Deadpool Reborn in a cultivation world. Chapter 14: gimme that back.


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"Hmmmm... Ring spirit huh, ok enough of playing around now give me that kid back" deadpool said seeing her playing with vamp.

"nooo, I wanna keep her for longer" she said making a puppy face.

Seeing her puppy face he came near her and almost kissing her, he grabbed the vamp from her hands.

After taking the vamp he turned around and started to leave and just as he was about to leave...


Her voice reverberate in his ears, he turned around while making an angry face and just when he was about to yell at her in anger, an orange colored cloth covered him shrinking him and the baby down into a size of apple.

On the ground the orange colored bag was laying and after a little moment Kenia picked it up and started tossing it in her hands while smiling a little.

"Looks like boss is gonna give me big price this time for catching that full blood vampire" she said to herself while summoning her snake.

Next time deadpool opened his eyes it was already evening time and he was in a jungle covered with huge trees and he is tied to a big tree.

He can also smell a sweet fragrance of water and soil and the atmosphere there is also quiet moist.

He saw that he had no clothes on his body except his red colored mickey mouse undergarment.

Witnessing that he had no clothes on him he started yelling in fear.

[ stop yelling pussy, she didn't raped you ]

And he stopped yelling.

He can also see a tent near him and in front of the tent he saw some wood paced their.

"Looks like she is gonna camp here tonight" he thought.

After some time of pondering he summoned his shadow clone near him and then with the help of katanas he cut the rope.

After freeing himself from the tree he paced inside the tent and saw nothing but the vampire laying their like an panda.

He checked the complete tent and finally found his bag.

After wearing a white shirt and a black pant, looking like a stud, he exited from the tent and started searching for that elf to pay her the debt back.

He summoned all of his 300 shadow clones and started searching for her in the whole jungle.

Not so far apart from the tent he quickly found her.

Actually she was taking a bath at a nearby natural hot spring pool while singing a little.

Seeing her enjoying he clenched his jaws in anger and started pacing towards her while summoning his katanas.

Seeing him coming towards her she yelled "STOP!" and quickly grabbed a white colored towel and barely covered her big boobs and the lower part of her body.

But he did not stop and even increased his speed.

Seeing him coming toward him she gathered her qi in her hands and one can see little lightning sparks in her hand.

Just when deadpool is about to attack her she released her lightning on him while saying "Die!" with a little grunt.

Struck with lightning deadpool flew far away and stopped after banging with a tree.

"This is what you get if you seek trouble with one of the seven phantoms" she yelled while smirking a little.

But all of her proud turned into fear when she saw him standing again.

"Impossible, no one has ever stood up after getting struck by my lightning!" she said.

She can't seem to believe on her senses, she was completely flabbergasted but she somehow controlled herself and quickly started wearing her clothes again.

While she was wearing her clothes deadpool also started to stand up from his place, healing his wounds.

By this time she had wore her panties and skirt but not her upper garments and seeing him coming towards her , she dropped the idea of wearing clothes and rolled the towel on her chest while again preparing to struck him with the lightning.

But just when she was about to summon her lightning she felt something behind her and without giving her any time to think one of the shadow clone grabbed her towel and her upper garments which were laying on the ground and thrown them away to another shadow clone near him.

Just when he thrown the clothes and the towel she struck the clone with the lightning and make it flew away.

But when she observed her surroundings she saw hundreds of lewd eyes staring at her and her clothes are now also in the hands of original deadpool.

Seeing so many man staring at her she quickly hid her boobs with both of her hands and said "gimme my clothes back!"

[ but why? ]
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