Definitely Mistaken Chapter 19: Habitat of all kinds of flowers


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"Senior Sister Yue is perfect!"

"That was a magnificent piece! As expected of Senior Sister Yue!"

"A true goddess!"

The girls were unable to contain their excitement, their cries were earth-shattering. Most of them were from the new batch, squelling and cheering for the Senior Sister Yue like there was no tomorrow, giving a headache to the head senior.

The head senior at their back took a few seconds to inhale while covering her face with her palm, and her left hand on her waist. She let out a majestic roar.

"Shut up and stand in line!"

The crowd of cabbages quietened down and obeyed.

Zhi and her new acquaintance had entered the garden and reunited with the group when the commotion ended. The senior turned sharply to them and glared with an invisible spearhead. She beckoned them to quickly move their asses.

The twin buns girl felt wronged. She didn't cause any trouble yet she was stared at like a problematic student. Her eyes moistened a bit and she pouted. She and Zhi scuttled to the back of the line.

The garden was as vast as quadruple of the cozy backyard that Zhi liked.

At the right side there was a long canopy with light blue gauze. The structure was simple but the fine detailing on the wood carving exuded elegance. It could fit a dozen of people inside to host a small gathering. The girls could have an idle talk and appreciating the flowers together.

Meanwhile, for a special event or when hosting a special guest, a dome shaped gazebo was built at the forefront. It stood a little higher from the ground with a slightly winding stairs. The stairs was decorated with small pots of vibrant flowers leading the guest towards its entrance. With it's open walls covered by white gauze, only demigods and above could honor the sacred place.

'Truly a place exclusive for women. Just the garden exhibit a perfect habitat for the flowers.'

Little Jae whistled. He was technically a male in spite of only in spirit form... In her conscious mind, Zhi crossed her arms on her chest at Little Jae.

Upon closer look, the people in the garden were distinctly divided - several groups were dispersed away from others. In each group, there were one or two people dressed not in their uniform robes. And they were rather wearing make up and hairpieces. A group of fully in uniform girls were near Zhi's group at the front. They held the largest number.

Actually, the dressed up seniors were having a dance practice that afternoon. It was for an annual event that would be happening in the city over the weekend. Of course there wasn't a need to accessorize oneself for a mere practice. In an attempt to pull in new sheeps into their respective factions, these seniors were performing their very best. That was if the new disciples decided to take Performance Arts as one of their courses.

Zhi noticed some air of hostility coming from the seniors towards the girl in vermillion dress. But were thoroughly hidden well. Seeing the potential new victims' faces, they wore their smile as bright as the morning sun that morning.

The lead senior gave the new disciples a few minutes to ask around. Immediately, a large portion dashed towards the Senior Sister Yue, bombarding her with questions. They seemed to be the same ones who were fangirling before. A handful of others unhurriedly approached the group with a young lady in Magnolia motived dress as their leader. In contrast, they greeted her with a curtsey. The young lady's face was also covered in a face-veil.

"What is this Junior Sister's name?"

An orange clothed young lady closed in to Zhi and the twins bun girl. The two who looked like a mismatched pair amused her that she initiated to talk to them first.

"Lai Ming."

The short answers cut any possible conversation going further. Shouldn't the junior sisters ask for her name back and proactively ask her experience with this course? She had plenty of achievements under her belt she wanted to brag about.

With the demeanor she was sporting currently, Zhi who was just blankly answering made the senior look like a bother. She was inadvertently branded as arrogant among her seniors behind the orange clothed lady. Regardless of the Zhi treatment, the senior kept her best attitude and continued talking in hopes to capture their interest.

"So who was the winner last year?"

Unknowingly, the crowd at Zhi had gotten larger. The orange senior had just gotten to the point where she was narrating how she had won herself the first runner up for the annual event. The person who asked was a lanky girl Zhi saw from the assembly.

Soured as if she had eaten a tangy fruit, the orange senior pointed at a certain vermillion dressed individual.
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