Cool I got Super Powers and all, But I don“t think I deserve them Chapter 27: The Never-Ending Night; Level 4.0


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"s-smoke? What the---" Kori said while he looked around, only being able to see the pink smoke covering everything.

-Did they really go as far as to start using weapons against me?-

Kori wondered as he stared blankly at the smoke

-Why would they do something like that? What is wrong with them, or what is wrong with me?

Am I that big of a problem, what did I do wrong?

All I did was mind my own business, alone every day trying my best to study.

I was all alone since I couldn't make any friends after my first freakout.

Everybody ostracised me and left me alone, and then my father died and now these guys are mocking me for it? For something I had no control over!? For something that devastated me!?

These guys!



Even though Kori had just managed to calm down thanks to the major distraction that the smoke had caused, another rage was brewing quickly within him. He quickly looked at the weird icons that had appeared in the corners of his vision and glanced over the bottom-left one first, with the title "Ability-upgrade". In the midst of another rage, he pressed the button and read a list of his abilities, and clicked on the 'level 2.0' and read the description to the ability.

Upon finishing reading, he heard 3 confused boys slowly back up a bit because of the smoke that had appeared in front of them.

Had Kori been in a clear mind and not in the middle of a rage fit, he would've been able to connect the dots between the newly-appeared buttons and the smoke. But, at that moment, Kori was in a fit of rage more intense than he had felt in a long, long time. For some reason, the thought of his bullies using some kind of weapon against him enraged him to the verge of bloodthirst. But that rage was also majorly comprised of a suppressed angst, sadness and anger from the death of his father. All released in one go because of a single trigger.

Bravely and recklessly, Kori walked through the smoke to the other side, where three scared boys watched Kori Hanesawa calmly and angrily walk towards them.


Kori walked a couple of meters forward and suddenly stopped.

Takashi took the initiative and pointed violently while shouting

"What the hell did you do, Kori!? Why is there smoke here!?"

Kori just looked at Takashi with bewildered eyes filled with rage and bared his fangs at him. One second later, Kori was right in front of Takashi and he grabbed his entire jaw with one hand and said to his face

"Don't even try to play dumb, you absolute idiot!"

He then pushed his hand forward, creating momentum towards the floor. Kori then activated, while Takashi was rotating in the air, 'Blue Reconquista'. Which increased Kori's power, speed and spawned the mysterious blue liquid in his palm and fingers. Kori then drove his whole arm forward and down with all of his strength, which resulted in Takashi slamming against the chair in front of him, with his upper back making the first impact against the seating area of the chair.

*Creek Creek*

The pain came like a shot of electricity racing through his entire body, making his entire existence shiver in fear and practically made his eye sockets completely white.

The two other boys stared at their unconscious friend with a deep fear and reluctance. They looked at each other briefly as they debated internally about what to do, both decided to do the smartest decision and turned around to run away.

"Abandoning your friend, huh? NOT ON MY WATCH, SCUM!"

The tone alone made the boys fear for their lives as they could feel a hateful soul behind them.


Kori only managed to kick one of the boys in the ass, who promptly fell to his knees. But he was quickly up again and continued running out of the classroom. Kori decided against chasing him, because that would mean he had to leave behind the main culprit of this incident, Takashi Uesugimoto. Kori turned around again and approached the demoralized middle-schooler.

At this point, Takashi looked like he was about done with everything. But Kori did not have the same feeling about the situation, instead, he just went up to the defeated Takashi and hoisted his hair up while saying

"What was that you said earlier about my family?"

Takashi barely had enough energy to respond to Kori, but managed to push out

"N-Nothing, I didn't say anything..."

Kori scuffed shortly after responding

"Yeah, right"

He then grabbed Takashi's hair again and threw him onto the floor, on a spot in front of him. Kori then said

"Stand up, we're fighting again."

Takashi froze up and said while staring at the floor in shock and pain

"Please no, I'm sorry. I didn't mean it..."

Kori then said

"I don't care if you're sorry, I want you to stand up and fight me again. Otherwise, I'll just come there and kick you instead."

Takashi shed a single and lonely tear as he stood up again slowly. Struggling immensely whilst trying, the tears increased the more straight he got.

Until he was standing completely, with the tears flooding down his already beat-up face. The tears made talking a bit difficult, but he managed to say

"I'm sorry, Kori! I'm sorry! I didn't mean it! I didn't!"

Kori just looked at him in silence as he brought up to two fingers to signal him to come at him.

Takashi quickly sniffled as he swallowed a gulp of tears and charged against his opponent.

But he was not the same as earlier when he charged against the same normal-looking boy. He was now slow and sloppy, stumbling as he sprinted slowly against Kori Hanesawa. Not only that, but the thick and nauseating aura that the target displayed disoriented him as he charged.

Takashi raised his right arm in a pitiful attempt to attack.

