Conqueror of the Realms Chapter 2: Apocalypse


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Even though Lin Feng knew this is gonna happen, he still couldn't help but have a slight hope that this is all a cruel joke, but it seems it isn't the case.
"Fengzi where is the dungeon thing that you mentioned." Yang Chao asked looking at the incoming spiders." It's at the football ground at the back of university." Lin Feng said.
"Then what are we waiting for let's move." Yang Chao screamed as he began to pull others with him.
"No! you guys go ahead, I'll meet you at the ground," shouted Li Huo as began to move towards the other side. "Li Huo what happened," Chen Yang frowned.
"I'll bring Zhang Min with me you guys go ahead."Li Huo said. Everyone knew Zhang Min is the girlfriend of Li Huo and they began dating 2 years up to now, If this shit not has happened they would've probably married after graduating.
"We will come with you, we can't leave you to die right." Lin Feng said, both Yang Chao and Chen Yang nodded.
" Thank you guys," Li Huo said emotionally. As the four began to make their way to the girl's dormitory.
"wait a minute lets pick some weapons." Lin Feng mentioned. The four began to look for weapons as Lin Feng picked a fire ax, while the other picked three iron rods from the leftover construction materials.
Lin Feng then mentioned them to kill a monster as soon as possible to get the cultivation technique.
There cries of panic everywhere, as people began to run desperately for their lives with monsters eating humans in their sight.
There are only two ways to start cultivating, the first way to is directly entering into trail dungeon or kill a monster when anyone is done, they will be brought to separate dimension, where they will be given a chance to choose a profession and a lot to draw cultivation technique, of course during the selecting, time is stagnated,hence it happens instantaneously, once you kill a monster and get technique stats screen will appear and you'll be directed to nearest trail dungeon.
"save me"
Suddenly they heard a shrill scream near the girl's dormitory, as they saw a girl dressed in a pink t-shirt running while screaming, followed by what looked like a giant beetle with to blade-like arms, suddenly the beetle made buzzing sound as it pierced her abdomen bringing out her innards along with copious amount of blood.
Lin Feng ran with all his might as he gathered all his energy into his hands while swinging his ax at the beetle's head being suddenly attacked the beetle became muddleheaded using this chance Lin Feng once again swung his ax at its head piecing its brain and killing it.
Lin Feng felt everything around him go dark as he appeared in a vast space as though floating in space.
"Mortal! by showing bravery you've gained a chance to cultivate and transcend." a Powerful yet domineering voice sounded. Followed by a cold, emotionless, monotonous voice sounding" choose a profession."
In front of Lin Feng appeared a large number of characters which appeared to be in a foreign language, Even though Lin Feng don't know what these characters are but for some reason, he can still understand what they mean for example the character that looked like a shield but with a lance, spear, halberd placed on it making it unrecognizable is the profession character for Shield Guardian.
In his previous life, due to encountering injuries earlier he can only fight in long range, but with his injuries he has to select a physical profession for not to die easily, as a result, he can only choose an Archer which is an essence cultivating profession.
Due to not having any weapon refiners in the early days of the apocalypse, he can only use the Rank 0 bow and 50 Rank 0 arrows given by the system, no matter how frugally he used and reused it is extremely hard for 50 arrows to last long.
Him being Injured and missed the trial dungeon, he can only slowly fight with monster beasts improve cultivation and clear normal dungeon for a chance to get different attack techniques, but for those who stayed longer in the trial dungeon they were able to gain all the way from a powerful inheritance to a serious attack technique like archer's 'Elemental reinforcement technique' which allows the user to coat arrows with essence energy so even a normal arrow can gain the power of a Rank 0 arrow greatly increasing the number of arrows.
The profession Lin Feng wanted to choose is Hunter, Hunter profession is something most people ignored in his previous life as it doesn't have any remarkable perks compared to other professions.
It is almost same as Ranger except for it doesn't have as many as good functions as ranger, compared to other professions it does have passive talents, but unlike in games where hunter can tame any beast he wanted, here the hunter can't even tame a beast, except for some passive talents which gives him some wild nature.
The reason Lin Feng wanted to choose hunter is the profession itself is weak compared to other professions, but in his previous life a person who chose hunter profession got a beast taming inheritance from there most people understood while hunter itself is weak.
But when paired with beast taming its passive talents can become terrifying, some even giving the ability to fuse with beast and transform into a half beast.
In fact, the person who got the inheritance came from the Jiangnan university in which Lin Feng is studying, If not for this Lin Feng never would 've selected hunter decisively.
Lin Feng then selected a symbol that looked like a sword piercing the head of a giant beast.
"Congratulations on selecting Hunter profession" the cold monotonous voice sounded again.
"Please select an essence cultivation technique." the voice sounded again.
Followed by the symbols dispersed as a bright glow appeared, in front of him appeared countless blocks with '?' marks on it.
Lin Feng know out of all the essence cultivation techniques in the boxes 99% are of Mortal grade cultivation techniques, Even in remaining 1, about 0.99% is of Mystic grade cultivation techniques, only the remaining 0.01% which is about 10 are Phantom grade techniques.
Lin Feng could only hope he would at least draw a Mystic grade cultivation technique, he couldn't hope for a Phantom grade technique after they are near impossible to get.
Lin Feng looked around and selected a block not far away from him.
" You have obtained a Mid-Mystic grade cultivation technique 'Unity thunder arts'"
Lin Feng looked at the purple colored tile with sparkles around it suddenly disintegrate and enter into his forehead. Then he checked his stats.
