Definitely Mistaken Chapter 4: Legendary Amnesia


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"My name's not Pretty. It's-"

"You can call me 'A'… no, is 'Z' better?"

Have these ancient people learn English alphabets? At least if I named myself Z, they could have mistaken my name as 'Zhi'. 'A' sound like I am being cursed…

"Just call me Z!"

Ever since she woke up in this world, her former memories had never surfaced.

She had acted on pure instincts these past days. But she didn't expect to forget her name too. Was this the legendary amnesia? Was it also possible that when she sees her own image in a mirror, she would not recognize herself?

Seeing Zhi fell silent for a long time, the master and disciple pair did not probe any further.

They still had two days' worth of journey to the Springwater City. Plenty of time to have idle chat later; not that her master was fond of it, nor did the whimsical Zhi seem to be either.

The master took a deep breath and slowly closed her eyes. Not knowing then in the distant future, her favourite past time was to explore someone's train of thoughts with her poker face. That time would go fast, not allowing her to savor each and every moment of it…

"Play-r…20-..93. Ca-..yo-…ar- me?"

In a seemingly separate dimension, a soul-being tried to nudge Zhi's shoulder. But to no avail that she noticed it.

The player hadn't entered her soul state after her death, so she was ignorant of the system world.

The player was so willful, she had impatiently thrown herself into this world without proper registration.

Actually, it was partly to be blamed for the accident. But as long as no one else know, no one can tell the tale.

"Wha- re… you- drea- ing…"

Blurry images kept on appearing on top of her head. Faces from the past emerged as blank silhouettes. The dialogues too made no sense as if they were in a Sims world.

The images kept on rolling on and on, replaying distant memories like a broken VCR player, until white and black screen came on.

And then there were none.

"Zhi, wake up."

After her master was summoned by the general half an hour ago, the abandoned disciple was feeling hungry. Sensing that the carriage was in a stilled motion, perhaps the envoy had decided to stop for a break. She had peeked through the curtain and saw it was nearly dusk outside. It was time to set up a camp for tonight.

"Zhi, if you don't wake up, you will not get any food."

Detecting herself being threatened, Zhi hastily woke up. In a high-pitched voice she shouted, "Sister! Don't leave me." I'm hungry too!

'This Zhi person is still wet behind the ears. In no time in the city will her disguise fall off.'

She was just judging Zhi for half a day yet, Zhi was graded useless than the latest addition to their sect a month ago, which she thought nobody else could top.

'Wait till Third Senior Sister trains her, she'll change for the better.' An unmistakable demonic smile dawn on her face while turning back against Zhi.

"Come on, let's find something to eat. Ah, but call me Meng Xun."
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