Cool I got Super Powers and all, But I don“t think I deserve them Chapter 29: The Never-Ending Night; MAX level, To Siege A Hear


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The doors slid open with a smooth *SWISH*, as a bell rang, signaling that someone had passed through the ring bell system set up in the store.

As Kori walked out with his newly bought Grape juice, the shop attendant thanked him for his patronage and asked him to come again some other time.

Kori responded with a polite bow when he was outside and witnessed the sliding doors retract with the same smooth sound as before.

Kori turned around again and noticed the switch of location for the teenagers, who were now standing a couple of meters to the right of him, at the entrance of a side-street.

Before Kori had the chance to reject them a chance to approach by turning away and walking away from them, the black-haired teenager, named Kappu held out his hand in the air and said

"Hey, are you Kori Hanesawa?"

Kori, not knowing better, nodded slowly and responded

"Yes, I am. Who are you?"

Kappu chuckled and elbowed his friend lightly as he whispered to him

"I told you it was him, what should we do?"

Kori stood still, staring at the group of 3 in confusion as they whispered amongst themselves.

The recipient of Kappu's question, a 17-year-old with white hair, tired blue eyes and a bored facial expression said

"I don't know…

Don't tell me you want to actually do something with him."

Kappu smiled devilishly

"Come on, it'll be fun. He took care of my friend Nouran, so how about we take care of him?"

The violet-haired 16-year old boy diagonal to Kappu responded with the same smile, only slightly more irritated as he said

"Yeah, let's pay our friend back. We can't let something like that slide, can we?"

The white-haired boy, named Oroku, shrugged carelessly and said

"Do what you want, I really don't care enough to go to such lengths like that. I'll be going home then, see you at school tomorrow."

The violet-haired boy, named Iruumu sighed heavily as he said

"Come on, don't be so boring Oroku! I swear, you're always like this."

Oroku just shook his head quietly as he escaped the scene, thinking to himself

-I don't have the energy to deal with something bothersome like this.

Stuff like this doesn't compel me to waste energy, I'll save up all the energy needed until something major happens to me.

I know that I will need all the energy I need when something like that happens, something that'll finally interest me.-

Like that, Oroku walked away, having made one of the more cleverer decisions of his life.

Kori still hadn't really understood what the implications of what just happened meant for him. He had pushed under his anger for him to act like a civilized person in front of the cashier and this group of teenagers, and with that anger, his analytical ability and common sense went with it: Meaning that Kori was completely clueless at that moment.

After a deeply irritated sigh, Iruumu redirected his reflective orange eyes towards the rather normal-looking boy staring cluelessly at them, and said

"Yo, little Kori. How about you come here with your seniors for a little bit, we'll play with you for a bit."

Kori, staring into the dark void behind the teenagers, nodded slowly as he slurped a bit on his grape juice.


Eerily quiet, the only thing heard was the footsteps of the teenagers grinding against concrete and the occasional stone, adding an extra crisp sound into the mix.

None of the obnoxious, but reassuring, signs could be clearly seen in the small alley they had arrived at. The only clear light came from the moon, weak apartment lighting and the subtle colors from those neon signs seeping into the street behind them.

Kori suddenly stopped as they stood a couple of meters from the entrance to the alley.

He said

"Where are we going? What are we even doing?"

The anger that he had tried hard to suppress was slowly but surely returning to him, and along with that came the common sense.

Kappu laughed ominously as he grabbed the shoulder of Kori Hanesawa.

"I didn't expect the kid who beat up my dear friend Nouran to be such a dummy as to follow a couple of strangers into a dark alleyway. Right, Kori Hanesawa?"

Kappu was close enough for Kori to be able to smell his breath, it reeked of beer.

But that wasn't the only thing that disturbed Kori, he also reacted to the inclusion of his last name.

The last name originating from his now-deceased father.

Kori didn't want to be associated with such a traitor in any way, it was bad enough having to be the offspring of him.

He menacingly twisted his body slightly towards Kappu and threw off his hands off of his shoulder.

