Definitely Mistaken Chapter 25: The Beauties who heal


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The next day, Zhi met up with Lai Ming as promised. Both of them handed in a registration form for their 'enrollments'.

Lai Ming immediately was drawn to a cute little satchel hanging at Zhi's side. Overall, that little thing did not suit Zhi's outfit concept. It was forgiven due to its lovability and cuteness.

But if one wanted to know the contents, they were not as lovely as its package. Afterall, they were no child's plaything.

When Lai Ming took a peek at Zhi's form earlier, she was taken aback with Zhi's choices of study. She even began to suspect that underneath the mask, there was a male.

Subtlely Lai Ming distanced herself from Zhi.

"Are you sure... you're... okay (with the subjects)?"

Zhi saw Lai Ming's choices too and concluded with an oh. Perhaps they could meet up during breaks or at lunch.


Zhi could not tell Lai Ming that a certain little one had been promoting the subjects to her from yesterday. He adamantly said that he was not forcing her to take it but instead not taking it would result in greatest pity.


"How about you, Lai Ming?"
With a blushed smile, she said.
"I will do my best!"

First of all, she liked to dance and expressing her emotions with her body. But, her slightly unideal body condition put a damp on her confidence.

Lai Ming, the twinsbun girl with roundness, was a hopeful to be an outstanding performer. She did not know then with her simple and persisting wish, would make her go places.

A small bird perched on a branch of a big tree. It was taking a rest after flying for quite a while. The tree was shedding its leaves, blocking the sunlight and providing cover, for as long as a century.

Therefore, the big tree had a huge reputation of being the icon of the city.

Another reason was because next to it, a pavillion was filled with hustling white clothed women. There were those who ushered in guests, and there were those who were treating them.

The look of dying or grieving guests, when they first arrived, would soon leave with a relieved heart.

Ilnesses or diseases that had been weighing on their minds would be cured or hoped to be cured after getting their analysis and prescription done.

As expected of the greatest medical sect within the empire - the Springwater Medical Pavillion!

Rumours had it, it was the beauties who were employed by the sect could heal any ailments with their beauty alone. They wore face veils but the mysteriousness charmed the public.

Their identities were strictly guarded. If ill-natured people were trying to reach for them, huge built guards would come out of nowhere and crush their perverted hands. If they were going through with the means of espionage, the spies would return with nothing but blackened eyes.

At this moment, one Springwater Sect trainee was calmly observing a nurse registering treatment to a person with a severe fever. She diligently took note of the herbs mentioned and the process on how to conduct it.

Then there was a nurse reporting in that they had ran out of ingredients. The one who was responsible to buy them was currently on leave. They were flustered because that morning, they were receiving a full house - every employees were utilized at the optimum level.

It was right at that moment, a halo was seen on the trainee with a cute little satchel tied on her side.

Before Zhi could mouth out, "I just came 2 days ago, I'm not familiar with the streets, don't send me on an errand."

A piece of paper complete with the list of herbs and the map of the shop was hurled to her.
"You go buy the stuffs, trainee. Be quick on your feet!"

Zhi, on the outside, "..."

On the inside,

'Mama, help me... wait, do I even have a mom?'
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