Definitely Mistaken Chapter 30: Both leads are here!


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"Please deliver the requested herbs to Springwater Medical Pavilion as soon as possible, please."

Zhi had successfully accomplished her procurement mission with the 'help' of two outstanding people.

Even though she stuttered here and there, as long as the point was delivered across, the deal's done. It was a good thing for Zhi as well as she happened to talk to the usual employee who handled transactions with Springwater Medical Pavilion.

Some others were eyeing her at her back, being curious cats at the identity of one of the beauties from the pavilion. They made her feel at guard the whole time she was inside the store, unconsciously emitting her cold aura, it kept them at bay.

At the start, since Master was with her, Zhi thought that she could ask Master to make the deal herself. Master did not say anything but her stance was definitely, 'You have to do it yourself as you are given the responsibility to do it. You have to learn how to do it, if not, how can you survive in this world?'

On the other hand, General YanChen acted like a parent sending his kid for an errand for the first time - 'Communication is key, you have to say what you need for the other party to prepare it for you.'

It was great that those two contrasting personalities had good rapport with each other. Truly best of friends.

After finishing the transaction of the goods with advance deposit pay, Zhi went out with quick strides that upheld the status of a person from the prestigious sect in the city. Not that she knew of it that she kind of left that kind of impression to the workers there. A little one silently wrote down a note...

'Oh, look who's here~ A triggered person.'

Little Jae's amused voice rang out.

'Be careful Zhi.'

A white robed female was talking to Zhi's parents- uh yeah... The General and Master both had their backs on Zhi, their tall statures blocked the female's figure wholly. But when the sight of a familiar face peeked out, Zhi understood who Little Jae was referring to.

The young lady was previously in red; she was innocent looking yet had a majestic aura. In white, and covered, she was just too pure for this world!

The three of them seemed to be engrossed in a conversation. They were relatively far from Zhi so, she couldn't hear what they were talking about.

General YanChen, however, had a strikingly red head, from his nape to his ears. His back was stiff and his right hand was clenched into a fist. Intuition told Zhi to stay away, a volcano was going to erupt any minute now!

What kind of talk could anger the childish-joke making man?

Zhi soundlessly neared Master and grabbed the end of her sleeves.

Master noticed her quiet disciple and mouthed if Zhi's matter was finished.

At Zhi's reappearance, General YanChen cooled down. Thinking that he was wearing a blackened face, he couldn't face the young lady. Or else the little effort in the carriage would become naught. Therefore, he withdrew from the crowd.

This General YanChen had not realized that his supposed wife in front was taking notes of his changed attitude. Yue had an inkling of idea of the identity of the young lady besides the Sect Leader. Her name was already at the tip of her tongue.

She turned to face the newcomer.

"Junior Sister Sh-...a."

No, they were outside and strictly forbidden to call out names... So she corrected herself before continuing.

"The Senior Sisters who assigned the task to you were worried about you so they sent me out to find you. Thankfully you seemed like you have finished it?"

Yue conducted herself as a dependable senior, she smiled with some concern at Zhi.

Zhi nodded her head a bit and smiled back at her. "Mnh."

She too tried conducting as a proper person by putting both hands in front. "Thanks to Master and General."

"Aah, I see. Thank goodness and good job. Now that you have finished it, let's go back together."

"I shall accompany Junior Sister back. May Sect Leader and General excuse us and we are grateful for your help and guidance to Junior Sister."

Yue gestured to Zhi to follow her and bowed to both Master and General. Zhi followed her conduct. She couldn't bother both of them anymore, right? Were they not occupied with something before at chance meeting her.

Zhi made a mental promise to gift them for their help next time they meet.


"Junior Sister, how was the task?"

"They usually send out a new sister out for an errand for first day of Medical class. It's like a tradition for them. In reality, the ingredients were never depleted in the first place though and the person in charge was probably just sitting around the storeroom. But the transaction you just did was probably for the payment of this month..."

Along the way, this Senior Sister Yue had a friendly tone on that Zhi was also affected by her energy. Well, at least she didn't have to be a ninja going back. And the nervous feelings to be in public had dissipated a lot.

'Observe carefully at her small gestures and eyes, Zhi. She's a Pro but her subtle actions can't escape my eyes.'

'She has suspicions of you.'

No matter how peeled open Zhi's eyes were, all she could see was how sincere looking Senior Sister Yue had for her sake. Even her body gestures were charmingly feminine, invoking Zhi's desire to protect the cinnamon roll from harm.

'You're hopeless with your rose tinted glass.' Little Jae facepalmed inside her mind space.

Upon arriving at the pavilion, Zhi and Yue went their separate ways. With the accomplished errand, the Seniors gave Zhi the real assignment which was readings. This proved Senior Sister Yue's point that the previous errand was just a trick to a newbie sister.
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