Definitely Mistaken Chapter 2: One-way ticket to the City


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The season was changing and autumn was just around the corner - leaves had turned brown and flowers were falling.

Raindrops trickled down the humble rooftop.

The atmosphere was ideal if one wanted to ponder and reflect upon one's meaning of life. At least for her, who was staring blankly off to nowhere, the questions 'Why am I outside in the cold?', 'What do I eat later?', 'Is there any entertainment to pass off the time?' and 'I'm bored..?' had been on her mind the entire time.

Being left alone in the middle of nowhere, she was lucky to keep her head sane. But, it had only been yesterday that her companion just left her. The elderly woman with whom she escaped the burning village had passed on; she had died with a smile on her face.

Perhaps, her guilt-stricken heart had found peace for leaving behind her husband and son...

That day, as some were unfortunate to unable to see what the future awaits, some others were indeed fortunate. A general in passing had brought some soldiers with him who greatly subdued the bandits and rescued the remaining survivors.

A great doctor was also brought in to provide medical aid and recovery to the injured villagers. A temporary health station was set up and with it, the doctor efficiently serviced the patients.

The girl, who suffered a scraped shoulder, was taken care by a disciple of the doctor since it was a relatively lighter injury than others.

"Are you related to this elder?"

The disciple asked, concern was all over her face.

"She refused to take in the medication… she had sustained an injury internally, to heal she must drink this concoction."

The girl looked to the elderly in question to her right.

Holding her wrinkled hand over her chest, the elder had muttered something under her weakened breathing. With misty and clouded eyes, even though she was just looking straight ahead, her vision was definitely not what was really in front of her.

The girl had a fleeting feeling, of having been taking care of her own elder for half of her life. Furthermore, in a way, she could say they were related as the girl was the one who had carried her there.

She took the medicine from the disciple's hand.

"I'll take care of it."

It took her some time to coax the elder into drinking.

It turned out that she was running for dear life with her husband and son when the terror began.

Due to her feeble strength, the trio was unable to cover some distance when the barrage of arrows rained upon them.

The son protected both of his parents by embracing them, but only his mother was left unharmed; the father was stabbed and joined his son to the afterlife.

The girl, who was running at that time, took notice of a wailing woman and grabbed her to escape together.

After some time spent on recovery in the temporary center, the elder requested the girl to bring her to somewhere.

Since her house was burnt to the ground, they could only go for the hunting shack that she owns.

The hunting shack was built by her husband and son, to accommodate for their rests during the interval of their hunting.

Tools were being organized at one side, what seemed to be a bed was at a corner. A long portable bench was placed in front of it, on top was an unlit lantern. Sure enough, they could live off this place for a few days.

Until… anyone would carry them away from this place.

Talked about the devil.

The rain had subsided and clouds gave way to a warm sun. Sounds of horse hooves approached the humble hunting shack.

In just a matter of minutes, a carriage was halted in front of her, breaking her off from her reverie. A familiar face peeked out from the curtain.

"Hey, are you willing to come with me? Eek-!"

The person in question, dressed in all black with a harsh fur coat enveloping her entire body, stood up. The girl's face was hidden by the traditional hunting mask with feather extensions.

After burying the elderly woman and feeling helplessly alone, the girl had assembled whatever that could be worn as defences from the shack.

In such fearsome disguise, no one probably would bother her, the girl simply thought. It was precisely because the idiom 'sticking out like a sore thumb' didn't exist in her dictionary. She thought it served as a perfect camouflage!

With large and confident strides, she entered the carriage. Excitement shone through her disguise, her ticket to way out was here; her thoughts could be visibly seen.

The disciple was flustered; just how to break it to the beagle that they were not the only existences who were onboard.

That her master was actually riding the same carriage as them and was currently sporting a mysterious smirk right next to her?
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