Name: Unity thunder arts
Grade: Mid-Mystic grade Thunder attributed cultivation technique
Description: It's a cultivation technique made from the collected fragments of Trinity thunder Lord's 'Trinity thunder Scripture'. Unlike the main cultivation technique that can form three thunder seeds, this technique can only form one Thunder seed.
Name: Lin Feng
Cultivation: Rank 0
Cultivation technique: Unity Thunder arts(Mid-Mystic grade)
Exp: 2%
Cultivation attributes:
Essence Energy: 10
Primal Energy: 0
Soul Energy: 0
Mental Power: 0
Body attributes:
Life Span(L):21/100
Charm: -
Luck: -
Seeing his stats Lin Feng couldn't help but sigh, Humans are really weak, when they take physical damage the health reduces, when they soul damage their magic decreases, even though soul damage is rare, there is a lot of magic that affects soul in later stages.
Lin Feng blanked for a second and he was in front of Blade beetle, even this all appeared to be a dream the stats and the cultivation technique proves it be real.
"Fengzi you're awesome to think you would kill the big beetle just like that, I never that you're that much of a fighter." Yang Chao said beamingly.
Lin Feng suddenly became solemn as looked at three and said: " You three should kill a monster as soon as possible so that you can gain the information of beast and also start cultivating."
As he said that the four began to move towards girls dormitory. At the entrance there lay 5 bodies out of which one is of a watchman, two are of middle-aged ladies probably wardens, and two girls at their prime, There are three Crimson colored spiders feasting on the corpses, two are at the size of an office chair the remaining one twice as big as the other two.
Lin Feng looked at them as their information displayed.
Name: Venomous Blood Spider
Rank: Low Rank 1
Description: A type of low-grade spirit beast that has an intense craving for blood, Unlike normal spiders that capture their prey and drain their fluids. The Blood spiders directly drink the blood from the corpse due to their intense craving.
Lin Feng went forward as he made small sounds, attracted by the sound the large spider came towards them, Gripping his ax tightly Lin Feng smashed at the spider, even though the spider avoided the strike, two of its legs cut off, the spider suddenly screamed, hearing those the other two spiders rushed towards them.
"Li Huo, Chen Yang you two stall those two spiders while I and Yang Chao kill this one." Lin Feng shouted. The large spider began to face Lin Feng as it tried to pierce him with its legs, Lin Feng used the ax as a shield to stop the legs of spider but the strength difference is too large, he began to feel his hands getting numb as he was pushed back.
Yang Chao with a sudden shout from behind smashed the rod onto the head of the spider, already infuriated the spider turned crazy as it suddenly waved its hind legs, one of which pierced through Yang Chao's left arm.
Taking the chance Lin Feng used the hunter's knife given by system and pierced its head killing the spider his exp increased to 5%.
Yang Chao clutched his left hand as he fell backward. Lin Feng rushed to Chen Yang and Li Huo and helped them in killing the spiders as they both awakened.
Afterward, they brought Yang Chao into the dormitory used the First aid to bandage him. His pale face began to regain some color.
Chen Yang chose Primal cultivation profession Shield guardian as his profession as a large shield appeared in his hand, while Li Huo chose the same profession as him in his previous life as an archer.
All the four of them arrived on the first floor it is littered with corpses there is blood, intestines and broken body parts everywhere it's a horrifying sight to see.
Yang Chao's already pale face became even paler even Chen Yang and Li Huo's faces became pale, only Lin Feng's face is calm without any change as if its normal.
"Li Huo what is Zhang Min's room no," Lin Feng asked. "212" Li Huo replied as they made their way towards room 212 the door is completely open seeing this Li Huo's face paled began to dash to the room, seeing no one inside he gave a sigh of relief.
Just then they heard noises coming from another side of the corridor as they saw a 1-meter high dark bronze colored scorpion along with two purple colored 2metre long centipedes trying to break into a room.
Name: Venomous sting scorpion
Rank: Low Rank 1
Description: an extremely violent and venomous scorpion that attack the prey relentlessly until either it or prey dies
Name: Purple carapace centipede
Rank: Low Rank 1
Description: A Acidic centipede that coils around its prey and uses its razor-sharp legs to rip their flesh apart as it consumes the prey. Their blood is extremely acidic and corrosive.
Lin Feng and other three rushed to the site as they killed both centipedes and Lin Feng held the scorpion as Yang Chao killed it and awakened, while he chose a primal cultivated Berserker profession.
When the Insects died, the door squeaked as someone opened the door as a short pony-tailed girl with an above average appearance came from inside."Qin Yi, where's Zhang Min."Li Huo rushed to ask her, seeing Li Huo, Qin Yi elated as she turned her head inside And shouted Minmin Li Huo came for you.
Following which a girl with a height around 5'6 and flowing black hair and a good looking face rushed out to hug Li Huo. she is Zhang Min Li Huo's girlfriend.
There are seven girls inside the room as they introduced themselves, The ponytailed girl at beginning Qin Yi, Li Huo's girlfriend Zhang min, A short pudgy girl named Chu Hua, A lightly dark-skinned girl named Mei Lein, a bespectacled girl named Hong Mei, The remaining two surprised them as they are two of the three flowers of their department Sun Yin and Zhi Rou.
Sun Yin is a reserved, beautiful girl with white skin and calm temperament, while Zhi Rou is exactly opposite with a beautiful face but fiery temperament.
Li Huo then began to explain to them the apocalypse and dungeons, even though they are all surprised they still followed them when mentioned about the dungeon.
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