Decoy Chapter 6: Her Past


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???: Ciara... Ciara..
Who's whispering my name? It's pitch black and I can't see anything. Suddenly a light appears at a distance to reveal a woman tied up. She lifts her head to look at me, her face full of bruises.
Ciara: Mom?
Mom: Cia..ra.
She calls out my name, her breath ragged. No..
Ciara: What happened?! Who did this to you?!
I start to run towards her but trip and fall. It felt as though something pulled my leg. I look down at my feet to realize that they have been chained to a nearby pole.
Ciara: What the..?
My hands, they're tied up with rope too... Who the hell ties people people like this?!
???: Ciara!
Another voice screams at me. I turn to see my father tied up too. His clothes are torn just like my mother's and the tears in his clothes reveal bruises that seem to be caused by whips and sticks. What's happening?!
Ciara: Dad?!
Dad: Run away!! Run away from here before they return!!
Ciara: Who are you talking about? I-I don't understand!
Mom: Ciara... just escape this place...
My mother says, crying.
Ciara: What?! I can't leave you like this! What's going on?!
Then suddenly, the door creaks open. All three of us turn to face the door. A man holding a gun walks in. I try my best but I can't make out his face. He walks over to where my parents are tied up and squats to meet their eye level. I nervously gulp.
The Man: So, have you made up your mind to tell me what you know?
'What they know'? What's he talking about?
Dad: We don't know anything! I swear! Just let us go!
He slaps my father and gets up, dad does nothing in return. Tears come to my eyes seeing him so helpless.
Ciara: hic...
The man looks towards me with a malicious expression and I flitch.
The man: I guess I'll have to make you speak the hard way.
He aims his gun at me.
He's going to shoot me! He starts pulling the trigger and I shut my eyes in fear.
Dad: No!!
Mom: Jax?!
The gun fires but I feel no pain.
Mom: Jax!!
I slowly open my eyes to see my dad lying sprawled across the floor with a crimson wound on his chest. No, no, no!!!!
Ciara: Dad!!
I run towards him as far as the chains let me and fall on my knees.
Ciara: No...
He slightly opens his eyes and extends his tied hands towards me and grab them tightly with both of my hands.
Dad: Ciara... I'm sorry...
Ciara: No! Don't leave me! Dad!!
His eyes slowly close and never open again and his hands in my hands fall limp. No, this can't be! I hang my head and wail in vain. Why is this happening?! The man walks towards my dad's corpse and grabs my jaw, lifting it upwards. He evilly smirks at me and I shoot him a glare in return.
The man: You see what happened? Your father was a fool who chose to die rather than letting you get hurt. Whose fault do you think is his death?
Ciara:.. Yours. You lousy piece of shit!
The man: Being feisty at a time like this, are we?
He tightens his grip.
Mom: Let her go!
The man: What did you say?
He slowly turns his head to look at mom and I use this opportunity to slap the gun away his hand. The gun slides away from him.
The man: You!
He raises his hand to hit me but I headbutt him before he can do so.
The man: Aargh!!
He holds his head in pain. My head hurts too but I don't have time to wince over it! I quickly grab the gun and point it at him.
Ciara: Don't move or I'll shoot!
The man: Haha..
Ciara: Huh?
The man: Hahahaha!!
Ciara: W-Why are you laughing?!
He smirks.
The man: You think you can shoot me? Go ahead then.
He takes a step towards me and take a step back.
Ciara: Don't come any closer or I-I will shoot!
He continues to walk towards me, then suddenly, my back hits the pole I'm chained to.
The man: Heh, you were going to shoot, weren't you.
Ciara: I...
I... can't do it. He walks towards me and plucks the gun out of my hands effortlessly. Just as I'm opening my mouth to say something to him, someone covers it from behind and holds me in place.
Ciara: Mmnph!!
I struggle to get out of his grip but fail.
The man: It would be a shame to let you free after all the guts you've shown.
Mom: Please let her go! She doesn't know anything!! She's innocent! Please!!
My mom screams at him with tears in her eyes. Mom...
The man: Tch, how noisy. You're just like your husband: stupid.
He lifts his gun again. No!!
Ciara: Mmph!!
I try to stop him but the man holding me doesn't let go.
I bite the man's hand and let's go of my face.
Man 2: Aargh!
Ciara: Mom!!!
No!! He shot her head, killing her on the very spot. My face goes pale with horror.
The man: Hmph, so... where were we?
Ciara: Why are you doing this?!
I yell, tears streaming down my cheeks.
The man: Looks like they really didn't tell you.
Tell me what?
The man: Well, I have no use for you anymore but...
He glaces at a corner of the room. I follow his line of sight to see 5 men who somehow entered this place without being noticed during the chaos.
The man: But I guess they would.
Ciara: What...?
He smirks. I glanced at the men once more to notice that they are shooting me 'dirty' looks.
Ciara: No..
He turns to leave.
Ciara: What did I ever do to you?!
