Crashing Into You Chapter 272: SHE’S STUPID


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Song Dei Si arrived at the cinema 10 minutes past 7 o'clock in the evening. He saw Yan Mor Tee patiently waiting near the entrace of Cinema 2. Even if she was still 10 meters away from him and there's a lot of crowd in the cinema, she could easily spot his towering figure. Her husband was really stand out from the crowd. He was still wearing a business suit and most of the people in the cinema were overpowered by his overbearing personality. He was looking somewhere and did not notice when she approached him. She hooked her hands around his arms and gave her a face like a tamed sheep. "You're not going to scold me right because I'm not that late. It's just 10 minutes passed our agreed time." 

Yan Mor Tee smiled at her. "I've waited for you like eternity at the Yan School Gate when we were in Highschool remember?"

Song Dei Si smiled at him. "Do we have tickets already?" 

"Yes, Young Madam. The movie will start at 7:40PM. 

She looked at the queue and it was so long. 

"Hmmm...why there's so many people tonight?"

"It is the opening day, I forgot!" Yan Mor Tee said apologetically. 

"Ohhh!" Song Dei Si pouted. 

"Let's claim our snacks now at the food counter." Yan Mor Tee said. 

"Okay, you go ahead and pick it up while I'll go and start queueing now." 

"Uhm. Please hold our tickets." Yan Mor Tee said and handed her the movie tickets. He went to the food counter to claim their snacks while Song Dei Si followed the last person on the line. 

They only dated for over a year when they were in Highschool until their first semester in the University. They both used to love going to movie houses on a date. So when they broke up, she never had a chance to watch movie again with him on the big screen. There were some few occasions when they were in Uni that they watched movie again together but with the whole gang. When they got married, they have watched movies together only once due to their busy schedules. So she really treasure a moment like this. She took a glance at Yan Mor Tee while he patiently queued to get their snacks. Who would have thought that a CEO from a huge company like Yan Enterprise will be falling in line just to make his wife's happy?

Before and now, Yan Mor Tee was the kind of guy who you will be proud to get into a relationship with. He was a doting boyfriend before. He is a doting husband to her now. 

"He really look like a celebrity." 

"No, he is more than husband than out local celebrities here."

"I wonder if he already has a girlfriend now."

"Yeah, I think he has. Look, he is carrying one big popcorn and two soda, that means he is with someone else." 

Song Dei Si overheard the two ladies who were chatting in front of her. 

Who were they talking about? 

She followed thier gaze and saw that they were looking at the food counter. 

Could it be?

"Oh no, he is walking towards our direction." 

"Yeah and he is more handsome at a close distance.

"Wait..." Before the girl could start talking again she was stunned when Yan Mor Tee smiled at the woman who was standing at their back. 

"Here you go, wifey!" 


The two girls were stunned.

She could not help but curled up a smile. 

"Thanks, hubby!" She took one soda from his hand. 

She looked at the two girls who were still in state of shock because they were quite embarrassed. They knew that she heard everything that they have said about her husband. 

But this wasn't just the first time that she heard girls talking about her husband and swooning over him. 

She looked at Yan Mor Tee and got mixed emotions. She didn't if it really great to have an oozingly handsome like Yan Mor Ter or not!

She looked at her husband and it seems that he was never bothered. He was oblivious to his sorroundings that girls were swooning over him. Because he could only see one girl from the crowd. His gaze has always been set to her.

Sometimes she really wonder what Yan Mor Tee has saw in her? 

But everytime she asked him what he saw in her, he will just told her that he didn't know either. 

He just fell and could not get away from it. 


Lee Jin Ho was looking at the woman across the dining table. 

"You okay?" He asked. Tan Ja Nin was surprisingly quiet since she bumped into Song Dei Si. 

"I am worried." She said and looked at Lee Ji Ho's handsome face. 

"Worried of what?" He asked. 

"Song Dei Si..."


"Do you think she had thought that there's something between us when she saw us?" 

"Hmmm...." Lee Jin Ho momentarily fell silent and thought of Song Dei Si's expression earlier. 

"I don't think so. She doesn't look stunned when she saw that were together." 

So he also noticed it too. 

"Don't you think it's quite strange that she wasn't surprised?" 

Lee Jin Ho smiled and pinched her cheeks "She's Song Dei Si."

"What do you mean?" Tan Ja Nin knitted her brows.

"She's the kind of woman who will never judge you at first sight. Her thoughts were always innocent and pure." 

Tan Ja Nin pouted. She sported a long face.

She almost forgot that the man in front of him was head over heels with Song Dei Si. 

That for him, Song Dei Si was the only innocent and pure soul in the whole universe.

"What's with the long face?" Lee Jin Ho asked when he noticed it.

She did not answer him. Lee Jin Ho tried to have a conversation with her but she ignored him the whole dinner. She only talked to him after their dinner and when she was already sitting at the passenger seat of Lee Jin Ho's car.

"I'm not staying overnight at your pad."

Lee Jin Ho who has started the engine and started driving off suddenly stepped on the break. 

"Why?" He asked. 

"I don't want to sleep in your pad tonight. Bring me home to my apartment." Tan Ja Nin voice was angry. 

Lee Jin Ho frowned. Didn't she already agree that she will sleep in his pad tonight. 

He has been missing her and would want to sleep next to her and wrap her into his embrace.

But before he could speak, Tan Ja Nin spoke again. "Also, why do you want me to sleep at your pad tonight? Is it because you wanted to have sex with me? What am I to you? A sex object?!" Tan Ja Nin was fusing in anger. 

Lee Jin Ho was stunned. What did she eat tonight? 

Why was she talking non-sense?

"Well, I really wanted to make love to you..." 

"See that's all yoi wanted from me!" Tan Ja Nin said and suddenly burst into tears. 

"Hey...!" Lee Jin Ho suddenly panicked. 

What's wrong with her? Why she suddenly acting like this. 

"Start the car now and bring me to my apartment." 

Before Lee Jin could reply he heard a car honked. He looked at the rear view mirror and saw that there was a car behind then he started driving. 

Tan Ja Nin was still sobbing until they reached her apartment. She was about to alight from his car when he held her hand and stopped her. 

"Can we talk first? I didn't know why you suddenly went into rage." Lee Jin Ho said. He was never into a relationship before and he didn't know how to appease her. He did not know what he did wrong, but he doesn't want to part with her on this state. He could not bear to sleep tonight knowing that Tan Ja Nin was mad at him for the reason that he did not knoe. 

Tan Ja Nin looked at Lee Jin Ho. She realized that was acting strangely tonight. She also could not understand why all of sudden she turned into a pit of rage. 

"Do you still love her?" She asked.

Lee Jin Ho fell silent. He only loved one girl before. He don't have to ask Tan Ja Nin who was she pertaining to. 

And he could not answer her. 

He didn't know his own feeling anymore. 

He had loved Song Dei Si for such a long time and he could not deny the fact that he will always be especial to him no matter what. 


"Let me go..." Tan Ja Nin voice trembled. Lee Jin Ho could not answer her because he hasn't forgotten Song Dei Si yet...

How stupid she was for thinking that Lee Jin Ho has already forgotten Song Dei Si because of the nights that the two of them has romped in bed? Why would she thought that he has started to like her by the way she called out her name when he was in total satisfaction while they were making out? 

How could she forgot that sex and love were two different things? 

She's stupid. 

She's jealous.

She has really falling in love with him.

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