Definitely Mistaken Chapter 16: A perfect disguise made a perfect cover


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Springwater Women's Academy, an institution where every females who wish to pursue education could do so. Both a pioneer and a revolutionist, the initial idea was established years before but faced averseness by the masses. It was a period where only men could become scholars after all.

Presently, it was operating under the pretense of a medical sect that employed women only. Nonetheless, a great doctor as the sect leader (and hidden headmistress) with numerous medical disciples under her belt was an authentic fact.

Slowly but surely, it would raise it's reputation and credibility to overthrow the society's view. By nurturing talents, producing knowledgeable human resources and developing independent women, this academy would grow every year and become the first-rate academy yet!

Most of the students ranged in between 8 and 30, with a higher percentages among the teens.

Those who were single, orphaned and/or widowed would stay at the dormitories. This rule was especially strict towards girls under marriageable age. They were offered full protection and shelter by the institution. Not to forget basic necessities and allowances as both were provided as well.

Those who were not under the first category, they were advised to come in the morning under the pretext of studying medicine for the well-being of herself and the other women in her family.

Passing a huge pair of doors leading to the main hall, a dark figure strutted in silence to join the assembly. The long feathery extensions were glorious under the escaping lights from the window. The black robe looked regal and gave off mysterious vibes. Despite having no holes on that fine concave mask, it did not degrade the overall image but instead mystified people who looked directly at the person.

Multiple eyes were drawn towards that person. Each stride was filled with confidence and pride, walking straight forward with full force!

The figure in question was the protagonist of this webnovel, under the alias name, Zhi!

A perfect disguise made a perfect cover, her timidity was hidden well. Her line of vision had narrowed down to a straight lane as her heart beat loudly. She could only walk fast to reach the safety zone.

The so called assembly was girls, largely children and teens, grouped together in small cliques. A trivial number of individuals who were unable to fit in stood awkwardly at the sidelines.

Zhi also awkwardly joined the sidelines' clique - she was considered an old aunty amongst them!

Underneath the wooden mask, Zhi was lamenting for she had to train with these younger generation. Her fragile bones would break if she were to compete against their agility. Even her mind would be as slow as a tortoise compared to these agile minded kids!

Settling on one spot far away from others, some of the curious girls were sneaking their sights on her. Some had tried to probe her group on Zhi's identity.

Apparently there were cases where ladies with nobility had enrolled with a half-mask or a face-cloth. This was due to their delicate public image. Most of the top spots within the academy were occupied by them. They were regarded as goddesses in the eyes of the other students. They had beauty and wealth, but were boosted with brains and talents.

This autumn admission, even though the cover up was extravagant, was another goddess would be born?

"Hm? Now you seem to have the halo of the main protagonist of this world."

The air surrounding Zhi had become distorted the moment Little Jae appeared. Little Jae was the name given to the little brother inside her mind. She just used the alphabet 'J' to address him as he would not tell her his name.

He had went off for some time after reaching the dorms. She was secretly grateful that he did not see the scene on the bed. Such an intimate scene was not suitable to be displayed to a young boy like him. So, as a gratitude, she did not inquire his sudden disappearance.

"I've got a gift for you. You'll like it very much!"
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