Conquest Online Chapter 13: The One Who Found His Place


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At the center of a large public square stood a boy of about fourteen years of age. The place was full of passers-by who came and went, the atmosphere that emanated from people was that of an ordinary working day.

Being totally ignored by the people around him, the boy snorted with total indignation. Being the center of attention was not entirely to his liking, but being completely ignored was frustrating.

The place was surrounded by a large number of tall buildings, and although it seemed totally unnatural due to the distance, the boy's eyes noticed the presence of a large number of people focused on their work through the glass of the buildings. Just like those around him, these people did not pay the slightest attention to him.

'Loneliness… bad?'

Attracted by an unnatural metallic voice, the boy turned to his back. A humanoid silhouette similar in size to him but totally opaque grey was standing watching him. The face of that figure was made up of numbers and symbols that could only be described as some kind of programming language.

'I… understand' –the metallic voice resounded once again.

The previous frustration disappeared completely; the boy was filled with joy. Strangely, a feeling of closeness that he had never experienced before arose in him at the sight of that grey figure.

Totally fascinated by that creature halfway between human and machine, the boy reached out his hand to touch it. When he pressed his fingers on that grey surface, an undulation of numbers was formed on the surface of that being.

'Artificial Intelligence of Progressive Growth?' –those words escaped the boy's lips.

As if an insurmountable indignation arose in them when they heard those words, all the people who until a moment ago had completely ignored the boy stopped their steps abruptly while their faces darkened. The boy felt his body shudder to be the target of a number of accusing eyes.

'Aberration!' –a scream full of indignation emerged from somewhere in the crowd of people.

Inhuman!! –those cries that echoed all over the place, were repeated again and again among the crowd.

The boy felt a lack of air, the looks over him were like needles piercing his soul, while those accusing cries were like daggers sticking into his mind.

Enemy of humanity!!' –after that cry considerably louder than the previous ones, the environment became completely silent.

The boy looked at his surroundings, the cold glances remained focused on him, and even those people inside the buildings looked at him with indignation through the windows.

Feeling the first symptoms of hyperventilation, the boy took his wet eyes towards the gray figure in search of comfort and that feeling that had previously made him forget the indifference of the world. The boy's eyes opened completely, the gray figure was full of cracks, and numbers flowing from those cracks as if they were blood.

The boy extended his hand to the gray figure. Before his little fingers touched that surface, the gray figure crumbled into dust that was washed away by a strong current of wind.

Enemy of humanity!' –the accusing cry resounded again with great power, and was repeated over and over again on the lips of every person in the crowd.

Hyperventilation finally took shape in the boy; his knees fell on the solid concrete. His fingers plunged down his small throat in search of relief as thick tears ran down his cheeks. Under that accusing cry that was incessantly repeated. the shining world around him began to darken slowly.

A cold desolate and a sense of utter despair filled the boy's body, a cry of pain was unable to escape from his throat. Just when that triggered a death wish in his mind, a warm sensation clung to his body. Slowly all discomfort began to disappear.

Suddenly the boy was felt embraced by two pairs of arms and the warm sensation of two bodies clinging to him. Two grey figures were wrapped around him, but slowly that grey disappeared to reveal color.



Two warm voices entered the boy's ears, making their way to the bottom of his soul.

Feeling that warmth, a pair of silver eyes slowly opened. The roof of a luxurious red tent reflected on those silver eyes.

Unable to move his arms, Raven gaze to his right and left to find Nike and Freya sleeping peacefully with his arms as pillows.

"A.I. of Progressive Growth… they never allowed me to complete you…" –because of that dream Raven remembered his greatest frustration



Hearing the pair of beauties murmur their name so affectionately, Raven let out a long sigh and his frustrations disappeared.

"No, at this moment I am Raven Magnus…" –Raven muttered to himself as Freya and Nike opened their eyes

"Good morning Raven-sama."

"Good morning Nii-sama."

"Good morning."

Just as in that dream when that gray figure appeared, at this moment, when contemplating Freya and Nike looking at him, Raven felt his previous concerns disappear completely.

Seeing the two women he had designed himself, Raven almost allowed himself to forget the problems he had gone through in order to sleep. Freya and Nike had practically argued again about who had the right or obligation to sleep next to him until they practically fell asleep.

"Nii-sama, let's stay like this for a little longer" –Freya's small body fully embraced on Raven.

"That is not possible Freya-sama, we have much work to do" –despite his words, a certain degree of envy was visible over Nike's eyes.

"As a good General, you can take care of everything and let Nii-sama and I rest a little longer."

"Freya-sama, must I really remind you every morning that you are also a General of Raven-sama?"

"Perhaps this is not so bad…" –as Freya and Nike began a new discussion as they each clung on Raven, he muttered that with a faint smile on his lips.
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