The man: Don't blame me, blame your parents. Oh wait, you can't; they're dead.
He doesn't even turn around as he replies. My body trembles with anger.
Ciara: You'll pay for this one day!!
The man: Oh yeah? Who's going to make me? Your petty, little boyfriend?
Ciara:...! Ron... What did you do to him?!
The man: 'What did I do'? Come on, little girl, I'm not so cruel.
You just killed my parents in front of me and threatened to assault me, you bastard!!
Ciara: Quit lying!
He stops and turns around showing no expression.
The man: Your little boyfriend... let's just say that you won't be able to see him again.
Ron! Why... Why?! Why is all this happening?!
Ciara: You wuss!! I'll make you'll regret this!!
The man: We'll see, if you survive that is.
He chuckles and leaves leaving me behind with six of his accomplices. You've got to be kidding me!! I have to get out of here... But how?! I wrack my brain but, can't think of anything or any way. Wait, if I can just get out these chains... I look down at my feet. Hold up, where are my shoes?! Man, I'd work the new ones too (although that's nowhere near the loss I've just faced). Anyway, my feet are sweaty, I can slip through the chains. Sometimes it's actually helpful for having narrow feet, huh? I start moving my feet around in mild movements so that they don't notice. Meanwhile, they start making their way towards me. I try to run but the man holding me doesn't let me free.
Ciara: Let me go!!
I say in a harsh yet desperate voice.
Man 3: Let you go? Don't make jokes with me, JJ never rewards us like this!
JJ? Are they referring to that man who just left? That must be his code name; 'JJ' are probably his initials.
Man 4: Yeah! Lay her down!
Ciara: What?! For the last time, let. Me. Go!!!
Man 5: That scream hurt my ears. Do you think we should muffle her?
Man 6: Nah, there's no fun in that.
Excuse me?! 'No fun'?! I'm not here so you can have fun, y'know!! Struggling isn't enough! What do I do?! Wait, what if...
Man 3: Psst, why do you think she's making that constipated face?
Man 7: How am I supposed to know that?
Constipated face?! That was my superduper death glare!! But that isn't working, is it?! I mentally sigh, helpless.
Man 2: I don't think this is right; she's innocent.
The man holding me objects. He loosens his grip on me.
He's taking my side! Well, it would be better if he'd just let me go completely too though!
Man 2: Tch, you've always been a party pooper. If you don't want it, scram.
The other mean start arguing too. This is my chance! I slip out of the chains and make a run for it.
Man 5: She's getting away!
Man 7: What are you looking at?! Catch her!
I have to reach that door at any cost! Almost there!! Just then, I step on something and it stabs my foot. Ow! What the hell?! The next thing I know, I lose my balance and fall on my head.
Ciara: Ouch!
My head spins. I can't think anything properly but, the only thought in mind right now is that: this is it, this is the end. I can faintly hear their footsteps approaching as I start losing my senses...
???:..ra! Ciara!
I fling my eyes open to see Momo shaking my shoulders. I quickly sit upright.
Momo: Geez! You scared me to death! Are you okay?
Ciara:… I guess.
I look around. Ah, that's right, we moved into the dorms.
Momo: Listen, I'm heading to the convenience store, I'll be back in a bit.
Ciara: Okay.
She picks up her backpack and leaves. I sigh. That nightmare again. That nightmare has haunted me for 5 years now. That's how my parents and, my friend, Ron died. I never found out the real reason. Everyone says it was a case of insanity but, I know the conversations they had prove it wrong. What did they want from my parents? And why did... That sweet, little boy, Ron, have to lose his life? It's not like I had any feelings for him, all he had asked for was a cup of coffee... which we never had the chance to have. I get of my bunk and open my bag. I take out a small metal machine. I'm pretty sure this was the thing I had stepped on, I guess I broke it in the process. When I regained consciousness, I was well... not in my best state but I spotted it and grabbed a hold of it. I never showed it to the police or the detectives when they arrived. This is so small, small as a bottle cap. What could this probably do? I turn it over where it says 'JJ'. That's the man who killed my parents's code name or perhaps initials; his machine is my only lead.
When I was finally discharged out of hospital, I went over to the River Bridge and stood on the walls, wanting to jump into the fast river and end my life; I had already lost everything: my parents, my friend, my peaceful and happy life and... my virginity. What more could I possibly lose? But just as I was set to jump off, a part of me stopped me. It was as if it was telling me something: one, telling me to make the most of my life that my parents died protecting and the other,... To find the real culprit. The one which the detectives apprehended, didn't seem even as close to the person who actually murdered them and ruined my life. His initials weren't JJ and I overheard that his criminal record wasn't verified. They definitely caught the wrong person and I know it was on purpose; the NDIA would never do such sloppy work. But who are they protecting? That is one answer I've got to find on my own. In two years, I'll become a detective and have a full access to all documents about the case. Mom, Dad, Ron... I will avenge you.
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