Definitely Mistaken Chapter 8: A cat and a dog


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Zhi put on the veil on her face, showing only her eyes. She felt something like confidence boosted within her. Just a tiny bit.

The look Meng Xun was giving her as she squeezed her hands was definitely the look that someone would be giving to a crying child. Strangely so, there was nothing to be pitied about her, no? Since they would be playing in the city after this, Zhi decided to throw those thoughts to the back of her mind and followed Meng Xun.

They went to a modest courtyard at the side of the residence. It was quiet here, far away from the commotion of the banquet. There was a small pond near a large trunk tree, flowers in pots were adorning its surrounding. Zhi had a fleeting thought that if she had her own garden, she would decorate it like this. Every afternoon, she would be lazing around under the sun shade by the tree, in a hammock with a book in hand.

While she was unnecessarily dreaming, a figure had jumped over the wall. It was Meng Xun!

Zhi, "..."

'Such a high wall, are you a cat?'

"Zhi, hurry up. The guards will be coming soon!"

Meng Xun urged her from the other side with a hushed voice. She had observed the guards' movements for awhile right after arriving at the residence. In a minute, a pair of guards would be making their rounds in the courtyard. They could have gone through the entrance but, since her master was still here, they could not overstep their master and disciples bound. But Meng Xun had actually forgot that Zhi was just an average girl with no martial arts skills. A miscalculated decision on her part!

Meng Xun was panicking while searching for a solution when a figure crawled her way out of a small crack from the corner of her eye.

Meng Xun, "..."

'Are you a dog?'

Zhi stood up and patted her dirtied clothes. Under the veil, her lips curled into a smile, seemingly enjoying the mini adventure.

There was a hidden dog hole behind the tree. It was covered by bushes but Zhi's instincts were telling her that there was an exit there. That was how she ended up crossing the wall without having martial arts skills.

Both of the girls giggled over their conditions and soon joined the party in the city while holding each others' hands.

Red lanterns from the day earlier was lit, bright lights covered the bustling streets, a peddler was shouting joyfully his merchandises, successfully attracting a group of children to his stall. Including the duo Zhi and Meng Xun.

He was selling some candied kumquats. The delicacy looked appealing with its glossy surface. The children liked the visual so much that they bought it. Zhi was hesitating but Meng Xun just asked for two and handed the man some money.

Zhi's eyes brightened a lot when Meng Xun passed her her piece. It felt satisfactory to Meng Xun as she felt that she was being depended a lot. 'Tonight, I am the big sister. Hehe.'

Her slender shoulders had just gotten bigger by that thought. Not knowing that the following event would teach her that a moment of lax could result in a horrendous consequence.
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