Conqueror Chapter 4: A Shepherd with Flock of Sheeps


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As Instructed by Gorgo, Jose goes to another island to find the human village that he spoke of and claim his mask that he looking for. He follows the road to make sure that his directions are accurate, and when he gets there, he sees a humongous ocean waves that blocks to another island.

On the shore he sees a small wrecked boat; his curiosity makes him to check it out first. He finds an unconscious human boy who less than fifteen years of his age, he had wounds and beats up pretty badly. Jose wanting to ignore him but he instinctively tries to save a boy without reason. He does piggyback for him and lifts up his only one hand to perform a skill and make a path against the ocean waves.

" [Area Craft: Red Carpet] "

A small earthquake at the ocean floor, it lifts up on its own and it creates a vertical road to another island. He's surprise that his Craft skill as an Item Lord job class would work on this world too. He managing to cross successfully and he leaves the vertical road spell to stay active until he unseals it if he wants to, just in case if it's goes wrong.

The poor boy is still unconscious, dehydrated and he hasn't eaten for a week. Jose reminded him as he was a rookie before in UNITED, a transition flashback on his mind occurs and he remembers those sweet times. In UNITED, rookies are pretty hard to scale up themselves if they playing alone and Jose is one of them too.

Jose played horribly at that time and nobody wants him accept any TERRITORY groups because of his underwhelming performance when it comes to teamwork plays. Not until he met a player that changed his whole life. "Huffy Puffy Rika" is the first player that he befriended for the first time at the game. She is an Object race avatar that looked like sheep wool on her skirt, she equipped a gauntlet like a horse hoof and her upper appearance look like she dress hoodie with more buffed wool. Her Job class is a Support type and just like Jose she's playing horribly too.

They related themselves as underdogs, but Rika as a terrible support class she wants to quit the game soon despite she wanting to progress that hard and she couldn't do anything to perform better. Jose doesn't want to give it up to part of TERRITORY and thus he decides to make one. They were the earlier founders and soon to be the Legendary Zinacob TERRITORY was born.

Jose made a blush out of his headless flame, and he looked happy about it that times. That nostalgia was a relic of his past and he would never to get it back forever. He couldn't think if he can establish to make a TERRITORY again in this world but the chances were very low.

After he made it land on a new shore, his passive skills are independently reacting on its own.

" [Excavation activated: New Resource found] "

"Woah! Even for this ability are still on my skill tree? ...I feel like i can start all over again but my peasants unit are absent. If only my armies are present here in this world as well ...sigh!"

He feels disappointing rather than be happy about it that he found a valuable resources. Suddenly an arrow was loose on his back, while he's distracting at the other side. He blocks it with his arm and he is pissed that the poor boy was almost caught by an arrow. He finally knew that his passive skill would work on this world and he decides to use it.

" [Observation Awareness] "

Jose senses that they are more ten people are waiting to ambush them. He does try to strike back at them and suddenly his arms are heavier than before. It was a drawback of his avatar and whenever he uses a skill it burns his life force. His flame is starting to get smaller than it was and it scares him if he could at least save a poor boy behind him.

"All of you please! Just save this poor boy, he needs help"

"You look terrified and we can't trust your words, Leave or you will die here"

Jose knows that he couldn't take a scratch from a scrappy arrow but the poor boy will die for sure if it's hit. When they start to fire again, a loud voice does stop them.

"Stop at once! These intruders doesn't do harm on us!"

They respond and suddenly a certain man shows up in front of Jose.

"I am the Chieftain in this Island, My name is Remus and i would like to tell me what are you doing here? ...In this isolated place"

"Chieftain! This monster maybe a spy from the capital he couldn't tru....."

"I said this is my decision, don't intervene understand?"

"I'm sorry sir"

"My apologies to my subordinate, they've been through a lot"

Remus looks like typical commoner townsfolk and he had bandages around his head. They've been always strictly on guard when it comes to intruders. Gorgo words were true about the man named Remus that he just met right on the spot.

"Are you the man named Remus? I would like to speak with you, Gorgo you know him right?"

"A headless creature can talk? You see he is a spy!"

"Don't do it! Yeah i know him, how do you know about him?"

"I don't have much time, you see this poor boy? Please gave him a medical assistance immediately, he's almost dying"

"Granted I would gladly to accept that but first i need you to tie you up, to make it sure that you won't do anything suspicious away to my people"

Jose knows this condition will get him killed but he has a new plan on why he needs to give in.

"Fine! As long this boy is fine, I'm fine with it. so what are your condition? You are going to lock me up?"

