Definitely Mistaken Chapter 5: Arrived at the City


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A handsome figure was standing tall, his back straight. A graceful beauty with a half-face mask was accompanying him. When stood together, the aura between both of them didn't overpower the other. Rather they created a sense of security, with no loopholes to breach.

Overlooking the whole envoy, a striking spiky specimen caught his eyes. Covered in black from head to toe, with a weird looking mask and feather extensions, he was tailing behind a girl.

"That was someone Meng Xun picked up from the village. It's his first time travelling outside."

"As long as he's not a threat."

His pair of sharp eyes glinted. After four years together in life and death situation at the border, their brotherhood had strengthened like a firm wall. If there was someone dare to attack his brothers, he would have to go through him first!

But, a feeling of nostalgia swept him over as he stared intently at the oddball. His arms felt a twitch, wanting to put something into his hold.

In his mind, a faint mirage of a petite lady was tightly embraced by him. The little curl at the end of her eyelashes looked playful every time she smiled, he liked to plant a kiss on it.

"…Due to the sleepless nights, I'm starting to hallucinate."

"Do you want me to write you a prescription?"

"No need."

Afterall, was there even a medicine for a broken heart? A broken heart, coming from a man who had never loved, what a truly unfathomable case.

The journey after the village incident was a smooth sailing one. In no time, a group of uniform wearing people were forming three rows of line at the gate entrance of the city.

At the sides were a huge crowd of civilians, some were anxiously waiting for the return of their long-missed spouse, sons or brothers. Their faces held onto the hopes that their loved ones would safely arrive here.

While others were curious of the faces of their national defenders. Heroic deeds were highly appreciated and rewarded, those people should not be underestimated as they had survived the harshest condition. If one could bring one of them into one's household, the family name would also be carved in the history for the generation to come.

The city was in a festive mood as there were two things to celebrate; one being the return of the heroic general and his soldiers, and two, the matrimonial ceremony between the general and an honorable lady from the Marquis household that was bestowed by the Emperor.

Red lanterns and banners were hung across the streets, the sounds of joyful laughter were heard in every corner. "Congratulations to the general!"

Unbeknownst to them, a certain cheeky lady was calculating a silent revolt tonight.

The future husband of hers would bring in a woman from who-knows-where during their wedding night!

That vixen had seduced her man during their journey home. She had actually pretended to be poisoned.

Feeling the weight of responsibility ever since he had pulled her out of a burning house from the village, the general had taken a great measure of care towards that woman. Even though the general and her should be consummating their marriage, the whole night was dedicated into nursing the girl.

The original storyline of this world was the returning general would find a runaway bride during his marriage ceremony; the bride was not willing to marry to a stranger whom she did not love. This had hurt his pride and angered him.

After she was brought back in, they had forcefully consummated their marriage.

The emergence of the villainess had actually thwarted the plot; she wasn't to appear until later in the story.

Which was due to stockpiling misunderstandings between the two lead roles, the villainess then came in to add some spices.

In other words, the villainess was only a cannon fodder for them to nurture their love to each other. Not to override the role of the female lead!
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