Staring deeply into Kappu's confused eyes with his bewildered pair of eyes, Kori angrily said

"Get your dirty hands off of me, and don't you dare call me by that name."

Kappu made an intrigued face as Kori did exactly as he expected, and wanted.

With a long and smug smile, Kappu said

"What do you mean, can't I call you Kori? What's so wrong with that?"

Kori had broken the unwritten law of giving a bully a reaction, the goal most bullies were reaching for.

Kori squeezed his hand tightly as he thought

-Why must everybody bully me? What do they want from me? Why do they do it? Are these people just trash with no future, or misguided people? All of these people are out here actively trying to make my life worse! I'm sick of these scum!

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I don't care anymore where they come from,

what their goals are in life,

who they admire,

or what their reason for doing this is!

I don't care!-

Before Kori had the chance to do anything, a heavy blow landed right on Kori's stomach.

Out of his mouth, a purple-colored liquid spilled down onto the ground.

The usually innocent drink of Grape juice was now associated with assault as it laid on the ground as a testimony to the hit that was dealt.

Kori slowly lost grip off of the Grape juice box in his hand, and it dropped to the floor dramatically.

Kori shifted his look slightly, to make eye contact with the lost box.

As he stared at it longingly, memories of his past and the joy he had experienced then flooded him.

Iruumu laughed loudly as he held his stomach, and said

"Look at this kid! He's looking at that juice box like a 5-year old would look at wasted ice cream! What a child! You're supposed to be like 10, dude!"

Kappu joined in on the laughter when he understood what Iruumu was referring to.

Kori just sighed for several seconds, drawing the attention of the two boys and introducing a serious mood.

Kori looked up, and straight into the eyes of Iruumu, as he wiped the excess grape juice from his mouth.

The cold and vengeful glare made Iruumu freeze into his place. He instantly questioned why he got intimidated by an 11-year old and thought

- What am I doing, getting intimidated by a damn 10-year-old!? It's fine, we'll just play around a bit and leave, like always. There's nothing wrong with that, right? We're just playing around, after all. Besides, this kid deserves it for beating up Nouran, right?


Kori the shot a smile as he whispered to himself

"Level 2.0"

Iruumu found himself confused when he saw Kori dash insanely fast towards him, almost phasing through the air towards him.

Kori arrived at his location and prepared a punch as he said

"I'm not 10, I'm 11, you BASTARD!



Kori's fist made fierce contact with Iruumu's cheek as it twisted itself in the direction the punch was thrown. The blue liquid materialized and Iruumu felt the quick and burning pain as he was thrown back against the garbage can behind him.

Iruumu didn't understand a single thing about what had just happened, he started questioning if he had perhaps drunk a bit too much that night. Kori looked back at Kappu, who shared the same thoughts as Iruumu.

As the two delinquent teenagers thought about the logic in the situation, Kori pressed the 'ability-upgrade' button again.

Because of the way Kori had received his powers, all of his core powers had already been upgraded to level 1. He looked through the list quickly and noticed that there were different 'level' powers, going from 'level 2.0' up to 'MAX level, Castle in the Sky' and 'MAX level, To Siege a Heart' attached with the note 'Please progress through the levels accordingly.'.

Kori understood that to mean that he had to count through the levels, instead of just skipping to the level he wanted to instantly. Maybe something would happen if he directly skipped to one of the levels, and he was very curious to test that theory out. But playing around with some weird powers that he didn't know anything about didn't seem like a good idea to him, the potential consequences to it could be devastating. Another question he formed on the spot as he looked at the list was why there even were 'levels'. Was the whole power system supposed to resemble the power-ups seen in different types of entertainment, like anime and manga? To make 'life' more interesting? Or was there some sort of consequence to leveling up too high? To answer that, he'd have to know what the powers actually were and where they came from. So Kori couldn't come to a conclusion at that time.

He looked away from the sheet of abilities, which automatically closed upon doing so, and decided to finish his business.

He could already feel the amoral joy arising from the battle he was in. The tingling excitement sent his heart through several layers of happiness, and forced a smile to form.

