Crashing Into You Chapter 273: AND YOU BELONG TO ME...!


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"Ja Nin..."Lee Jin Ho had let go of her hands and looked at Tan Ja Nin with confused expression. 

Tan Ja Nin manually unlocked the car door and got off from Lee Jin Ho's car. She ran towards to her apartment. Lee Jin Ho's gaze followed her. 

Why does she became angry with him all of a sudden? 

He tried to analyze what had happened earlier. Everything that she said and he said.

'She's the kind of woman who will never judge you at first sight. Her thoughts were always innocent and pure.'

After that line, Tan Ja Nin has pouted and gave him a long face. 

Lee Jin Ho knitted his brows. 

Did she misunderstood what he said about Song Dei Si?

Did she thought that he said it because he still admires Song Dei Si? 

Was she jealous? 

He could not think of anything else aside from that reason. 

A sudden smile formed on his lips. 

He alighted at his car and rang the doorbell of Tan Ja Nin's apartment. 

Tan Ja Nin was still crying and heard Lee Jin Ho's voice. 

"Ja Nin... open the door please? I have something to say..." 

Tan Ja Nin sniffed. "I don't want to talk to you..."

"Ja Nin...please, I'm not gonna leave your door until you talk to me..." 

"If that's what you want then go ahead...!" 

Lee Jin Ho closed his eyes and trying his best not to lose his patience. 

Woman, why are you so hard to understand?

It seems that Tan Ja Nin won't be opening the door for him. 

Tan Ja Nin peeped on the door hole to see if Lee Jin Ho was still there because she didn't hear his voice anymore. 

But Lee Jin Ho was still there standing in front of her door. 

She sighed.

Then opened the door. 

Lee Jin Ho was stunned when the door has opened. 

"What do you want?" Tan Ja Nin asked.

"Can you please let me in?" He said because his legs were getting numb because he was standing at her doorstep for almost 4 hours now. 

And it was already past midnight. 

Tan Ja Nin moved to the side to give way to Lee Jin Ho. 

Lee Jin Ho entered and immediately sat on the sofa. 

Tan Ja Nin gave him a blank stare but did not move from the door after she closed it. 

"Come here." Lee Jin Ho said to her. 

Tan Ja Nin pouted

Was what he wanted to say?

"Aren't you moving? Come here!" Lee Jin Ho said and this time in a more authoritative way. 

Tan Ja Nin felt a chill down her spine and strode off to where Lee Jin Ho was seated. 

She sat beside him.

But with 1 meter away. 

"Come closer" 

Tan Ja Nin moved closer. What was he so overbearing. 

Lee Jin Ho faced her and held her chin and looked deeply in her eyes.

"Song Dei just a thing of a past to me...!" 

Tan Ja Nin was stunned. 

She didn't expect that Lee Jin Ho will be talking about her. 

"You're my present now..."

Tan Ja Nin could not help it. 

Her tears eventually fell from her cheeks again. 

"I don't mean anything when I said that Song Dei Si wasn't the kind of woman who will judge someone easily. I told it because it is the way she is. She's kind hearted and never been such a judgmental person..."

Lee Jin Ho looked at her tears and wiped it with his fingers. 

"I didn't say it because I still have feelings for her...the truth is I don't know my feelings anymore. But one thing I'm sure of, she will be someone who will always be especial to my heart no matter what..." 

Tan Ja Nin annoyingly swept his fingers away. 

Lee Jin Ho chuckled. "'re being jealous again!" 

"Who says I'm jealous?" 

"Aren't you?" 

Tan Ja Nin pouted. 

"Ja Nin, I've been inlove with Song Dei Si for so many years and never thought that I would be able to like someone else..."

Lee Jin Ho made a pregnant pause. 

"But you came unexpectedly..."

Tan Ja Ni bit the lower part of her lips and held her breath. She wanted to stop the tears from falling. She wanted to take back all her emotions so she will not feel the pain that was taken over her.


It was the same pain when Yan Mor Tee could not reciprocate her feelings.

But this time. Why does it feel like she could never get out from this?

That the pain that she's feeling right now would never go away?

It hurt so much because this time she was someone's rebound.

That Lee Jin Ho was only with her right now because he needed someone who can help him forget Song Dei Si.

At her expense. 

Was she really everyone's second best? 

"But you came.....and you turn my world upside down." Lee Jin Ho continued. 

"I never saw you as a sex object and will never thought of you that way. If I wanted sex, I can do that with any woman who will be willing to do it with me. But I don't want to it with anyone else. Didn't I promise you that your body will be the only one that I will touch?"

"Even Song Dei Si's?"

"I won't!"

"You won't because she wouldn't let you." 

Lee Jin Ho pinched the tip of her nose. Right! Because Song Dei Si belongs to Yan Mor Tee...and you belong to me..." 

Tan Ja Nin was stunned. 

What does he mean?

"Don't be angry anymore...and don't be jealous anymore.." Lee Jin Ho said and pulled her closer to his embrace. 

She wanted to get off from his embrace. 

But he tighten his embrace. 

In the end, Tan Ja Nin did not try to get away from it anymore as she let Lee Jin Ho held her like this. 

Because she's stupid. 

For loving the warmth of his embrace. 

And for being so easy. 

She's stupid.

Because she could not continue to be angry at him anymore. 

She's stupid.

Because she was letting herself to fall more deeply into him.

She's stupid.

Because she was digging her own grave!


Lee Jin Ho stayed at Tan Ja Nin's apartment that night. The next day, she woke up early because she needs to meet Director Yu for a possible project. She will have a breakfast meeting with him in one of the coffee shops at 7AM. The meeting was set early because it was the only time that the director was available. She didn't know anything about the possible project. It was just Manager Mo who informed her that Director Yu was interested to get her to play a part on the movie that he will be directing next month. She was excited. Everything is progressing on her career. 

This coming Friday, her first commercial will be aired at 8PM in the national television. It will be aired at the same time in all local channels. All this was made possible by the man who was lying on her bed. She looked at him and caressed his face. She didn't know if she will wake him up or let him sleep continously at her apartment. 

Last night, he stayed at her apartment and just sleep beside her. 

She thought that he only wanted to stay because he wanted to have sex with her. 

But he didn't.

He just slept into her bed and held her all though the night into his embrace. 

Now...she wanted to believe everything that he said to her last night. 

That he wasn't just a sex object for him. 

She wanted to believe that their relationship was more than that! 

She jumped off the bed and went to the kitchen to prepare for his breakfast.

So when he wakes up and feel hungry, he will have something to eat at her apartment. 

Before she left, she peeped on her bedroom door and looked at him while he was still sleeping. 

She never thought that she could be selfless like she was now because of him. 

She never thought that she could care for anyone like she was caring for him now. 

She never thought that she could still prepare his breakfast even if she only have a little time. 

She never thought that she could love someone more than she loves herself. 


Lee Jin Ho woke up at 7AM and the first thing that he did was to look for Tan Ja Nin. But when he opened his eyes, he could not see her and he was left alone at her bed. 

Was she still angry?

But didn't she fell asleep into his embrace last night?

He looked at his phone on the bedside table and was about to call her when he saw a note inserted at the lampshade. 

Lee Jin Ho,

I have an early meeting at 7AM today with Director Yu. I didn't wake you up. I have prepared your breakfast. You can eat before you leave.

Tan Ja Nin

Lee Jin Ho smiled. So she wasn't angry anymore. 

He pulled himself up and jumped off from the bed. 

He was happy. 

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