Demon Marksman Chapter 3: Wonders of Magic


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In a huge forest covering almost the whole land, a streak of light suddenly appeared in the sky and stroke down into a small clearing in the middle of a forest. It created a booming sound as it landed, and there appeared a man in a desert camouflage uniform. That person is obviously John Arthur.

John looked around at his surroundings and then looked at himself. His body looks fit and his appearance took that of when he was about 15 years old. His face is cleanly shaven since his high school was strict with beards. He was still wearing his desert camouflage uniform, though. After looking over his body, he decided to look at his so-called Spatial Storage.

[Spatial Storage List]

[Inventory 55/inf]

[Crimson M16 Assault Rifle -
Quantity: 1
Description: A weapon crafted by the God of War and Death, Arlos, given to the new visitor of the land.
Rarity: X
Ability: Transformation (Description: Can only transform the colours to fool people's view of its rarity.)]

[Crimson M16 Ammunition Clip -
Quantity: 20
Description: A clip that holds 33 ammunition, crafted by the God of War and Death, Arlos, for the new visitor of the land.
Rarity: X
Ability: Glow in the dark bullets and leaves a trail of blood behind. +10% damage]

[Adamantine* Enchanted Sword -
Quantity: 1
Description: A sword made of the strongest metal ores all around the world.
Rarity: S
Ability: Lion King Thrust (Description: thrusts your sword with the power of the king of the plains)]

[Magic Handbook -
Quantity: 1
Description: Created by the God of War and Death, Arlos, for the new visitor of the land. Has all the information about magic and the use of magic in the handbook.]

[Coraline Handbook -
Quantity: 1
Description: Created by the God of War and Death, Arlos, for the new visitor of the land. Has a map of the world and pinpointed locations of geographical areas and intelligent species settlements.]

[Grade A Mana Recovery Potion -
Quantity: 10
Description: Recovers 200 mana.
Rarity: A]

[Grade A Health Recovery Potion -
Quantity: 10
Description: Recovers 200 health. Able to remove Grade B and under harming statuses
Rarity: A]

[RAW Blue Boar Meat -
Quantity: 10
Description: Raw meat of the Blue Boar.
Rarity: F]

[Void Water Flask-
Quantity: 1
Description: Gifted by the God of War and Death, Arlos. Holds limitless fresh water.
Rarity: X]

When he saw the items and the status in his Spatial Storage, he was baffled. Not because of the ability to put in a whole world in the storage, but the two weapons stored inside. If we go by the alphabet where F is the lowest grade and X being the highest, then it looks like John hit some kind of jackpot.

After pondering about what to do next, he decided to take out the two handbooks. He reached out his hand while chanting, [Spatial Storage].

His hand disappeared as if he is reaching into another dimension and when he felt like he reached something, he took out his hand. There in the grasp of his hand are the two handbooks.

He first opened the Magic Handbook since magic is a dream every man have ever dreamed. John excitedly opened the book and seriously read the contents of the book. In the book, every human has a mana pool where mana resides in it.

[Infants to the age of 10 years old are unable to cast any magic. Above the age of 10, anyone can cast magic, but they must learn them from either a master, or teacher, or from a magical education institute. However, a magical education institute is only for the nobles and the wealthy. That basically sums it up, which confused John as the description said it had "all" the information about magic.]

When he flipped to the last page, there is a note in bolded words saying, "Dear John Arthur, When you are reading this, it means you have completed reading the Magic Handbook. You might be asking, how come there is little information about magic? Because that's the point of the adventure of this new world!"

"..." When John read that part, he was baffled once again.

No other choice, he continued on reading. "To cast magic, you need to feel your mana and chant magic enchantings to summon a magic spell. However, since you are different, all you have to do is chant the name of the magic spell, and that's it. There are very few inhabitants who have the ability to only need to chant the name of the magic spell without the chanting the magic spell's enchantings. Like, one out of one million every few thousand years, haha!"

John almost fell reading that part. Who know Arlos, the God of War and Death, is a "funny" guy, or God actually.

Continuing, "Well that's all there is. To know about Grades, read the Coraline Handbook. -Arlos"

Finishing that, he put the Magic Handbook back by throwing it in the air and chanting [Spatial Storage]. Next, he opened up the Coraline Handbook and proceeded to read the contents. But when he opened to the first page, there were only 5 words, "Adventure through the world! -Arlos"

"What the actual f##k, Arlos!" John couldn't help but cursed. Thinking that Arlos wants him to explore the world and find out about it by himself, he has no choice to go with it.

John put the Caroline Handbook back into his Spatial Storage and sat down near a tree. In the Magic Handbook, he can just chant a magic spell's name and it'll automatically cast the spell without the use of chanting the magic chants.

John held out his hand, his palms facing a tree opposite to him.


A ball in flames about the size of John's palm formed in front of his palms and launched to the direction where his palms were facing. When the fireball hit the tree, it caused an explosion not too big or small. When he casted the fireball randomly, he felt a small sense of tiredness as he felt his mana consumed.

"So this is how it feels to wield magic..." John murmured as he looks at his unburnt hand that launched the fireball with happiness. You could see his eyes sparkling.

"Hm, I should check the map now."
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