Contemplation Cultivation Chapter 127: BLESSING IN DISGUISE


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Initially her Hidden War Stage was unable to envelop the triggered energy but after five months study she was capable to understand the basic nature of this desert attribute and this attribute was called Formless Death Desert Attribute.
The more she studied it the more she felt awe because of its deathly tactics and extreme level, the specialty of this Attribute was its self-technique, every level had its basic, intermediate and extreme techniques.
Formless Death Desert Attribute had its consciousness which was good as well bad.

It was good because after this Attribute submitted itself to its owner, it would be great achievement and no one could stand in front of this Attribute two level higher contemplation fighter and it could adjust its level with the Contemplation of its owner as well, it was unique Attribute in many ways.

The bad thing was its resistance was life-threatening and it scarcely let anyone to study it, its nature was desert dry.
She brought Hidden War Stage at its peak and started to decipher its natural codes.
It was fourth month and sand was flowing around her mixed in the air of dry warm and its warm color which was off yellow and slowly turning into crimson red and this color was at its maximum resistance toward Hidden War Stage of Contemplation.

She can't leave it midway.
This crimson red color filled with red sand tried it hard to outbreak her skin and damage her concentration, it would be huge fall back for low level Contemplation learner to break their concentration and damage the flow of Essence in their bodies.
Only Legends were able to continue their Contemplation even in extreme dangers and with riddled and wounded bodies so they were called Legends.
Fifty Acmes Pairs of one's body hold extreme powers of one's body.
These Acmes Pairs were divided in three groups, first group belong to Blind Forces of Body, second group belong to Physical Attributes of one's body and third and last group consist hosts of Natural Phenomenal Attribute.
Average contemplators were only able to open and own total ten Acmes Pairs in their whole life, Sages lead with fifteen opened Acmes Pairs and Legends were to say the most formidable one's too, able to open twenty two to twenty five Acmes Pairs of their bodies.
Jen on other side was most fortunate to have her legacy Solar Star Attribute.
This Attribute needed constant energy essence to drive its self-achieved next levels with every next step of Jen in Contemplation and to fill its constant expanding belly, her Acmes Pairs was not only expanding but also forced opened with consistency of Solar Star.
Her fifteenth Acmes Pair was forced opened while she was far away from Sage Realm; this provided her extra powerful energy wave to stand against Formless Death Desert Attribute.
Two more months passed and now she could understand its nature, her host of Natural Phenomenal Attribute Acmes Pair was opened and was ready to devour this Attribute to settle in her body properly.
With this her Contemplation also lepta in next level, she took one more month to settle her Contemplation level, her newly earned Attribute and to temper this Attribute with her body she came out in the open, it was sand storm outside the ridge in the middle of the day.

She took opportunity and went out; sand bits were needle like pinching sensation and it were thrashing against her body.
She activated her Attribute and fought against the cruel sand storm, soon surrounding air acknowledged what was going, her Attribute was protecting her body and the air retreated back to see its dominant desert giant Attribute.
Desert Attribute was accumulation of hundred year's desert essence fiber which was different from any Physical Attributes.
She created her own sand storm dominion which was at the level of her Contemplation currently.

After some time she had tempered her body with newly earned Attribute of Desert. She broke the barrier and entered in fifth Level of Expert Realm during this time.
Since desert had become her Attribute she could easily find the location where she could get water and bath because she was really looking like noble turned into beggar girl.

Her clothes were charred burned and her skin was riddled with the attacks of Desert Attribute and she wanted to change in new wears as early as possible. She scanned with her expanded Essence Chord maximum range and walked in the desert.
She was looking day break zombie while walking in the desert with unsettled hair and riddled clothes with skin filled with bruises from many places of perforated clothes.
Her eyes were dry like desert itself but her face was reflecting her reserved calm and contentment which she always worked for.
After all, satisfaction was always self-earned.
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