Kori turned around to the still-confused Kappu.

Kappu felt like a failed commander at that moment, he had overestimated his team's abilities and led them into an unwinnable battle, ultimately deciding their fate.

And like a commander overwhelmed by an opponent, he looked at the distant, yet so close, Kori Hanesawa with fearful eyes. He didn't know if it was worth it to make a run for it, and leave his fallen soldier behind. He quickly checked the open and welcoming road that led to freedom. He slowly took a step back, since the sight was so inviting and made him act out of pure desire.

But he snapped his back to the approaching Kori, who was slowly walking towards him: Almost like he left Kappu with the option of escaping.

Being pressured mentally, Kappu's mind was racing at a pace he had never witnessed before. He was unsure, even as Kori drew closer to him, but a final sight at his life-long friend Iruumu made his mind up as he took a sort of responsibility for his actions. Something he'd never done before in his life, and the refreshing feeling he got from it made him content with his decision. Even though he was about to get punched into oblivion.

Kori placed himself in front of the taller teenager and looked up at him with a smile. The chaotic expression held by Kappu really made Kori excited for the following moments. Before he started doing his thing, Kori said

"Thanks, think of this as a win-win situation. I get to have some fun, and you get to save face by not fleeing like a coward. But, this wouldn't be nearly as fun if I just sent you flying. So, I want you to fight me with all you've got."

Kappu just looked down at the clearly smaller Kori and regained some of his previous cockiness through it.

He thought

- He's just some kid, isn't he? I must've drunk too much tonight, there's no way this kid beat up Iruumu that quickly. I'll win easily, surely.

Although, the aura this kid has isn't normal...-

Kappu brightened up once again and raised his fists into a guard and stared at the kid with a bowl cut menacingly.

That same kid smiled back and prepared a fist.

He bent down and seemed to be thinking about what to do.

Kappu chuckled quickly and took advantage of the situation to make the first strike.

He witnessed his own fist fly through the air with furious speed against the undefended head of Kori Hanesawa.

But something made a quick disruption in what was sure to be a heavy strike against Kori. Kappu suddenly noticed another fist ascend towards his own head, and it was quicker than his own punch.

At the rate it was going, the newly shot punch was sure to hit before his own.

But he was unable to dodge the oncoming punch because he had thrown his own punch, and he had already gained enough momentum for him to be unable to stop himself. And to ensure a complete victory, Kori also tilted his head to avoid all chances of the punch connecting.

After Kappu had barely understood what was going on, the uppercut already connected with his chin and his body started to lift from the ground. At the same time, he could feel some inexplicable liquid surrounding his chin and jaw. The liquid was hot and made his jaw hurt.

He was already midair when Kappu realized that he had already lost the battle, not even having the chance to win from the start.

The utter despair from the realization drained him from all color. His usually cocky and confident demeanor had now changed to a quiet and sad shell, as he almost floated in the air.

Kori commented to himself on the ground, saying

"So that's the 'Affection of a Geyser' ability, huh. Let's see, oh, 'level 3.0' lets me stay in the air a bit longer, interesting. Let's try it. And I guess I'll use that ability with it."

He then proceeded to shout

"LEVEL 3.0!"

The aura intensified once again.

Kori pulled back his leg and jumped up into the air, prepared to further his assaults against Kappu.

He launched his leg forward with vigor and right before it made a connection with Kappu's left shoulder, Kori shouted

"The Fall of Baza!"

It connected, once again.

Kappu was instantly launched to his right, following the momentum of the kick he just took. This time, the liquid that had connected solidified and made a much harder impact on him.

Whilst in the air, Kori said to himself

"So the blue liquid thing can spawn in other places as well… I wonder how it knows, since I'm not controlling it at all. Let's see if I can find some ability to help me propel myself or something."

He quickly looked through the list and stopped his eyes at one ability that caught his eye, he said

"It has 'icicle' in its name, so it probably spawns icicles or something. I wonder if I can..."

