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She sighed. She has been taking medication for almost 5 months now. Even if she doesn't want to feel any pressure, the more she didn't conceive... the more she was getting afraid. That fear that she will be not able to conceive anymore. 

Her heart almost jumped out from her chest when her phone rang. When she looked at the caller ID. It was Ho Min Lin


"Dei Si, are you at the Yan High School right now?" Ho Min Lin asked Song Dei Si when she answered the call.

"Nope, I didn't report today. Why?" Song Dei Si asked. 

"I am around the area right now, and have thought that we can have coffee after your office hour." said Ho Min, there was a bit of disappointment on her voice.

"What are you doing there?" Song Dei Si asked. Her office was 15 kilometers away from Yan High School.

"I had a meeting with client in one of the restaurants here" Ho Min Lin answered.

"Wow, you're so hard working! Aren't you tired from the last weekend event?" 

"Actually, I am still feeling lethargic right now. I just couldn't believe that I am now engaged with Tan Ji Nan." Said Ho Min Lin and Song Dei Si could feel the happiness on her voice.

"So when are you planning to have the wedding ceremony?" She excitedly asked. 

"There's no final date yet but we're looking at the end of September"

"So that would be two months from now!" Song Dei Si exclaimed.

"Uhm" Ho Min Lin answered."Both families will going to have dinner tomorrow to discuss the wedding plans.."

"I'm so happy for you, Min Lin, Too bad, I didn't experience having a wedding ceremony..." she said, she could not help but felt a bit sad.

"Does your husband doesn't really have any plans?" Ho Min Lin asked, she felt bad too for Song Dei Si, every woman deserves a grandeur wedding.

" We haven't discussed it yet." Song Dei Si answered honestly "But that should be okay, the most important thing is I am his wife now and to be honest I haven't thought of it as well." 

"Hmp! Your husband didn't know how to make his wife happy." Ho Min Lin snorted "Why didn't you go to your mother-in-law office today?"

"I got some sleep this afternoon since I woke up at 5AM today to prepare my husband's breakfast!"

Ho Min Lin pouted. "Do I have to wake up early too just to prepare Tan Ji Nan's breakfast after we got married?" 

Song Dei Si laughed. She was aware that Ho Min Lin wasn't a morning person, and the earliest time that she could get out from the bed was 6 o'clock in the morning and that was her best effort.

"It depends, Yan Mor Tee usually go to the office as early as 7AM so I need to make sure that he had his breakfast before he leaves. If Tan Ji Nan working hours is around 9AM, so you don't have to wake up as early as 5AM. Also, your helper can prepare for his breakfast by the way!" 

"No. I also wanted to be a doting wifey to him, so I will be preparing his breakfast too no matter what time he leaves for work"

"Woah! Is that really you Ho Min Lin?" Song Dei Si chuckled. 

"Didn't everyone say that the best way to a man's heart is through his stomach?" 

"But you are already in Tan Ji Nan's heart." she scoffed. 

"I wanted to live in his heart forever" Ho Min Lin chuckled. 

"But you don't know how cook anything!"

"Right, so you have to teach me." said Ho Min Lin.

"I'm busy!" she said trying to annoy her. 

"Dei Si!" 

She laughed "Okay, let's meet this weekend so I can teach you some basic breakfast meal"

"You're the best friend ever!" 

"I know!" 

"Oh wait, Did you get some good pictures from Pulongsea during the proposal? I haven't posted anything yet in my Weibo account" said Ho Min Lin.

"I have not taken any pictures during the proposal because I was so into that moment. I know Tan Ji Nan hired a professional photographer to cover the event." 

"Really?!" Ho Min Lin felt excited. 

"Yeah, you may ask Ji Nan about it!" 

"Okay! I'm excited to post something on Weibo!" 

Song Dei Si smiled. Her best friend really love to post something in social media. While she was not so fond about it. If you will look at her page, no one would love to follow her because her page was boring. 

"I need to hang up now. I have a movie date with my husband later." 

"Wow, so Young Master Yan really find time to treat you on a movie date despite of his busy schedule." 

"Are you envious?" Song Dei Si teased her.

"Sort of. Tan Ji Nan is so busy that sometimes, I am the one who need to adjust and went out on my way just to see him..."

"Don't worry, once you live together, you'll always see each other to the point that you starting to get annoyed seeing his face everyday!" 

Ho Min Lin laughed. "Should I tell Yan Mor Tee that his face is quite annoying now"

Song Dei Si laughed too "I'm just kidding! We're still at our honeymoon stage tho."

Ho Min Lin face flushed because she suddenly remember what happened between her and Tan Ji Nan on their second night at Pulongsea. She almost gave her first time to him. 

"Min Lin..." Song Dei Si uttered when she didn't hear anything from the other line.

"I'm still here. I won't take much of your time anymore because I know that you're pretty much excited on your movie date with Yan Mor Tee." 

"Uhm. Share with me the updates on your wedding."

"Sure!" Ho Min Lin said.

"Bye now!"



Song Dei Si felt so excited while she's on her way to the Q-Mall. She did not bring her car and just rode in a cab on the way there since Yan Mor Tee has brought his own car and so they can go home together. 

It was almost 7PM when she reached the entrance of the Q-Mall. While she was in the cab earlier, Yan Mor Tee told her that he was already at the cinema area. It was around 6:30 in the evening when he called. So he was for her for almost 30 minutes now. She strode off to the cinema and was accidentally bumped into someone on the way there. 

She was about to apologize to the woman that she got bumped into but was stunned when she saw that it was Tan Ja Nin. 

"Tan Ja Nin!"

"Song Dei Si!" 

Tan Ja Nin's face almost went pale when she saw Song Dei Si, especially when her gaze shifted to the person she was with that time. 

"Lee Jin Ho..." Song Dei Si uttered. 

Lee Jin Ho smiled at her. "Song Dei Si, what are you doing here?" 

Tan Ja Nin could not believe what she just saw. Lee Jin Ho was so composed and doesn't even have a hint of awkwardness that Song Dei Si saw them. 

Was it because he was so happy to see Song Dei Si again?

Her heart felt a sudden pain with that thoughts.

"I'll be watching a movie with Yan Mor Tee and I'm on my way there now..."

"I see..." Lee Jin Ho said.

"I'm sorry but I am such in a hurry and won't be able chat with you guys anymore. My husband is waiting for me at the cinema since 6:30 and he must be furious now." Song Dei Si looked at Tan Ja Nin. 

"No worries!" Said Tan Ja Nin, it was beneficial to her that Song Dei Si was in a hurry situation that she don't to explain to her why she was with Lee Jin Ho at that moment. 

But why does it seems like Song Dei Si weren't surprised when she saw Lee Jin Ho earlier.

Well...maybe because he was just standing next to her. Good thing he didn't held her hands nor place his long arms around her shoulder when she bumped into Song Dei Si. 

Yeah, that must be it. Song Dei Si wasn't petty to think that there was something between her and Lee Jin Ho. Wasn't it normal that you hang out with your friend?

Yes, maybe that's what Song Dei Si thought when she saw them. 

Ahhh... was she trying to convince herself that Song Dei Si didn't put any meaning into the scenario that she was with Lee Jin Ho? 

"Hey, you okay?!" Lee Jin Ho asked when he noticed that Tan Ja Nin was oblivious to her surroundings. 

"Yeah, I just suddenly remember that I have an early appoitment tomorrow for a potential project" she said. 

"Okay, let's have some dinner now so we can go home early." 

Tan Ja Nin nodded.

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