Conquest of Realms Chapter 3: Stargazing


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Arthur only muttered some words and the proceded to do his task for the day which is stargazing. After some turns and few slopes along the way he have finally arrived to a spot ideal for his activity. The sneaky shadow is still following him up to this point being left undetected by Arthur.

He then started to observe the sky and stars appreciating it's beauty, "I can't always get enough of this it always reminded me of you mother" he said resolutely while looking at the starry night as he tries to remember the moments he spent with his mother when she is still alive and breathing.

As he gazes deep into the starry night sky, the wind suddenly started to blow stronget and colder with each passing moment making the temperature of the surrounding gets colder and desolate but Arthur doesn't mind this kind of change because he has already adapted well to this kind of environment.

But little did he know that the shadow is starting to get anxious because his main and true body is arriving he has only been sent here as a scout to find the suitable body for him to go.

"At last the time for me to show myself in the 6 Realms has come again" is the last word of the shadow before disappearing into nothingness.

The fast and glowing object is now visible to Arthur as it gets closer to his vicinity, "what the heck is that thing and why is it heading directly towards me?" then he suddenly turned into a blur disappearing 5 meters away from his initial point.

Then the object landed on the ground making a small crater radiating cold and heavy aura that makes it want want to devour anything that gets closer to it.

Despite sensing the danger it holds Arthur still went close to it mainly due to his curiousity and pursuit of power to someday leave the Realm of Chaos and travel all 6 realms.

"What is this cube like thing that gives the feeling of wanting to eat and devour?" theb n suddenly without warning the cube turned into liquid form so fast that Arthur himself can't even react.

"Oh hell no get the fuck away from me" Arthur tried his best to shrug the liquid away but to no avail, then the liquid started to burrow into his arm and started making his way to Arthur's brain.

After just about only a minute and a half the liquid is now inside the brain of Arthur, "time to start the binding" said the liquid.

1%.... Suddenly Arthur felt a shock throughout his entire body so strong that it made him lose his consciousness after that he fell to the ground with a loud thud.
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