Definitely Mistaken Chapter 18: Study Plan


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Watching Zhi's back as he was ignored, he felt dejected. Little Jae sulkily entered her soul space.

In the empty white space, a pretty boy was floating lazily like a cloud.

Bored the heck of his mind, Little Jae flicked open a screen. He inputted all the available 'courses' into the program.

The data and information of Springwater Academy, including all of the subjects offered were readily available in his personal optical computer. Of course this was one of the privilleges of being the system administrator, among an ocean of other things.

He flicked open another screen and a tab from last time came up. He was analysing Zhi's personality by sampling her blood which he secretly took from her injury, he then indifferently read the results:

[Personality Type Blood A
The individual has a kind and compassionate nature - he/she put other's needs and interests before his/her own. Calm on the outside, full of curiousity and deep in the inside. He/she is loyal and committed to anyone he/she cherishes. On the downside, he/she suffer inner turmoil and anxiety often. He/she may bottle up his/her emotions as he/she will not burden others. Do advise he/she to take his/her time alone and rest well.]

An unreadable expression lingered on Little Jae's face.

He keyed in Blood Type 'A' into the program. Pressed enter with a sharp gaze.

The result instantaneously showed up.

[Name: Unknown
Age: n/a
Gender: Female
Date of birth: n/a
Blood type: A

According to the individual's temperament and potential, the recommended courses are: Economics, Embroidery and Poetry.]

Frankly, Little Jae was not surprised at the result as he had anticipated them. However, the fact that the subject Economics had been suggested first gave him a pleasant shock.

'This girl could be not entirely useless at all...'


Having a few overpowering skills and knowledge would be better for Zhi in the future after this world ends. What need was there to study embroidery and poetry, she wasn't going to fight with those skills.

Martial Arts, Medicines and Economics; a list of courses fully approved by Little Jae. A smile finally curled out of the corner of his mouth. He definitely must force Zhi to take those courses.


"She's the person who wants you dead."

He easily blurted out when he just said a chapter ago, he would not tell even if she begged him. Wait... wasn't it under the same chapter that he had sworn not to tell but ended up telling?!

Little Jae was coming out from the soul space to get an update of what was happening outside. It was then his system radar alerted him.

A player was nearby!

A dark sly smile shaped itself on Little Jae's pretty face. His hardly concealed aura seeped out a little but he suppressed it easily back in.

He too noticed the small soul by Zhi's chest, she was just a small rat but had a big wish.

With the female lead, villainess' soul and Zhi gathered within the same vicinity, confrontation would be inevitable.
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