Daquan Ain't Never Gone, Especially Not to No Mysterious World! Chapter 6: Daquan Ain’t Never Gone Into The Void (1)


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[Come now don't be shy, sit down.] The mysterious man said gesturing to the wooden table. As Daquan walked to the table he noticed that the man didn't have any distinguishable features just a blank face, long hair, and white clothes also weirdly enough he spoke using his mind though it makes sense since he doesn't have a mouth. Daquan didn't notice it at first but he actually had three small reddish black horn like things coming out from under his hair.

[Welcome to The Void Daquan. I am the God of this realm and the world you are about to be "transferred" to. You can call me *******] The man said

"Wait what? what are you talking about exactly buddy" still confused Daquan asked

[You're in The Void awaiting your transfer] The man said shaking his head waving over Daquan

"Whoa whoa whoa hold up so I'm in some place called The Void and I'm being transferred somewhere? where and why and also what did you say your name was I couldn't understand it one bit b" Daquan rambled on confused.

[That's correct currently you're in The Void, my special place between your world and mine. The world you are to be transferred to is known as Thrad. You are being transferred because I feel it is somewhere you can bring out your full potential. In your current world you were killed while trying to steal money for your family. As you can see you made it here with all your Earthly possessions even the money but due to being transferred it was changed to this world's currency. Also not to worry though you may be dead your family is being taken care of as we speak. And to answer your last question about my name sorry it may be hard to translate to the English language but you may call me Angra Mainyu Junia or Amyu for short.] Amyu finally answered.

"Alright Amyu so I'm being "transferred" to Thrad because you feel I'm worthy of it? haha what games you playin" Daquan asked

[That's correct, you are indeed worthy of coming over to my world.No games are being played] Amyu replied

"honestly only thing I care about at this point is what you meant about my family being taken care of, explain properly" Daquan said leaning over the table staring down Amyu.

[As I said your family is being taken care of there's nothing to worry about. news of you dying has already reached them but somehow your mother is magically cured and no longer has cancer and a random life insurance policy on your life has allowed your family to gain a significant amount of money. also your mother received an invitation to come back to work. The world works in mysterious ways huh Daquan?] Amyu laughs while saying this.

"not even going to bother with specifics as long as they're taken care of. that's all that matters to me" Daquan leans back while saying this.

[Now then would you like to learn of Thrad the world you are being "transferred" to?] Amyu asks

Daquan quickly and nonchalantly shakes his head "nah I'll find out when I get there no point in having you tell me and waste more time lets just hurry this up and get on with everything."

[Alrighty then if that's what you want. just know that after right now we may not meet again so if you have any last questions you better ask] Says Amyu in a serious tone before getting out his seat.

"Nope I'm good I don't need nun from you. at least I don't thinks so well guess we'll see how things turn out, thanks. actually one last thing" Daquan says also getting out of his seat.

[what is it young Daquan?] Amyu asks

"why might we not ever meet again?". Confused Daquan asks

[I spend my time here in The Void watching over the world keeping the balance while you'll be spending your time trying to survive the life you've been given as you enter the world] Amyu says as he looks down at the table

"Hmm okay gotcha" Daquan responds

[Oh one last thing I must tell you before you go, in the world of Thrad there are certain game like elements thats you may experience but believe me it's not a game, no much realer than that. One word of advice is when you get the chance say "Status Open" you'll see what I mean it's kinda like magic. Now then just press the button at the middle of the table and you'll start your new life young Daquan] Amyu said pointing to the button atop the wooden table.

"A game he said, magic he said we'll see bout that" Daquan mumbles while doing as he's told and pushes the button. After he pushed the button a white light began swirling in the air slowly surrounding Daquan until he was completely enveloped in the white light and he suddenly vanished. *poof*

[I wish you the best of luck on your journey young Daquan you're going to need it. heh well it's a shame you didn't ask more questions but that's just the youth these day *sigh*] Amyu whispers as Daquan quietly leaves The Void.

"The best of luck indeed" laughed a mysterious woman as she walked out of the darkness

[What do you want women] Amyu glares toward the darkness somehow clearly showing irritation on his blank face

"Good to see you too Amyu. Now then let's talk" the woman says as she continues walking out from the darkness

[This should be fun…] Amyu whispers as he imagines himself rolling his eyes at the woman

"I won't be here long. Let's just get down to business so I don't have to waste your precious time Amyu. we all know how you don't like to be bothered by anyone now don't we" the woman smiles

[yeah yeah yeah] Amyu scoffs [Tell me now what do you want]

"Oh I think you know…"The woman says as she comes closer resembling an animal ready to pounce on its prey.

Amyu watched the woman walking out of darkness to the table as he patiently sat there thinking of how Daquan will fare in Thrad and what this woman wants as she is disturbing his peace
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