Definitely Mistaken Chapter 12: Unfeeling


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"That matter, I have no idea at all."

The younger brother had straightened up his body and alighted to the ground. He walked unhurriedly to stand in front of Zhi. With a straight face, he enunciated every word he said.

Now that they were both standing, Zhi became conscious of the fact that she was shorter by a head. The feeling of having to stare up to level with this little brother's eyes did not sit well with her.

'He's not cute at all... What if, he's the one shorter than me by a head... '

That man gazed at her, who seemed to be intensely sizing him up. He was originally in a deep thought, wondering in circles to as to why her memories and the original body's did not enter the system's database. But, since the situation would not make a dent on his plan, he could care less.

A pair of curious eyes, with a hint of playfulness, had drawn him out of his reverie, enticing him to focus on her instead.

Little did he realize his chin had moved up slowly, his body shrinking along with the clothes, and his stature really had became that of a younger brother!

'Now, he's a cute little brother.' Feeling rather satisfied, a small curl had appeared at the ends of her lips.

The sight of the player's slightly cunning smile broke his trance. When his mind came back to him, his face paled at his forced transformation.


A while later,

When someone was not willing to cooperate to change one's appearance back, that someone could only accept and give up...

A large blue pill in the size of a thumb had materialized to Zhi's face.

"This is an 'Unfeeling Pill' - no matter how many times or big damages taken by you, your heart shall persevere...", he, now a chibi version of his former self, was reading the description page of the 'Unfeeling Pill' on his personal screen.

Zhi's first thought after receiving the pill was 'How am I going to swallow such big pill?'.

The effect from the pill was exactly what she wanted. Absolute shield!

Bracing herself, she put it into her mouth wholly. On the contrary of her expectations, the pill started to disintegrate conveniently. She felt like she had eaten a cotton candy.

"Highly effective against male leads for female players and male players against female leads." He started to become confused at that sentence. He continued to read and it finally dawned on him at the next paragraph, "Stop yourself from falling in love and focus on your mission! The 'Unfeeling Pill' promises you the avoidance of being captivated or heartbroken by the leads to ensure you get to your objective of helping the client..."

"Zhi... perhaps, I have given you the wr-"

Seeing an dull stoic expression on Zhi's face when he turned to face her, it seemed that whether or not she took in the pill, her heart would not be affected in any ways.

A sneer had leaked on his face.
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