Definitely Mistaken Chapter 31: Sulking


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Despite the back of a certain someone was eternally straight, this friend of his knew perfectly well the emotion the man was currently feeling.

It reminded her of something...

There was a children's story of a dog. The dog always accompanied his owner hunting ducks and boars. Every time the hunt succeeded, the owner would give praises to the dog and patted his head. The dog liked it very much. Next time he would do better and get his owner more ducks and boars.

One day, the cries of a high pitched voice resounded in the forest where they hunted.

The owner found a tiny human baby on top of a tree trunk; abandoned and hungry. As any other ethical human being in any story with good moral of the story for the younger generation to learn from, he picked up the baby and brought him home.

The owner had been living alone with his dog ever since his wife died. They didn't produce any offspring from their marriage. How could he know how to raise another human being? He was a male to boot. Where could he produce food for the baby to feed on?

When push came to shove, he knocked on to the door of a young widowed lady in the village.

He had been coveting his feelings for her since they were young. But she got engaged to another man. And they had a daughter together. Making way for her happiness, he let her go and erased his feelings for her in his heart.

Unfortunately, both the daughter and man passed away a year ago due to some sickness.


"Widow A, I found a baby and he needs food."

And his confession followed after.

"Will you marry me and raise him together?"

Before the story got dragged on different direction, let us focus on the dog.

After having the addition of several beings in the house, the owner seldom went out for hunting anymore. The dog wanted pats and praises but the owner kept on ignoring him, giving him minimal amount of contact instead.

The dog sulked as a result...

The General had the same long face as the dog, figuratively; like someone who was robbed of his happiness.

Some part was to be blame on this friend too though, as when she was asked by him what was the name of the disciple of her sect, she replied with "I don't remember." Or rather did she actually learn of the disciple's name? She had labeled her as Meng Xun's friend or butterfly girl, it should be enough, right?

Trying to be helpful, this friend offered for a time and place for the two of them to meet. As it would be a breaking their sect's rules, this friend had wanted to retract the offer the moment she proposed it.

"I don't take liberties with my friends. I shall find it out myself."

As expected of her honest and straightforward general friend.

The General closed his eyes and the image of a smiling face of a young lady behind her hands came into his mind. He had become determined.

He reassessed the situation. The data the man had so far collected was:

1. She lives on well since that night

Was lively today

2. She is in Springwater City

So near yet so far...

3. She is a person from the Springwater Medical Sect

Who created those strict rules!

4. She is a shy young lady

A cute and obedient one to add on

5. She likes childish jokes, especially ones that have animals in it

How he wished he could remove her hands to see her expression

6. This man fails to acquire her name

All of a sudden, General YanChen's straight back collapsed.

That friend of his shook her head. The ends of her lips curved into a smile.

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