Death's Door Chapter 179: The Future Chapters


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I have created a ******* page and from now on I will be posting new chapters there.

I am planning on putting all of my stories there eventually.

Each time I publish a chapter, I will leave a link on the page.

My ******* link is *******.com/sayank

I just started it, but all the future chapters will be posted there. I will start working on them as soon as I can.

As far as all the old chapters go, I will leave them at this site, but everything afterwards will be posted on my ******* page.

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It has been a rather tough journey so far, with many ups and downs.

In fact, I ended up on so many dead ends that I had to abandon several potential project ideas.

But with your support and following, I managed to stay motivated to keep writing this novel and couple more.

Rest assured, I am not abandoning my story, I am just moving it to a different platform, that is all.

Thank you all for all your support on the journey so far! It definetily counted when it was much needed.

PS: royalroad only allows me to publish a chapter if it is at least 500 characters long, so I am copying and pasting this message

King of Spades: "This is not the end of the story, but only the beginning"

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