"It seems you like look been paralyzed, but i won't fall that trap. You will tying up at the rocky shore from the other side and leave you there for a week"

"It seems brutal if you leave me behind there for a whole week. Any people will get killed by that, so i finally know that you don't want the intruders to be alive. Fine i accept it"

The boy had been taking away, eight to nine men gather up just to bring Jose to the rocky shore. Remus has been wondering why Jose knew about Gorgo, but he always prioritize first for his people even he would sacrifice for them if he wanted to.

"Uuuuurrrghh! ...This monster is ridiculous heavy, what kind of body he made off"

It took three to four hours just to lift Jose to the Rocky shore. They leave him there tying up with a steel shackles. Jose doesn't faze at all and he knew that he wanted this plan from the start. Meanwhile Remus and his men are sightseeing the strange creature from a far, and he thinking twice if he should trusts him or not.

As the Nightfall has started, two of his Remus men were guarded the creature to ensure his escape won't succeed. Not until they were fall asleep and then the new dawn is rising, one of them did stumble like he saw a ghost. He wakes up his partner and they haste back to the village to report on what they saw is unbelievable.

Remus and the villagers did check it out that monster and their eyes are wide open. Two big sea creatures were dead on a shore where Jose has been tied up. They're astonishing on how he can survive that. Suddenly their stomachs were growling and the kids are begging to their parents to eat something. Food shortage was very low on this isolated island and they can't find alternative to drink clear water too.

Remus knows they were in crisis, and he still believe that he had an alliance resistance at the capital will help to their need. He finally started to learn on what that monster is aiming for and Jose plans were smooth as his expected.

"What are you waiting for? These two big fishes will feed a lot of your people and don't worry about this fishes because it is safe to eat. This sea creature is the reason why this ocean waves are deadly, If you don't mind i would like to reduce their numbers so your problems won't matter"

"Did you want to bribe me with this? So you can save your skin. I knew you can easily get out from this shackles, why?"

"One week, I did a promised that i will survive here until you set me free and that's a deal no more no less"

"Stubbornness can kill you" that's the only last words he heard from that monster and Remus can't get enough of his sleep because of it. He thought about the food shortage won't last next week; things are getting worse if he let this happen.

Time goes by bigger fishes were drift ashore, Jose feels weaker than before. His flames are indicating on how many of his life force left and it gets smaller and smaller. Five days as pass double more large fishes were increased and it's because he did fought back constantly while he's been shackles all night.

One week has passed, the people are starting to get weak one by one and Remus watching them slowly dying from starvation. He finally makes up his mind and he makes haste to the rocky ocean if that monster is alive. Jose flames were gone and it is now a lifeless headless body left and Remus does regret his believes were all wrong.

"What is wrong with me? ...I did the most unforgiving actions in my whole life. He gave up so much this food for us and yet i didn't make a solution for my people but this guy did"

Out of nowhere, the boy who was been saved by Jose from the past week is trying tell to Remus more about Jose. He looked perfectly fine after his injury was healed; it was all thanks to Jose who did save his life. He presents an item that may save Jose's lives.

"He is not dead yet, he just can't move look I did found this on your house. It may save his life"

"Is that the black wicked mask? ....I did found this at the ocean a while ago, people thought it was a bad omen but for me i don't believe in fables so i keep it secretly. How did you find it?"

"It doesn't matter we need to put this on to him right now"

As they approaching to Jose and they put his mask on, suddenly a giant monster fish appear out of the ocean and it looks intimidating as well. It opens his terrified mouth and the poor two souls can't do anything to stop it. Suddenly a burst of flame came out from Jose's body, and he was recovered now.

" [Shape shift: Pike Thrust] "

A large spear came out Jose's arm and it killed the Giant monster fish. Remus doing bow down for Jose to apologize on what he did earlier, and made a promise to amend of his actions. Jose made an advice to Remus and his inner thought says "Phew! I thought i was going to die here, finally my mask is back!"

"Lift up your head there's no need to be ashamed; you did your job to protect your people. As expected from Gorgo, he was right about you. By the way the boy who brought the mask, my big gratitude for you too and it save my life. Are you afraid of my appearance?"

"Marc is my name; i should be the one to thank you for saving my life too. I've just heard that you want your mask desperately so i did return your favor. But for me I should not be feared the one who saved me"

Jose and Remus are now working together to preserve the village for good, when the villagers learn about on what Jose did they don't fear him anymore. Soon they are nothing to fear their food shortage and it's because a mass supply of giant monster fish from the past week. It was an intention for Jose to put a risk, just for the humans will accept him and it succeed as expected.
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