Definitely Mistaken Chapter 38: Engaged!


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"If you're awake now, walk on your own."

Zhi heard a cold, low voice before her body was thrown to the earth.

Inside the wooden mask, she blinked a few times.

Facing the now red sky, with little mosquitoes buzzing around her black clothes, Zhi realized they had been in the forest for quite a while now. She must had drained a massive amount of her energy or the sword person had given her so much fright that she was out for a whole hour.

But bad people didn't have such a pleasant scent on his body, right?

A huge hand appeared to Zhi's face, grabbing the lapel of her raven robe. The hand pulled Zhi to stand upright. Dizziness attacked her due to inertia and she stumbled forward. Her body was caught in place - the big hand opened itself to press against her chest.

It was warm...

But indecent.

Zhi employed a self-defense technique she learnt from Meng Xun by twisting the person's arm and tried to shoulder throw the man!

But instead, she was counter twisted and grabbed from behind.

The man's body was tall and broad that Zhi was fully enveloped by him. Both of her arms were tightly locked. Even her legs were clamped with his!

Zhi felt hopeless like a mice at the mercy of a snake. She could sense her bones would break easily if he exerted a tiny bit more strength.

More importantly, the body contact had spread heat from his body to hers. He felt like a hot hard wall she had leaned on during the day to disappear from the crowd. The only difference was that she could hear his heartbeat loud and clear!

At first, the two's heartbeats was rapidly firing as they engaged in a mini battle. Thump, thump, thump! They slowly matched into one rythmatical manner as both were catching their breaths after his lockdown.

Thump, thump..!

Some strange heat flowed to Zhi's face. Too close!

Her ear tingled with his breath - making her body shudder.

She squirmed a bit only to be squeezed even more tightly.

There was no room for her to escape and absolutely no way for her to defeat this humongous snake!

Meanwhile, Little Jae was definitely enjoying the scene of the player being bullied. She was dead asleep like a log that no matter how many instruments he had brought out inside the mind space, she wouldn't wake up! Although he was not in a physical form, Little Jae was exhausted in his effort.

Taking care of her had been a laborious job! She wouldn't listen at times and always in a pinch situation. Little Jae obviously didn't sign up for this.

Currently, although the man looked powerful and imposing, Little Jae could tell that he meant no life threatening harm. Perhaps he was just messing around?

There was another person by the sidelines who were scared witless with the sudden attack to the general. She hid herself behind a tree and peeked when the situation cooled down.

However, the situation of those two, no matter which angle she looked at it, striked her as an intimate gesture between lovers. Yue could feel her head exploded with embarassment even though the black outfit guy was a male against the alpha male general.

I should have been the one embraced by the general though?!

"Who sent you?"

A low growl entered her ear. She immediately shook her head. Her glossy extensions tickled the general's face.

Unable to understand the specimen's gesture, the general urged, "Speak!"

Zhi felt like crying. She was too timid to even mutter a word. She relaxed her body instead, implying her surrender.

The general was ready to knock her down when he felt that the body he was holding went limp.

He loosened his grip on her and let her kneel on the ground. He just watched her as she held both her hands up while keeping her head down.

"I'm sorry..."

He had almost believed a passing cat had meowed when he heard that. Why had it said sorry for?

The figure couldn't stop his trembling as he sized it up from behind. It looked pitiful like a traumatic small animal. It made him feel like the greatest villain.

General Yanchen: ...

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