Demons For Christmas Chapter 13: Her Three Insatiable Boys


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"That was… oh, it was… I felt…" Once more, her brain had turned mush. The boys were so good, too good. She was on top of Adreen, her hands resting on his chest. Baledin held her other hand. Caellum was on the other side playing with her hair.

"You were wonderful," Caellum whispered.

Tammy smiled. She knew there wasn't any sleeping until tomorrow. The four of them had just bonded. There wasn't any breaking it unless something catastrophic happened. It wasn't just sex. Their last human had died in a great war. That war involved thousands of demons and humans. Now, they had Tammy, they vowed to protect her fiercely.

She looked up the clock. It was late—or early. Four in the morning and she had made love the whole night long.

"Spread your legs for me," Baledin whispered then. "I want to watch your eyes while I fuck you."

She gasped. "Aren't you satisfied yet?"

Baledin shook his head. "Never. I'll never get satisfied so we'll have to keep at it until I pass out." He stroked his golden shaft.

Her breath hitched in her throat. Adreen gently laid her on the bed. She spread her thighs slowly, opening herself to him as he moved between them. Caellum positioned himself behind her and held her hands, trapping her in that position. She could feel Baledin's cock, hard and heavy as it lay against the mound of her pussy.

"Your pussy is so red. It's my favorite color now," he said as he pushed his shaft in her.

Baledin's shaft was tick and the texture was like a dragon's scale. He pushed it to the hilt and shifted up to press against her clit. "Yes!" She wanted this. No matter how much her sensitive pussy protested, she wanted it so much more. She rolled her hips against him, her breath catching as the steel-hard heat of his erection caressed the sensitive bundle nerves peeking from the folds of her pussy. "More, please, Baledin," she pleaded in her most sensual voice.

"Temptress," he growled as he shifted against her, his cock dragged along her sensitive clit. The sensation devastated her tenfold.

"Are you going to punish me?" She gave him a look of pure sensuality.

"No, love. I'm going to reward you." He nodded to Caellum. Caellum shifted and let go of her hands. He reached down and gripped her ankles and pulled them apart opening her further for Baledin. "Thanks, brother."

"Don't mention it. You'd do the same for me."

"Anytime." He shifted his attention to Tammy who was vulnerable in that position but the look on her eyes melted the golden demon. She trusted him completely. The stretch pained her. Her throbbing pussy pained her but she wanted them all over again.

Baledin began to pump furiously in and out of her. "Ooooooh, Baledin… Caellum…" Her nerve endings protested. Her whole body was in turmoil. She wanted it but she was already too sensitive.

"Do you know how pretty you are?" Adreen sat beside Caellum and reached to fondle her breasts. "We'll have more and more of this."

More? If they had more of this, she would spontaneously combust. This was intense! But she looked down and saw his thick golden shaft invade her pussy and it turned her on even more. The two men – er, demons, holding her were adding to her lust.

"We feel what he feels, deliciae. The bond we share means the three of us are bonded as well," Adreen explained.

Baledin was furiously pumping faster now. His shaft was so hard. His balls hit her buttocks. They were hard and so heavy. She could hear the slapping of their flesh and the moans of all four of them.

"Ah, ah, ah, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaahhhh!" She came with such force, Caellum had to hold her tight.

Baledin emptied himself in her, soaking her, coating her in golden juices. He didn't let go as he was not finished. He jerked his shaft, pouring more cum in her. It was an hour before any of them let her go.

"I wish Susan could experience the same thing I'm feeling. She deserves it." Tammy tried to suck in air as she was still trying to catch it.

Caellum smiled. "I think we know a demon or three."

"Who are we sending her?" Adreen asked as he played with Tammy's long hair.

Caellum thought for a second the answered, "the triplets."

Adreen and Baledin looked at him then each other and burst out laughing.

"Who are they?"

"Only the most insatiable demons ever. Susan will be full of hands."

Tammy frowned. "You mean Susan will have her hands full."

"She will but they'll have their hands all over her as well. You think we're intense? Those three are a force to be reckoned with."

She wondered how more intense they could be. Susan was a bit younger but not by much. She hoped her friends won't have a heart attack from three lusty demons.

"Alright, we'll summon them in a few weeks. That'll give Susan time to recover. For now, sleep."

They kissed her and tucked her in the large pillow they liked instead of a bed. And of course, even in dreams, the three demons visited her.

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