Definitely Mistaken Chapter 10: A night with the General


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The fireworks continuously ornamenting the clear night sky. The spectacular display of pyrotechnics became a backdrop for couples in the vicinity to show their affections to each other. That night would be a night to remember, as fireworks were the latest innovation during that era. One day in the far future, grey-haired pair of grannies would reminisce about the night where their love blossomed like the flowery pattern of the fireworks. Giving cavities to their grandchildren with their sweet talks to each other...

Two silhouettes who were under the liveliest night sky ever created an illusory of ethereal beings who had descended to Earth - one was as mysterious as the dark side of the moon while one was both valiant and charismatic.

It could have been an event meant for two main leads in a romance drama. It could have set the mood for...something romantic like two people finding that that was the magical moment which tied their fates together. Or the first meeting where something fell from the eyes to the heart, in which in consequent meetings would lead them to fall deeper and harder .

However, a certain accidental female lead just broke the illusion - her eyes had rolled back in the head and instead, white eyes were showing!

Zhi was dizzy with the full three hundred and sixty spin. In addition, she was experiencing a blood loss. If not because she was securely hold by the waist, she would have had fainted away to the smoothly pebbled road. But even so...


She shove away the chest of the unfamiliar man, sending signals and building a barrier, she silently ordered 'do not stand too close!' Her body stumbled backwards initially but she steadied her feeble footing to stay afoot.

Simultaneously, a black figure flashed by with a sharp thing glinting in the darkness. It was the previous kidnapper! He had caught up with her with a dagger in hand, stabbing her in the abdomen!

Her groan from the pain was later met with a bellowed voice from a man. Zhi fell unconscious afterwards to not know what would be the fate to her perpetrator then.

When he had reacted, he had pulled out his sword and slashed at the black-clothed person, sending him to his demise instantly. He, however, failed to protect the lady from the man's murder attempt under his nose. Her body had lurched forward as she lost consciousness which he perfectly received with his open arms.

His eyes darted around her body and her face. So fragile and pale. The clean veil covering her mouth was now blotted with spots of blood that bloomed like a flower. It reminded him of the bitter war at the border. The hero could not help but to shake her and calling her out, "Don't die! Don't die on me!"

The neighborhood soon filled with the howl of a general who was supposed to be merry during his wedding night...

"What kind of angsty drama am I watching?!" A silent scream came from a box of crates near the road walls.

A young lady was waiting in ambush for awhile in the four-way intersection road. She had purchased 'The Chance Encounter of a Lifetime' from the system and hired the assassin to finish off the villainess. All that had gone down the drain for naught!


The next day,

Zhi woke up to the sounds of birds chirping. Being close to the Door of Death was really terrifying, she had really thought that she would breathe her last the night before.

What she did not find to be terrifying, however, was the fact that she was in a completely new environment than the last. If she was sensitive enough to examine her surroundings closely, she would find that what a fine sword that was hanging on the walls in front of her, and what a lovely painting of a daffodil on the wall adjacent to her.

But no, her adaptability had reached an unbelievably maximum level - to the point that if she was shipwrecked to an isolated Island, rather than thinking of ways on how to survive and escape, she would build a home there making friends with monkeys.

Zhi was not planning to do anything and tugged herself in with the blanket. The outside world was frightening, I don't wanna play anymore, she thought, when an angry opposition came from her stomach.


And another subtle snicker in the air...

"I was expecting something last night. You disappoint me so much."

"Regardless, you are im-pos-sible~"

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