Conqueror system Chapter 9: Absolute Mad Lad


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"Mother..." Zhou Tianzi called her softly.

Zhou Xuan petrified when she heard it, she inspected the teenager who's calling her 'Mother'. Mesmerizing golden eyes, extremely handsome face, and warm smile.

"Zi'er...You're Zi'er!" Although those eyes were different from the one in her memories, but she still recognized him. Tears started to flow unceasingly, she rushed and hugged her son tightly.

Zhou Tianzi felt warm in his heart, only god knows how he missed those few days when he was a baby. He patted his mother's back.

"Zi'er.... don't leave mother again....don't ever leave mother.." Zhou Xuan hugged her son even tighter. Zhou Tianzi felt his bones almost broke, but he still gritted his teeth and continued to patted his mother.

"Yeah mom, i won't leave you again" Zhou Tianzi said.
"Really!" Zhou Tianzi assuring his mother.

Zhou Xuan released her hug and looked at her son from top to bottom. She touched his arm, leg, back, and face, making sure that there was no missing part of his body. Relieved, she gave his son one tight hug and immediately released it.

"Then that's good, that's good" Zhou Xuan said while nodding and wiped her tears. She continued

"My son has grown up and become extremely handsome lad. Forgive mother for leaving you alone in that damned place, if only i was stronger back then...."Zhou Xuan anxiously looked at her son, she hoped that her son doesn't hold any resentment towards her.

"Everything is alright mom, amn't i fine right now?" Then, Zhou Tianzi took out Profound Imagery Stones, and activated the formation inside. The Profound Imagery Stones shined and showed moments of Zhou Xuzi, Zhou Xuan, and Zhou Tianzi together.

"Look, aren't you always with me?" Zhou Tianzi smiled and looked at the stones. Zhou Xuan stunned and smiled in relieve because her son grew into splendid individual.

"Yeah, but from now on mother will always be with you in person, not through mere stones. Come, tell me all of your experiences inside the pearl" Zhou Xuan dragged her son to her room.


Zhou Tianzi shared his experiences with his mother. From how he ate everyday, from his first hunt, until his accidents after his 15th birthday. Zhou Xuan who listened her son attentively, began to cursing and crying for several hours. She initially planned to secretly slip inside the pearl, but she didn't expect to sleep for the whole seven days.

Now, it was Zhou Tianzi turn to listened his mother rambling. His back was sweating because of his mother's plans to punished his father. 'Tigress is indeed fearsome' He thought. Still, he listened with serious expression, and agreed for time to time about his mother's plans.

Zhou Tianzi finally left the room after accompanied his mother to slept from mental exhaustion. He walked for several seconds before noticed a person standing not far away from his place.


"Thank you" Zhou Xuzi bowed his head, but his son stopped him.

"We are family, it is only natural if i want you two to reconciled. Rest assured, from what i conclude earlier, mother still loves you, time will surely dilute her resentments." Zhou Tianzi said. He didn't need to report his situation inside the pearl, because from what he knew, Ancestor Yue always told his father regarding it.

"Still, i want to thank you. Anyway, has Ancestor Yue told you anything regarding Eternal Heaven's internal problem?" Zhou Xuzi inquired his son.

"Traitors? I have a plan for them." Zhou Tianzi answered

" Its seems like i can finally share my burden Hahaha..." Zhou Xuzi's heartwarming smile returned. From the last seven days, he didn't rest at all, patiently waiting his son's returns, personally nursing his wife, and dealing with Eternal Heaven Realm's affairs. While it was not exhausting to his body, but it was mentally draining. He continued

"The traitors inside Eternal Heaven Realm came from the other royal ranked star realms. I have found several evidences, but it was not enough to uproot them. If we handle it carelessly, our reputation will be tainted. Especially those cockroaches from Brahma Monarch God Realm, they have infiltrated some of the important points." Zhou Xuzi's eyes leaked killing intent, but Zhou Tianzi remained unfazed

"How about assassinate them?" Zhou Tianzi plainly asked. He knew the answer but still asked anyway

"You think i didn't try? Strangely, they are all failed without an exception. Either missing or butchered." Zhou Xuzi sighed.

The Brahma Monarch God Realm was the strongest in the Eastern Divine Region. The profound practitioners of the Brahma Monarch God Realm, from the Realm King at the top to the commoners at the bottom, all inherently possess an extremely strong obsession to pursue the profound way, status and power. They practically go insane to fulfill these desires. Furthermore, since the people of the Brahma Monarch God Realm have practised in such a frenzied manner for generations, not a single weak person can be found in the entire realm. Any one of the inhabitants is strong enough to be the commanding person of a place in other realms.

Thus, it could be imagined how strong these traitors from Brahma Monarch God Realm. Moreover, each of Eternal Heaven Realm powerhouses were limited assets, they couldn't afford to throw their experts extravagantly.

"That's why son, you can establish your prestige inside Eternal Heaven Realm with this chance. I don't mean to throw my responsibilities to you, i will secretly give you my full support." Zhou Xuzi said it with serious expression.

"Well, i'm confident in my plan. But can i request something right now?"


"I need Uncle Qu Hui"

"Alright, Qu Hui!!" Zhou Xuzi agreed without hesitation.

"Your Majesty!" Qu Hui instantly came, he bowed towards Zhou Xuzi waiting for his order.

"Qu Hui, from now on you will be assigned under Crown Prince Zhou Tianzi" Zhou Xuzi looked straight at Qu Hui eyes.

"Qu Hui understands Your Majesty" Qu Hui knelt down in front of Zhou Xuzi.

"Your request is granted, any more requests?" Zhou Xuzi asked his son.

"It is enough for now" Zhou Tianzi answered

"There's still some matters i need to personally deal, i will take my leave first" Zhou Xuzi didn't wait their responses and directly left.

Zhou Xuzi inspected the man before him. A middle aged man in black clothes. He had a face that made others feel scared just by getting a glimpse of it. His brows were like cold swords, reaching right up to his temples, and his lips were thin and pursed tightly, giving off the impression that he had never smiled in his life. His facial features were distinct like a water chestnut, and every wrinkle on the skin of his face appeared as if it had been carved by a sword. His eyes were like that of a hungry hawk gliding in the sky, sharp and ice cold.

"Uncle Qu Hui, we meet again. I hope you didn't mind to work under me." Zhou Tianzi said it while warmly smiled.

"To be assigned under Your Highness is Qu Hui's greatest fortune." Qu hui surprised inside. The baby 7 days ago was now became a Divine King experts, this talent was simply terrifying.

"That's great. Then, can uncle Qu Hui bring me the traitors list as well as their evidences? As thorough as possible of course." Zhou Xuzi said.

"Yes" Qu Hui bewildered but still did his task. He left immediately

Zhou Tianzi looked at his back, he knew this guy from the original novel. When it comes to fairness, strictness, righteousness and sensitivity to others' feelings, if Qu Hui were to be called second in the Eastern Divine Region in those aspects, no one would dare to be called the first. Over all these years of him leading the adjudicators, he had punished numerous experts and star realms practicing the profound way. Once irrefutable proof of their evildoing was obtained, no matter who it was, or the place or star realm they came from, all would be given extremely severe punishment, without any kind of leniency or tolerance.

Zhou Tianzi took back his vision. He looked at his left hand. There was a bottle filled black powder within, and a name was written on the bottle. It was 'Black Lotus Demonic Powder'

" You guys maybe don't fear Eternal Heaven Realm, but....." Zhou Tianzi eyes showed dangerous glint. He rubbed the writing on the bottle.

"How about the entire Realm of Gods?"
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