Conquest of Realms Chapter 4: A New Beginning


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Arthur fell to the ground with a loud THUD, the liquid then said <[I never thought that he would lose consciousness but all hope is not lost I can still sense a faint life force from him that's getting stronger by the minute meaning that he is doing well and might be compatible with me]>.

20%....... then suddenly Arthur's body started to experience seizures mainly because of the different elements and components that is currently invading and changing his body from the inside, <[We've just started don't give up on me now if you survive this ordeal I guarantee that I'll help you soar through the skies and be the strongest]>.

50%...... <[Halfway done just a little more bear with me human]> it said as he was doing everything he can to ease the pain that Arthur is feeling at the moment.

99%.....<[A little bit more come on!!]> said the liquid with excitement all over his mind, <[This human really didn't let me down, the moment I laid my eyes on him I know from that point forward that he can take me]>.

100%....<[Atlast the binding process is now complete, now for the finishing touch]>, then the body of Arthur suddenly is engulfed in black and dangerous wind making is feel like a demon is gonna be born.

The sun had risen now and Arthur then began to open up his eyes and is shocked by what he saw because there is this strange interface that kept showing to him wherever his line of sight is landing and whenever he tries to focus onto something it'll give a detailed information about it.

"Well this is weird, what did that liquid did to my body and why did it turn out like this I feel like I'm not myself" Arthur then swiped this off and decided to test this new ability of his and tried to focus on a person 1 kilometer away from him and is shocked because he can see as clearly as water even though that person is so far away and there is also this strange information about it.

Race: Human

Level: Herald 3 Star

Energy Point: 50

"Wait what is this energy point?" said Arthur and then suddenly a voice rung in his mind and answered his question. >[That energy point is also known as life force of a living being and you can absorb this energy to make yourself stronger and you just simply need to kill them and let me do the absorbing]<.

Arthur is startled when he suddenly heard that voice thinking that he might even be crazy because hearing a voice talking to you is already crazy enough. >[Don't worry i didn't bring any harm of side effects to your body i just made it better and stronger]>.

"Is that so then if you can really make me stronger, now can you state what you are called so we can already call us acquaintances" Arthur said while speaking with the blob of liquid inside him waiting for answers.

>[My name is Ains, then what is also your name]< simply said the liquid, "I'm called Arthur" he replied.
>[Okay Arthur now try focusing on the upper top right of the screen]< said the system and after Arthur focused on that icon then another new icon have appeared.

Name: Arthur
Race: Human
Level: Guardian 1 star
Energy Point: 0/500

Arthur is baffled by the stats he saw and when he noticed that he is a Guardian 1 star he can't help but ask Ains about this. >[In the 6 realms there are levels on how strong a certain being is they are the Herald, Guardian, Crusader, Archon, Legend, Ancient, Divine, and Immortal. They're divided into 5 minor levels these are 1 star, 2 star, 3 star, 4 star, and 5 star. Herald is the weakest while Immortal is the strongest. While 1 star is just the beginning and the 5 star is nearing breakthrough.

"Is that so then what if my energy point reaches 500/500?" asked Arthur, >[You'll rank up from Guardian 1 star to Guardian 2 star] < replied Ains.

"This is so convenient" replied Arthur with a grin plastered all over his face. After clarifying few more questions Arthur then started to head onto the crowd of people down below and start to rack up some energy points and get strong and strong and strong as one can be. This day will be the start of a bloodbath bigger that anything that have ever happened in the Realm of Chaos.
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