Definitely Mistaken Chapter 24: A closer look


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Master's objective of calling Zhi over was to inquire about her 'incident'.

And to check whether or not she was the wounded young lady from the General's residence as suspected.

Thanks to a certain disciple, Master's ears were ringing all afternoon.

That little mischievous girl, as soon as she had reached her quarters, Meng Xun barged in her room. Spewing words of injustice done to herself and Zhi, Meng Xun had accused her to be unconcerned towards her own disciples. Even the General's name was dragged.

Taking note that she had been overindulgent to that brat, she would appoint Meng Xun to be one of the instructors for martial arts class for sessions to come. That would teach her to be disciplined as her students would look at her as a role model.

Zhi without dilly-dally recounted her experience that night. To questions like the kidnapper's identity or the mastermind, Zhi just frankly said she didn't know them.

To Master's earlier query about her identity, however, she repeatedly stressed that she was just an ordinary villager and it was her first time coming to the city.

And another bout of silence ensued.

'Meng Xun... what about princess from a fallen kingdom and assassins?'

Thanks to a certain child with a great imagination and pitiful story telling, Master had promised her some degree of protection for her friend.

'I'll also have her copy the textbooks as compensation.'

Zhi was prepared to leave after thinking there was nothing more to say, when she was tossed a satchel. Zhi examined it closely - there were several yellow papers and small bottles inside.

Master told Zhi that those were some protective measures for oneself, namely; protective talisman, freezing talisman, medicinal pills and poison. She urged Zhi to familiarize with the items so she could efficiently use them when danger came.

The satchel was a pair and the last of its kind. The other one was with Meng Xun, which to her served as her greatest treasure.

Zhi tied it tightly to her side and smiled. Then bowed her head to give thanks to Master, who out of the blue came closer to Zhi until their faces were just inches apart.

She was stunned.

A small boy's heart was beating loudly, he kya'd kya'd inside her mind space.

'That girl is assertive!'

Zhi quickly lowered her head at Little Jae's remark. 'No, Little Jae, don't think weird stuffs!'

"Up your chin. Let me take a closer look at your face..."

Unknown whether purposely or not, Master's soft voice was breathy with a hint of dominance.

Zhi went still like a patient again, but this time Master had wanted to plant a face surgery on her!?

The Great Doctor 'studied' her face with great detail. Her 'inspecting' pair of eyes initially wandered around Zhi's small face. Trailing her somewhat thick eyebrows down to her big and pretty eyes. Her eyelashes were so long that it curled at the end.

They reminded her of a butterfly's long hind wings.

A certain observed individual were pressured witless with Master's penetrating eyes. Nevertheless, she kept on shifting her gaze from a wall behind Master's back to her pair of eyes.

Eyes were the window to the soul; Zhi was instinctively bewitched. After a while, Zhi openly fixed her gaze on Master's eyes.

The Master who had been focusing on taking notes of Zhi's face took notice of a blurred expression change. The eyes which had been darting forth and back was now set onto her own.

Master gazed back at her.

Rather than big and pretty, this time Master found the eyes to be as clear as the night sky. There seemed to be stars twinkling deep inside.

When she further observed, what reflected inside the pupil was an angry looking person with a half mask...

A small gasp came from Zhi when noticing that the expression of Master had softened a bit.

But it was cut short as Master suddenly turned around and dismissed her.

In the small room,

Zhi filled Meng Xun in when she came back.

It turned out that Master had a fatal weakness that was inability to recognize faces!

But Little Jae had to blurt out, 'But Zhi... when outside, you will always be wearing your mask and cover.

Was there a need to study and memorize your face that much?'

Zhi was silent.

Then she whispered to herself, "Maybe she wants to avoid confusion if when in danger I revealed myself.

It would be funny if she mistook an enemy for myself."

Zhi smiled at that random thought and closed her eyes.
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