Daily Life of an Ordinary Student Chapter 5: New Student?


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On the way to school, people stared and turned around.

This person walking down the road is absolutely not the Riku they used to know.

Riku has always been a lighthearted but somewhat gloomy person. His reputation at school was that of the 'Happy Prince,' only caring about grades, but with a weird temperament that fluctuated like a bonfire in the wind. The student council president, Fumiko, was the total opposite; she has always been like ice, and seemed as if she would always be like ice. Riku's boundless love for Fumiko was well known across the school.

However, this morning, Riku arrived at school with another girl!

Moreover, his face was no longer one of frivolous boredom mixed with a whimsical darkness from time to time; it was absolutely a face of confidence!

The students felt as if Riku has changed overnight, been abducted by aliens, or else. New rumors were already spreading.

Riku walked with his head held high, with a cute girl that was not from their school following behind him like his shadow.

"What about Fumiko?"

"So his endless love for the student prez was just a joke. Playboy."

"Never seen this girl before, but she is a real cutie…"

"No need for you to notice, as if a normal girl could attract the attention of that 'Happy Prince' ?"

"Maybe he finally got tired of waiting for Fumiko to answer his feelings…"

"Wait, is he heading towards prez?"

"No way, no way! Is he going to confront her with his new girlfriend?"

"Showing off?"

Riku walked towards the table where Fumiko was sitting.

As usual, Fumiko was sitting alone at a table, reading a book in an elegant posture. Her long hair fluttered with the turning of the pages, the thin frame of her glasses reflecting the sunlight every so often. She paid no attention to people looking at her, admiring her or talking about her.

Riku stopped in front of Fumiko, waiting for her to raise her head.

Fumiko slowly slid her bookmark and shut the book with an audible "paf."

"What is it, Vice-President?" asked Fumiko, not shaken at all by Riku's attitude.

"President, I am here to announce that I will surely surpass you in the upcoming midterms!"

"Oh? Isn't that what you have told me for the past year or so?" asked Fumiko with an amused expression.

Her round glasses were sliding down a little, so she pushed them gently back up her nose.

The president was in every aspect the perfect student; every single thing about her emanated of grace and superiority.

"I wasn't so sure before, but now, I have the confidence!"

"Do your best, Kouhai," encouraged Fumiko with a smile.

"And when I outshine you, you will be my girlfriend!"

"It's too early to say that, Vice-President," answered Fumiko in the same tone as before, unfalteringly smiling.

Her beautiful smile was never changing and everlasting, like a sculpture frozen in time. Riku simply left, positive that he will be able to achieve much more using Amy's demonic powers. Amy followed behind, obediently.


Riku headed directly to his class. Many people were wondering about the cute girl following him, but none dare hinder the Vice President's path today. His frivolous looks were gone, instead a fire was burning in his pupils.

"Oh, Yuuna-san, were you showing the new transfer student around?" asked a tall woman wearing glasses.

Her name was Kasumi Kobayashi, a young teacher that was recently hired at their school. Kobayashi-san was well-liked by his students for always making the class interesting and energetic.

"Everyone, please go back to your seats, we have a new student to introduce today!" called the teacher with her youthful voice.




Girls and boys equally acclaimed the arrival of a new transfer student. She was pretty, quiet, and cute. Her long hair was the subject of admiration for all the girls, and her gentle looks were eye candy for the boys.

"Nice to meet you, my name is Amy Yuuna. Please take care of me."


"Vice Pres, explain!"

Amy casually walked down the rows of desks and sat to the one next to Riku.

"Ehh, that's Haru's place…" started the teacher.

"No problem! I'll sit somewhere else!" said Haru, who appeared at the classroom's door. After a not-so-subtle attempt at a wink at Riku, he took the spot originally reserved for the transfer student.

The other students looked blankly at the strange interaction between Amy and Riku.

The Class President, endlessly emotionless, gently smiled at Riku and sat down in her usual place, not paying any heed to the strange relationship between Amy and Riku. To her, those were probably mundane affairs that couldn't affect her ethereal existence.

"Alright, today's class will follow up on last week's. Does anyone remember what we talked about last week?"

Class started without problems. Everyone was concentrated on the new notions they were learning, except a single person glancing at Riku with ominous eyes: Akira Izumi.

Akira has always been number three in their year, under both Riku and Fumiko. As the two people under Fumiko, they should both have a good relationship with each other and work together since they have a similar goal: surpass Fumiko. However, fate led to Akira hating Riku even more than wanting to surpass Fumiko…
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