CROSS Chapter 51: Making Lis


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Orlando decided to contact Rain through Crystal. Not to mention, Watson was very eager to be the middleman and spend as much time as he could with his lady love.

"Look, we don't want to create a scene on Crystal's big day okay..?" Lucas was unsure about Watson confronting Crystal and talking about the incident.

"What do you mean? Of course I won't create a scene when it's her celebration."

"So you mean, you won't get jealous if she comes with Will? And that you won't try to separate her from him?" Lucas raised his brows in challenge. He was sure that Watson would get agitated once he sees Crystal in Will's arms.

"She is my woman. My responsibility."

"Not yet... Incase you haven't noticed, she is yet to forgive you and the more you push her, the more bad blood it would create." Lucas was reasonable again, but Watson could not digest the truth. It was like acid to his stomach, imagining Crystal in Will's arm was making his blood boil.

"I know what to do. And I'm willing to earn her forgiveness my way." Watson stressed on his last words. He did not like Lucas intervening his personal situation.

Orlando sighs and rubs his forehead, "We don't want to interfere Watson, we are just being cautious. One wrong move and it will be over."

"How can you both say that? Is your woman in someone else's arms? I know how it feels when I saw Crystal hugging that man. If I don't make any move now, I might lose her forever... " Watson couldn't take it more, he was insecure around Will. The way he bonded with Crystal was very strong and he knew that Will was a great threat to his relationship with Crystal.

Lucas glared at him, " We are all sailing in the same boat. And ours is much worse than yours, we still haven't found where Samantha, Susan and Rain are! One wrong move and we might never see them again."

Lucas never lost his cool, he was always calm and collected. But after hearing from Eddard, he was very anxious and desperate to know Samantha's whereabouts. The things that happened in the past was resurfacing again and by the looks of it, he knew Samantha wouldn't be the same bubbly, jolly, witty woman she was once.

"Okay guys, calm down. We make our moves slowly and very carefully. We cannot abruptly take decisions and end up empty handed. We need to plan and make a list." Orlando grabbed his notepad and pen and started jotting them some points.

"From what we have gathered today, I'm jotting down some points on our leads.

1) Crystal and Samantha's fight.

2) Principal.

3) Vice Principal

4) And the mysterious man, our principal called.

5) Rain.

6) And most importantly Susan."

"I wonder how Susan got mixed up in such a mess. It's very unlikely of her...and that also explains why Sam could not control her emotions." Lucas whispers, trying to find a link.

"Whatever it was, she shouldn't have slapped Crystal." Watson gritted through his teeth, further angering Lucas.

"Eddard said Crystal looked guilty. And then Susan was somehow hurt in a way."

"I think, we should listen the story through Rain's point of view as well. She may know better than Eddard, through the girls." Orlando reasoned out.

"And please let us not fight about what happened in the past amongst the girls. It's their private matter and I'm sure they might have sorted this on their own. We cannot meddle more into their life after seven long years."

Lucas and Watson nodded curtly. It was time to put aside their personal grudges and work together without any quarrels.

"I need to talk with Mr. Hans, I'm meeting him tomorrow at his place. Had asked Patrick to investigate on him." Watson informed them.

"Oh Patrick, how he is doing on the girls case?" Orlando asked remembering as the rest of the boys had taken Patrick's help to find about the girls whereabouts.

"Well, we already found Olivia and Crystal. He is working on finding out about Samantha and Susan." Lucas replied, time was ticking by and every day seemed like a year to him, without his Samantha.

"I have recorded our conversation with Eddard, I don't want to go through the pain of telling everything again to the two dickheads." Orlando snorts and takes his sip of wine.

Both Lucas and Watson chuckle at his words. Indeed Romano and Deandre would be over dramatic and pain in ass.

"I suggest not to send them the recordings now. Or else, they will be on our doorstep at any moment." as soon as Lucas said that, the doorbell rang.

It was half past ten at the night, who would it be?

And who the hell knew about this place?


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