Definitely Mistaken Chapter 13: Etching a deep impression?


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After a night of unfruitful investigation, a drained man decided to head back home when the dawn broke. His weariness could not hide the handsome features of his, creating a solemn look instead. His tall stature ever heroic, his back was always straight.

The matter regarding a young woman's asassination attempt could not be overlook. Partly blame it on his newly acquired status of being a son-in-law of the City Lord, his latest responsibility included overseeing the city's security and maintaining social order.

Another degrees was related to his mother...

When one side encountered a dead end, perhaps questioning directly the young lady currently residing in his room would bring him to the light at the other end of the tunnel.

His bachelor room in the main residence was left untouched for four years. It still held the heirloom sword and a gift of a painting from his deceased mother.

The matriarch had initially ordered to have the room renovated to accommodate the bridal chamber. Through his various means, he had sent news home immediately declaring the room was off-limits. A guest room was advised as a substitute.

Last night, left with no choice, he had laid her down on his bed and commanded his subordinates to contact a dependable friend over. With that person's skills, an individual on the verge of death could be revived instantaneously. Miracles were created by that person's hand. A truly gifted doctor!

A half-masked person promptly showed up. No words were needed for them to understand each other. The General soon left to conduct his own investigations, leaving her on her own.

A veiled woman was on her death bed on the bed. The blood loss was massive and she could feel a weakening pulse on her. Heeding the urgency, she began her treatment. Throughout the entire night, she was actively trying her best to lengthen out the lifespan of the individual.

After concluding the treatment, female servants were asked to clean the young lady's body and change the clothes into a set of clean ones. The miracle doctor had disappeared out from their sight. Only told them to brew a concoction with the given ingredients within two days when the patient would wake up before she left.

Coming back to the current situation, the General had arrived back to his room to be greeted with an empty bed.

"She had sneaked away."

A worn-out but gentle voice sounded from the tree outside. There lazily sat a fatigued doctor on a branch. She had just witnessed a person not long ago suffered a heavy injury, crawled out of the residence through a dog hole. Her wriggling behind was round like a peach as she carefully struggled her way out.

Albeit how miraculous her medicines and adept her hands were, such a heavily wounded person could not possibly move around as agile as she that soon...

… ha ha

A maid brought over a freshly cleaned cloth. She meant to deliver a piece of what was left behind the previous night as soon as the Young Master came back. After all, the blood soaked clothes were all burnt. Noticing a presence besides her Young Master, she opted to put it aside and handed it in later when the guest had left.

Winds during autumn were at times strong, at times mellow. Blossomed spring flowers fell at their mercy. Traces on the earth marked the end of their lifespan.

A gutsy wind breezed into the corridor unannounced. A maid yelp, a fabric flown. Vacuumed into hollowness, nothing was left. Did this marked the onset of paralleling destinies? Never fated to be together...
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