Custom System of Conquest Chapter 2: Who is Leonard?


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Leonard Smedley was an orphan, he lived on a planet called 'Earth', to be more specific in the United Kingdom.
When she was just one year old her parents abandoned Leonard, it turns out that her mother was an irresponsible girl of complementary education who became pregnant by accident of any man, however she could not have an abortion due to her parents' decision, so she had the child which after a while decided to escape from his house with a man, and on the road leaving Leonard leaving a note with a false name and surname to avoid problems.
Leonard arrived at an orphanage run by the church, and although they respected public benefits from the government, it was not very well attended, in many of the occasions they did not eat properly, in the same way, due to the number of children they did not pay attention , receiving an indifferent treatment and a little cold by the administrators and the nuns, and thus to the 12 years of age the escape of the orphanage. Fortunately, I managed to collect a little money that I took from the church's alms for 2 years, and so I made a good journey, after that I also managed to get a job in a construction where I was allowed to stay in a guardhouse.
He spent two years working on this construction, later due to his good work and sympathy from his boss, he got him to work in some other constructions with the same working conditions.
It seems that his boss was a good-hearted person, however, the main reason was to divert a large part of the child's salary towards him, since apart from ordinary worker, he was also a supervisor during the night.
Fortunately for the child, all this was beneficial, since it had almost all the services such as food, clothes, light, water, bathroom, a bed, and fortunately a computer which I use for evening entertainment.
His great hobby came from the internet in which I can find a new world, and if friends, the world we are talking about is 'The Otaku world!'.
Read Manga, Novels, and Animes like their counterparts like Donghua, Manhua, Manhwa, etc. It was everything he loved, and although he also studied online, nothing prevented him from imagining being in the protagonist's shoes, or that he intervened to save the day, and thus win the heart of his Waifu.
Time passed, and he grew up. He was already 16 years old when a great event would change his life.
One night while watching the final chapter of an anime, I hear noises coming from the stores, so I decided to go out and have a look.
When I arrived at the site, I could hear two people talking and shouting at a girl that could be heard crying.
"Hey Joseph, what if I enjoy it first" Subject 1
"Shut up !, I already told you that we can share it, besides, I was the one who found her and convinced her to enter the alley" Subject 2 (Joseph)
"Well, but do not mistreat her so much, hehehe"
Obviously Leonard understood the situation with that fragment of conversation, and came up with a plan.
1. Call the police.
2. Distract the thugs.
3. Beat the thugs.
4. Rescue the girl.
5. Steals the girl's heart.
That was the plan that Leonard had in mind and he wants to continue to act.
First, I quickly call an emergency.
As the call sounded, I took a piece of pipe or threw it against a pile of sheets that were piled up outside the warehouse.
At that moment the two subjects were disturbed and quickly looked and attended.
"Robert! Go and check! "Joseph
"OK" Subject 2 (Robert)
In this way Joseph held and fell the girl, while Robert went to check, but by the time he arrived he saw no one, while Leonard quickly told what happened and the emergency address.
When Leonard finished the call he kept his phone, took a relatively large tube and observed the thug he was checking, and at the moment when he was about to check where Leonard was hiding, a tube rushed to his head grabbing him fall unconscious .
Fortunately, Leonard had some insulation tape, and he tied it around his hands and feet with a thick layer of tape.
At that moment, I quickly walked to the place where the girl and the other thug were. When he arrived, he did not hear anything and after a quick glance he saw the subject watching while holding the girl and covering her mouth so she would not scream.
Seeing this Leonard took a step to the frete showing up.
"Robert? Are you? "Joseph asked Leonard, because it was dark I can not recognize it.
"No, that guy has already died" Leonard replied to Joseph.
Upon hearing that Joseph stiffened for a moment but quickly became furious
"Bastard! Who you are? What did you do to Robert? "Joseph asked
"He died, do not you understand?" Leonard replied.
When he heard again that his friend had died his fury reached its limit and immediately threw the girl aside, and reached into his jacket pulling out a gun.
"Then he dies!" Joseph yelled as he fired.
Immediately Leonard's face lost color and his legs loosened, however that did not stop him and instead of stopping he began to run trying to dodge the bullets, unfortunately he did not manage to avoid them all and before arriving in front of the thug, he had already received 2 shots one in the shoulder and another in the chest.
"AHHHHAG!" Leonard screamed as he brandished the tube hitting the subject's head. However, at that moment something unimaginable happened, and that was a ray that was leaning towards the pair.
Immediately the crook died, but someone remained standing.
Achieving standing Leonard under the tube to lean, defrauded, another ray came, and then another, and so on.
The lightning arrived, and after a continuous succession the space began to tear, assuming that Leonard crossed a space that unfortunately contained radiations, waves, etc.
In the end, when everything stopped, you could not find anyone, only the corpse of the villain.
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