CROSS Chapter 51: He vanished in thin air


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Watson, Orlando and Lucas made their way to a row house to call it a night.

Orlando insisted on staying in a row house than a hotel, to avoid attention.

Their talk with Eddard did not end with answers, but ended up with numerous questions popping up.

On their way back, Eddard gave them one piece of evidence that was a platinum bracelet, which was currently with Rain.

The only person who was in contact with Eddard was Rain, except Orlando, the boys were surprised to know that.

Eddard refused to speak more about the incident, and he requested them not to come again looking for him.

"But why? You are a witness.... " Watson argued about his resistance.

"I'm not supposed to tell you anything now. I gave you clues, look for them now."

"Just one question" Orlando asked, "Rain, told you didn't she? "

Eddard smiled sadly, "Who else would it be.... "

"Thank you Ed, you have been very helpful to us." Orlando thanked him.

"Eddard, this is our business card. If you need any help, please feel free to call us." Lucas politely thanked him.

"Incase, when we get enough evidence for Crystal... Would you act as our witness?" Watson asked him with a heavy heart. "I know, it is too much to ask for, but please... you are our only hope."

"I'm waiting for that day, much more than you do. I cannot let guilt take over me. I have been silent for too long, and I wish to depart this institution only after the girls get justice, not just Crystal."

The boys bid him farewell and quietly left with unsolved mysteries.


"Where did you find this house? It's very cosy.. " Lucas asked, getting comfortable on the couch.

"Rain had told me about the row houses in Green Ace lane. She wanted to buy one of these... "

"And she might have.... " Watson said, "Well it's been a hell lot of seven years now.... She must have one row house here or somewhere near to Crystal."

"He got a point there... We can find them." Lucas looked at Orlando hopefully.

"I don't think so... things have changed now, and she won't be living in any row house... "

"How can you say that?" Watson agrued.

"If he find Rain, we can find Samantha and Susan. I know Rain is the only person who would keep tabs on all the girls... " Lucas was inevitably correct.

"Yes, we find Rain, we find all of them... " Watson nodded his head.

"And we cannot find Rain, she finds us... " Orlando commented.

The boys sighed, Orlando was absolutely correct. Rain was always two steps ahead of them.

"Look, we have to search for our former Principal. We gotta start searching on evidences. And Principal is the best lead we have got... "

"What are you getting at Lucas..?"

"See, we can reach out Rain through Crystal or Olivia... We can let Rain know that we got a lead."

"She is always two steps ahead of us Lucas. She must have known... "

"No, but she doesn't have any contacts.... We do.

We have a leverage. We all can work together on this one."

"Orlando, this is the only way... Lucas has a valid point. And besides, where is our principal now?? "

Orlando takes his laptop and starts typing and makes few calls..

"No one knows... he vanished in air... "

"He was a key lead and now he is gone. How!!? " Watson pacing in frustration.

"Of course, it's all conspiracy. Someone very powerful is behind this.. " Lucas sighs and grabs a drink.

"We need to contact Rain soon... "


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