Conquest of Realms Chapter 5: GODLY WEAPONS


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In an alley there are a group of people fighting with another group most likely a gang or something, there's a total of 10 in each of these group and Arthur stayed in the shadows to stalk them and gather some information using his new found power.

Arthur then started to focus on the leader of the other gang and a screen appeared giving out all the necessary information regarding this person.

Race: Human

Level: Herald 5 star

Energy Points: 80

Then he shifted his line of sight to the other leader to also size up his opponent because not everyone in Beta is a pushover and it is better to be ready and prepared than to underestimate your opponent leading to one's demise. As he focused on the other gang's leader another screen appeared.

Race: Human

Level: Herald 5 Star

Energy Points: 80

"I'm one level higher from them but that doesn't mean that i can just bulldoze over them they still outnumber me and I might end up getting killed instead" said Arthur treating the situation seriously not underestimating his opponents even a bit. Then suddenly Ains said >[I can sell you some weapons but it'll cost you some energy points but at this time you still haven't even have one but I can loan you some and you'll have to pay later on]<.

Arthur is excited because he clearly knows that Ains is an advance type of being so everything that he gives must also be high tech and modern. "Okay lets see what you got" Arthur replied anxiously.
Then Ains started materializing different weapons of unknown origin in the air and can now be seen by Arthur.

Daedalus. An item that has 30% chance to deal double the original damage, remember you must have sufficient strength to wield this godly item. (Restricted)(Divine)

Silver Edge. Makes the user invisible for 5 seconds and if you attack then the invisibility will break and deal more damage than normal attacks. Needs monstrous amount of agility to wield this item if you don't meet the requirements you can't use it. (Restricted)(Divine)

Abyssal Blade. An item made purely for brute strength and can be activated to target a single enemy to be in a stunned state for 3 seconds. Needs lots and lots of strength to use. (Restricted)(Divine)

Arthur is stunned by the weapons which Ains have released but then he asked "Ains how can i wield these items if I am only at Guardian 1 Star these weapons are meant for Divine Ranks!" Arthur can't help but shout at Ains.

>[You should let me finish speaking first, I will make them be suitable for Guardians but only temporarily so do what you need to fast and quick]<. "You should've said so hahaha" Arthur can't help but release a sinister gaze on those people that are currently fighting.

"I will take the Silver Edge then" said Arthur his eyes gleaming with the desire to use it and kill someone just for the sole purpose of testing the weapon's might and power. >[This will cost you 1000 energy points and can only last for 1 hour so do your best]< said Ains as he gave Arthur the godly weapon Silver Edge.

With his new and divine weapon Arthur then started to head directly to where the gangs were fighting, then the gangs noticed someone is coming straight at them and little did they know that their day of reckoning has come.

"Boss who does he think this person is" said one of the thugs and then one of them went straight to Arthur trying to get a closer view of this 'fearless person' that is dumb enough to walk straight into a turf war between gangs.

Then suddenly the thug stopped moving before he even reached Arthur, "Hey what's taking you so long to even stick that fool and be over" but the thug isn't responding then all of sudden his headless body fell to the ground and as it falls it began to dry up like a corpse.

After witnessing this the thugs felt their spine froze making them shiver in fear and dread the only thing that they can think of now is how to escape this monster in front of them.

"Time to start the onslaught" said Arthur as he began to dash at the thugs.
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