Demons For Christmas Chapter 12: Bonding


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Tammy held the boys and entered the house with them. They went to the bedroom and once more, it was transformed.

"We fixed up," Adreen explained. "We want you to be comfortable."

Baledin kissed her hands. "Oh, love, you were burned!"

When she hurried to complete the ritual, the pot was still hot. She burned her palms and tongue when she consumed the stew. Baledin kissed her palms, licking them clean then kissed her full on the mouth. When he released her, she looked down to see her hands were healed. Her tongue was also healed.

"Now, tell us what you want, love. Do you want us human or demon?"

"In your demon form," Tammy answered. "But don't be gentle. I need it rough, boys. I need it tonight."

Sexuality was something to hide in her family and in the community. If anyone every found her naughty books, or discovered her perversions, she'd never hear the end of it. Susan was the only person who never judged. But her boys knew. They knew what she wanted. Her body craved them.

They lay Tammy on the bench. It was the same bench as last night. They parted her legs. Adreen had never been a gentle man, not in his dealings with other demons or sexually with humans. He was what he was, simple, a basic animal. But with Tammy, he wanted to be gentle. They all did.

His fingers parted her nether lips, sliding through the slit before circling her clit. He made sure that his claws didn't hurt her. Watching her through narrowed eyes, he lifted his hand then before delivering a light little slap to the swollen pussy. "Like that?"


Adreen added a finger in her. The fingers were thick and two fingers felt so decadent. She moaned and begged for more. Baledin slipped a finger behind her. His finger was coated with some sort of lubricant.

"Be still, love. I'll be fucking this hole soon so I better get it ready." His fingers started to pump in and out of her anus. Tammy shuddered. Nobody had ever done anything to that part of her. Soon, he added two fingers.

She wanted to cum so badly but the three of them didn't let her. When she was near, they released their fingers. Her last cum was last night but they made her horny and stopped. Now they were withholding it again.

"Please! I need it!" She was crazy with need, crazy with lust.

"She's ready," Caellum said.

Tears came to her eyes as she felt Adreen fill her, sliding so deep and hot inside her pussy that she knew she could never forget the feel of him, of any of them. They would be with her forever. And the thought excited her.

He was panting as he worked his erection deeper. She whimpered as she felt his length impale her. He was big last night but tonight, he seemed bigger. Was it because of the bond? He seemed to have more muscles. Hands clenched in the smooth muscles of her buttocks, spreading them erotically before an equally big shaft enter her. She could feel the little pinch of fire in her anal opening as Baledin impaled her from that end.

"Open, mistress," Caellum ordered.

Tammy opened her mouth and Caellum's silver shaft entered her mouth. The silky texture was smooth but she was afraid he was too big. She looked up to see his eyes. His sincere silver eyes reassured her that he'll always protect her.

There were too many sensations whipping through her mind, too much to process at once. One shaft was lodged to the hilt inside her convulsing pussy, the other was pumping in her anus while the third was in her mouth. The three demons moved in perfect sync, pumping in her and pleasuring her until her pulsating pussy came taking all three of them to heaven and back.

It was a few minute later before she was able to speak again. "That was lovely!"

"We aren't done yet. Your pussy has not felt my tongue in this form," Caellum stated. He wiped her pussy with his wings, generating more pleasure for her. "I want to taste you and let you feel my tongue."

Adreen laughed. "Caellum has a very special tongue."

Before she could ask what he meant, Caellum's tongue pierced her folds. She shuddered and moaned. Caellum's tongue was long, thin and felt like his wings. It was smooth on other side but had a million bristles when brushed the opposite way. It was devastating her nether walls. Then, it wrapped around her distended clit and squeezed tights. Tammy came almost at once. She shouted for a break but Caellum was relentless.

"I need more juice, mistress! You are delicious! I need more!" And he took more. His nose nuzzled her red nether hair while his tongue devastated her. He sucked her, taking all her cum and cleaning her pussy in the process.

Tammy, still in restraints was so turned on. She never knew playing with three demons and trusting them completely would end up in her happiness. She was happy. Being with Edison was hell. Who knew life began at eighty-six?

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