Kori, with the same hateful eyes at display, smiled smugly as he quickly knocked Takashi's right arm out of the way and then quickly threw a punch towards Takashi.

"Blue Reconquista!"

The room echoed in horror as Takashi realized what his immediate future would look like. He felt the devastating pain only a fraction of a second after the attack name had bounced around the room.

*Creek Creek Creek*

The punch made a straight connection with Takashi's solar plexus and he immediately lost all of his breathing as it all was forced out of him. He fell over to the ground as he panted desperately to regain his breath.

Takashi then said, barely audible under his heavy breathing

"Please forgive me. Let me go, Kori! I DIDN'T MEAN ANYTHING!"

Kori took a step forward and looked down on the lying Takashi Uesugimoto and said

"For the past year, you've done nothing but torment me at school."

Takashi responded

"I'm sorry."

"You've made fun of everything!

Everything that I own,

Everything I want,

Everything I draw inspiration from,

Everything and everyone related to me!


Kori started listing the major components of his anger towards Takashi, each listing resulting in a kick against Takashi's back.

Takashi shrivelled up in a fetus-like position to protect himself from the kicks.

As the kicks progressed, the tears started pouring more and more down Takashi's cheeks as he thought about his past actions inside his head. He never considered the things he did towards Kori as bullying, just a bit of teasing. He never considered himself a bully, but from what Kori was insinuating: That seemed to be the case.

Had Takashi, the once-innocent boy who only wished for more attention, become a bully; Someone who torments others for self-gain?

As the kicks continued, Takashi seemed to get closer and closer to the uncomfortable truth of his so-called 'teasing'. Until he finally arrived at the final thought of him bullying another person, making their life a lot harder for no other reason than self-amusement.

Takashi's mind paused for a second as it processed the newly-found information.

And like a tonne of bricks falling onto his head, Takashi suddenly comprehended what he had done and the sense of guilt weighed heavily on his heart when he thought about it.

And like a dam breaking, the shield Takashi had put around his heart that labeled what he did as 'teasing' broke instantly, and like water that pours when a dam breaks, the tears flooded like never before.

A completely new sensation for Takashi was felt.

Takashi looked very briefly at Kori Hanesawa, the one kicking him at that moment, and was reminded of the person he had tormented.

Was this the just punishment that a bully was to be put through?

Takashi thought to himself that maybe this was the appropriate punishment for what he had done, maybe this was what he deserved after what he had done.

But he didn't want to think that this was the justice that he had to be put through, wasn't there a better way of resolving things? Did he have to be put through the cold and ruthless method of brute violence to meet the requirements of being purified? Wasn't there any better method of doing things?

Takashi didn't have a say in the situation though, as Kori was the one in power at that moment, and he decided to continue his barrage of attacks.

Takashi slammed his hand against the floor as he said

"I'm sorry!

Please stop! I didn't mean to hurt you like I apparently did, I was just trying to tease you! Aren't you a bit harsh on me? I'm sorry for the loss of your father, but am I really the victim to unleash that anger upon?"

*Creek Creek Creek*

The words furthered Kori's anger as he stared at Takashi's back, he got so angry to the point where he wanted to see the face his victim was making. He stopped the kicking for a moment as Takashi rolled over.

His face was a complete mess, detailed with blood from his mouth, tears chaotically dripping down his cheeks and sweat that made a mess of his hair and forehead.

Kori instantly stopped in his tracks completely, his emotions doing a complete reset. The beast-like eyes thirsting for revenge and blood transformed into eyes heavy with regret and sorrow. The sight of his classmate lying with a tragic spirit made Kori instantly snap back into a level-headed mode where he was aware of his actions once again.

- It happened again, I did it again…

I… can't believe it, I went into a blind rage again.

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But this is the worst one so far.

Earlier, they would just last a couple of seconds. But this time, I went all the way.-

A single sad look pierced through Takashi as he started wondering what Kori was doing. He looked in confusion as he stared at Kori's face.

-Is… he sad?

Why, why would he be sad? He was angry just a couple of moments ago, but now he's looking at me with a pitiful face.

Did he react to what I said? But that's not true, because he got even angrier when I said that. So…

Wait, that's about to...-

Kori slowly said

"I'm sorry fo----------"

but got interrupted by a loud event

*Creak Crea---------------- Fshuuuuuuuuuuuu


Kori fell to the ground as the bookshelf that had gone undone fell to his head. His hasty apology came to an end as he fell to the floor, unconscious. Takashi stared dumbfoundedly at the unconscious boy. He stood up, barely, and managed to walk up to Kori and lift the bookshelf out of the way. He then made sure Kori was still alive by checking his pulse, which he was. Takashi breathed a sigh of relief and decided to get out of there. At this time, there was barely anybody left at school. So, Takashi would have to manage to get to a bathroom so he could wash everything off without anybody finding him out.

Quietly, Takashi snuck out of the room to finish his mission while Kori lied completely still.


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