Definitely Mistaken Chapter 26: Did you hurt yourself when you fell from the heaven?


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This time, even though she had a face cloth on, her nervous system was blaring. Anything that Little Jae said went on one ear and out on the other.

Zhi couldn't calm down!

At the blindspot corner of the threshold of the gates, a shivering little lady was found.

"Meng Xun... Little Jae... Lai Ming..."

Her hands were cold, eyebrows crunched up. She kept on peeking outside and the intimidating flow of people entering and exiting. Small strange noises sounded from her mouth.

"Zhi! Zhi! Listen up! You see that group of girls going out? Join them at the back and follow them outside."

Left with no better choice, Zhi readily accepted Little Jae's idea. She moved her hesitating body with force, swiftly jumped in the group. With her silent temperament, she blended in perfectly and finally met the outside street for the first time during the day.

The vibrant and merry market street greeted her. But it quickly overwhelmed her like an impending tsunami.

In the blink of an eye, Zhi side-stepped into a small corner by the street. In the shadows, the boisterous streets now sounded far and muted that only a single hammering sound rang in her ears. After her irregular heartbeat found its rhythm back, she heaved a heavy breath.

Three calm beat of her heart passed.

In a small whisper, Zhi communicated with Little Jae.

"Little Jae, can you pinpoint the location of the herbal storehouse?"

In her mind space, the little boy's eyes reflected the map of the city street. His optical computer had visualized the whole city in every small details in 3d. Changing the layout to 2d, the computer solved the direction towards the wanted location. Puzzlingly, there were some question marks on some normal streets and a house, with a pink dot on a four-way intersection street.

Suppressing a devilish smile, Little Jae calmly said, "Sure, follow my lead."

Briskly walking through the side of the street, the people could only see a shadow passing through or a breeze of wind. When someone actually felt nudged, he could only shout angrily to an innocent bystander. No one knew that a highly coveted beauty from the infamous Springwater Medical Sect was swimming amongst them in the open.

"Big brother Wei's so stingy early in the morning! I'm this hungry but he only give me an apple! I want some bread!"

A teenage boy was grumbling about his empty stomach while strolling. He was munching on an apple while on his way to work. His sword-like eyebrows arched downwards, giving off a gangster vibe, but his neat styling clothes attracted the little ladies' eyes. However, they felt cheated when they thought they had found a flowery scholar not a brute looking youth.

"Kugh, hey! Watch where you're go-"

That boy was swinging his arms to stretch when a body bumped into it. Although it felt soft on touch, his irritated mood made the small collision a huge matter.

"I apologize...-!"

A delicate face bloomed in his view. A tiny sweat trailed from her forehead down to her cheeks giving him an illusion of her crying. Her pretty and big eyes wore an helpless look, looking sincere at the maximum level.

The piece of cloth that was used to cover her face was loosely hanging by one side, revealing a bitten red lips.

'Uwah. This person must be a celestial. She must have just fallen from the heavens... Did I hurt her?'

Zhi was flustered by the contact. She did not expect the person to suddenly make a big movement, blocking her way at the last moment. When Zhi was conscious of the blatant look the boy was giving her, she hastily fixed her veil.

The boy was still staring at her fixedly. With her white clothes, she seemed to have a white halo from behind. Then it was when he finally noticed a looming carriage rushed at her back-

"No! Watch out-!"

Before he could grab the lady, the boy was forcibly shoved to the side. His heart plummeted.

The thrashing sound of horse hooves came to pass. The boy jumped up to stand and his eyes search intensively for the figure of an angel...

Who was being firmly held by the waist by a man he was working for.

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