt in front of her, letting her feel his length. Their cock slid in the juices of her pussy as he stared down at her fiercely. They raked the tender bud of her clit and she screamed in pleasure. It was devastating, like a thunder striking her core, but she wanted more.

"Do it," she screamed, watching the bloated head of their shaft part her and then slide in, raking against her channel and kissing her nub. "Please!" She felt the thick head part her and lodge against the tender opening.

They groaned in unison. She felt it push deeper and deeper until it reached the tip of her womb. Tammy wailed in pleasure. She tried to pull on her restraints but failed. The three had her as a prisoner but she could feel them trying to be as restrained as possible, taking care not to hurt her.

She moaned, wailed, pulled and shifted her hips up. Her demons ground into her, letting her feel their length. It was a whirlwind of emotions running trough her. There was no question that they cherished her. If this is what her life was going to be for the next century or two, she was looking forward to every grunt and grind.

"More!" She tried to flex her channel to accept for of them.

"Really, deliciae?"

"Yes! More!" If they didn't give her more, she was going to combust.

They rammed into her, sawing in and out faster and faster. Her senses exploded. She felt like she was riding a roller coaster that was about to go over the drop. The drop happened and she climaxed so hard, no sound emitted from her opened mouth.

Adreen, Baledin and Caellum exploded within their shared body. They came with such force, Tammy's restraints snapped.

When he finally calmed down, the three of them held Tammy in a bear hug until her heartrate was stead again.

"Oh, boy!" She tried to suck in as much air as she could. "That was… Oh, my!"

"You were wonderful," they told her.

"Boys! You are glowing!" She touched their skin. It was indeed glowing.

"Our bond is making us closer and closer and as such, making us more powerful." Demon boding was complicated but whatever this was, it made her boys stronger. "With a deeper bond, we grow more powerful and we get to protect you better."

Tammy smiled, happy she had made her three demons stronger. No demon like Zeed can ever harm her boys ever again. She opened her legs and parted her folds to them. "If that's the case, bring on round two!"

The End!

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