Definitely Mistaken Chapter 34: A story of us is a never-meant-to be


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This would be the first time that Zhi was out in the city in her Raven outfit. Not as what Zhi would expect the outfit to be a handy item for an 'activity' like this nor she would require the outfit for this kind of 'activity'. She blended quite well with the shadows of her surroundings; just a normal black spot on the branch of a big tree. Inconspicuous.

Because today she was a secret guard.

Today, marked the day of the annual grand event; a huge stage was set in the center of the city.

The city gates were flooded with people coming in that started from the previous three days. They had come for the star attraction; Springwater City's annual talents performance. Heroes and beauties would compete in martial arts competition and performing arts competition respectively. Those who won would be granted the national hero and beauty title; such a prestigious thing was sought after by not only the locals but also from the neighboring boundaries. Hence, these foreigners were not only coming to watch but to witness their representative claiming the prize!

Each and everyone of them was eager to win. Behind that title was definitely an even greater reward; be it honour or country's relationships, winning was gaining an impact.

Such huge event where people from all walks of life crowded together, this called for special attention upon safety and security measures.

As a filial son-in-law of the City Lord, General Yan Chen had commanded his army to protect the city and its welfare exclusively throughout the event. Almost all of the General's army was dispatched, to add on the guarding forces of Springwater City. And of course his friend's mysterious force was also dragged in to complete the absolute defense for the city...

Albeit being someone from the newest intake, Zhi was appointed with this mission as her little assignment for her martial arts class. Meng Xun had recommended her to Master and convinced her that with Zhi's newly found capabilities, there would be no problem.

'The show's starting soon! It would be a spectacle'

Little Jae had been missing in action for several days before but had reappeared at dawn energized. Goosebumps was felt by Zhi, like the moment when something was impending. She couldn't bring herself to ask him where had he been up to these past few days or what he's planning. In the end she just kept quiet.

"Master is accompanying the General who is accompanying the City Lord today."

A head popped out from an adjacent branch. It was Meng Xun, dressed in her all black attire like during her class.

"They are now at the highest viewing platform. It must be great..."

From both of the girls' location, they could only see dots of people by the huge stage. And even smaller dots by the viewing platform. But their Master was conveniently easy to be spotted as she was the only one in white clothing among the important people.

When Zhi spotted Master, her eyes were also drawn to the man by her side. Their aura when together was unusually more prominent today than any other day that Zhi was a bit mesmerized and intimidated by them. Even when looking from such far away location, they could give off such vibe...

A gong resounded far and big from the platform, indicating the formal start of the annual grand event. Loud cheers followed like a humongous wave, multi flags were waved and banners raised; enthusiasm arose for the long-awaited event!


On the center filled with numerous stage life-like props, a young lady in a dark grey clothing with a veil on stood gracefully. Thousand pairs of eyes were on her; just like last year, the spotlight was hers this day.

However, the dance she had prepared was all for this one person. To move his heart. She had practiced until she had won last year's title; to stand dignified and deliver on stage, not to be pressured under the watchful gazes of the thousands.

After all basking in all the attention of these NPCs, were nothing in compare to that man's one attention. She screwed up before but this was her chance to make up. Might this only have a small effect, a step forward was a distance shortened.

The game would be over once that man's affection and heart was truly hers.


The gears had started to move, but nobody would be certain what the future hold.

The host's soul knew everything that would be unwounded as she had been a character who was once took part in this huge play. With both invisible hands on her inexistent ears, she dove more deeper into Zhi's darkest corner, not wanting to see how the tale restarted, not willing to witness how the story shall be retold by an entirely different 'soul'. She would be just nestling in the safe haven of the replacement's soul.

Waiting for the end; to be liberated from this unrequited love story.

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