He shouted, again


As he had predicted, the ability summoned three icicles on the top of his fist, pointing outwards.

Kori then turned around, in the air, and aimed his hand at the building in front of him. He shouted


Also like he had speculated, the icicles shot out of his hand and towards the building. But there was one side effect he hadn't expected out of it,


-That hurt so much! WHAT!? Why? Are these so powerful that they need some sort of balancing? Either way, I never want to use them again like that. That was the most painful thing ever!-

The goal had succeeded though, because he properly propelled himself towards his target, who was still in the air.

He caught up with Kappu and matched the speed at one point with him, where Kappu got to see the scariest thing he'd ever see.

The sadistic smile of an 11-year old boy, gleaming with such joy in what should've been a bleak and immoral moment.

Kori said

"We should probably end this as soon as possible. Let me try one of the more powerful attacks. I guess I have to level up properly, as the note told me to."

Kappu had no idea of what Kori was going on about, but it didn't sit well with him. Something told him that he was about to witness something that would blow the other attacks out of the water.

"Level 4.0

MAX level, To Siege A Heart."

Each level came with an increasingly tougher aura, making it hard to breathe due to its strength.

Kori once again looked at the list and picked an ability that seemed interesting to him. He charged his fist again and yelled

"The New Inquisition!"

The blue liquid spawned all around his fist, completely covering it. The punch landed right on Kappu's chest, following them as they fell to the ground.

After they had fallen a bit, Kori completed the swing and threw Kappu towards the ground with his fist.

The pain was unparalleled to anything Kappu had felt before, even though he had been in the world of boxing for a long time. Through all of the jabs, hooks, uppercuts, Gazelle punches and White Fangs, nothing had ever come anywhere close to the punch he just took.

The sheer impact of the hit forced all of the air in his lungs out, leaving him gasping desperately for air as he flew towards the ground. A burning pain sent waves from the place of impact to the other parts of his body, feeling like he had gotten electrocuted.

But the worst part hadn't come just yet, because the impact with the ground hadn't been made yet and Kappu was completely unaware of when he would be hit with one of the worst pains of his life. His mind was already busy enough, trying to deal with the hit he'd just taken, but the biggest hit, to both his body and mind, hadn't been made just yet.

Just as Kappu took a breath of air, to fill his lungs again, and he looked at the beautiful sky above him with squinting eyes and a half-unconscious mind, suddenly


Kappu barely had the chance to even feel the pain before he lost consciousness immediately upon impact.

His body bent itself upwards in an attempt to recover but just flopped onto the ground. Kori decided to try out another tactic upon taking one last look at the ability list.

He reached out his right arm, which was around 10 meters from the ground, and yelled


Which shot out a beam-like stream of water out of his hand, helping him with his landing.

When he landed on the ground, safely, he quickly started to feel the consequences of his power usage.

He felt thirsty, hungry and most noticeably of all, extremely tired.

It wasn't just the weariness from staying up late, it was much more extreme than that. Kori understood why there were levels in his power at that point, and as he stared at the unconscious body of Kappu, he thought to himself

- That was fun, but maybe a bit too violent. I don't know about Iruumu, but Kappu's definitely going to have to stay at a hospital after this.

Maybe I shouldn't fight after all…

Or I could set up some rules for myself.

Like, I'm never going to hospitalize, or kill, someone over a fight.

It's not that I care or believe in that rotten father's beliefs, it's just that I don't think I would be able to face my mother if I ever did that.

I'll let this time slide because they were asking for it. But I will NEVER do anything like this in the future.

That's right, this is just like any other hobby. I'm just doing it to entertain myself. There's nothing wrong with that, granted that I don't kill or permanently injure them. I wonder how many strong people there are out there, ready for me to battle.

Oh, this is bad, I'm getting excited now!-

With that planned out, Kori left the victims of his attack there and went home and finally slept.

He later woke up with remorse for his anger-filled actions, but with a grin as to celebrate his newfound hobby.

The strange-looking boy Kori Hanesawa was now, for the first time, excited for school and the shenanigans that could follow.


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