Daily Life of an Ordinary Student Chapter 3: Summer's End


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"What's happening?" asked Riku, somewhat concerned. "Food?"

That should make sense. This is a Demon that hasn't eaten for centuries. Is this why Demons have a bad reputation? Because they are hungry every time they are summoned?

"Food… Give me food…" pleaded Amy.

As her master, Riku felt obligated to take responsibility for her, including shelter and food… After all, he is the one who summoned her. To let her die of hunger would be both heartless and counterproductive.

"What would you like? I have leftover rice, chicken… Salmon meuniere… I have to cook a vegetable dish too…"

Riku picked up Amy in his arms, and carried her back downstairs. He carefully laid the weak demon on the couch. As he was about to start cooking, a hand extended and grabbed Riku's shirt.


"I know, let me cook, okay?" said Riku.

Riku changed his mind; he felt a little annoyed already. He wanted a tutor to help him become the best, not a baby Demon to take care of.

At least she's cute...

Amy pulled on the shirt with herculean strength and Riku ended up on top of her, his face a finger away from hers.

"What are you doing?" frowned Riku.

Having watched a few shows, he expected this outcome. As expected of the number 2 student at his school.

"Is your food bodily fluids or something?" asked Riku with a sigh.

"Give it to me… Your fluids…" begged the Demon.

"I knew it."

Riku prepared himself mentally, without showing any hesitation on his face, and closed the distance between the two, kissing Amy on the lips.


Amy seemed to be savoring it, drinking every bit of Riku's saliva.


For the second time today, a person collapsed in the Yuuna house.

"O… Onii-chan… Who is this?"

A little girl that seemed no older than 12 appeared at the entrance of the door. She had long hair with two small buns on each side of her head, but now her cute face was distorted into a mixture of anger and surprise, staring wide-eyed at her brother kissing an unknown girl on the couch, his knee between her legs.

Riku slowly pulled back, looking into his sister's eyes.

"Welcome home, Natsumi."

"Don't 'welcome home' me! WHO IS THIS WOMAN?" asked the little girl angrily.

"Woman? How old do you think I am?" asked the Demon, unhappy. "I'm 16!"

"Heeh? Why would my brother be performing… Indecent acts with you?"

"Isn't our relationship clear enough?" said Amy with a smirk. Flames were already burning in her pupils. "Your brother, he loves me!"

Riku stared at the two with some interest. He made another mental note that he should probably starve the Demon, as she doesn't really deserve feeding.

"The best course of action would be to find another summoner and find out all the rules."

Riku glanced at the tattoo on his right hand, and bandaged his palm with some gauze, preventing other summoners from knowing that he is also a summoner now.

"The Demon should be able to hide inside me," he thought.

He looked at his bandaged hand, and concentrated on returning Amy to a fireball that could enter his palm. And his prediction was accurate: Amy was turned into a fireball and sucked into the tattoo.

Watching Amy disappear, Natsumi wasn't as surprised as Riku expected.

She looked around the room, and approached her brother fearlessly.

"So, what type of occult have you been mingling with?" asked Natsumi, staring deep into Riku's eyes.

"I picked up the book there and drew the symbols, and… I summoned a Demon," answered Riku, pointing at the AVNAS book. "A Demon that needs my saliva to survive."

"For what reason did you summon a Demon?" asked Natsumi.

"It felt like the right thing to do."

"That's not it, do not be untruthful, Onii-chan."

"I want to surpass Fumiko."

"You're being dishonest, Onii-chan."



"If you already know the answer, why are you asking me?"

Natsumi smiled, and left.

"Avnas… So the book has appointed Amy…" said Natsumi mysteriously. "Has summer already come to an end?"

Little blue specks of blue light appeared near her fingertips.
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