Conqueror of the Realms Chapter 1: Rebirth Wheel of Fate


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Lin Feng suddenly opened his eyes as he frantically began to observe his surroundings, a classroom quite a large one with about 40 students and on the dais was a middle-aged man vividly reading the lecture from the textbook. he didn't seem to care whether the students are listening or not as he continued without a pause.
Lin Feng thought he never went to this place but why does it look oddly familiar, even though the countless years of escaping, fighting between life and death made him unchanging in any situation he still couldn't help but scared by this situation.
"wait! isn't this my university classroom?" Lin Feng suddenly reached for the pocket and took out his cell phone as he glanced at the time 11:29 AM, August 31, 2021.
Lin Feng couldn't help out but break out into a cold sweat as he looked at the details on his phone.
"Fengzi, who are you looking for Sun Ying didn't attend this class." sitting next to Feng Yang a burly looking young man patted Lin Feng, Sun Ying is one of the three belles of their computer science department and Lin Feng had a crush on her from the start of university.
This burly looking man is Chen Yang, he is Lin Feng's best friend even though he looks like this his is actually kind-hearted and helps anyone in need it's just that kindness is repaid with cruelty in this apocalypse causing the death of Chen Yang on the first day of apocalypse itself.
Thinking of this Lin Feng's nose suddenly became somewhat sour.
Seeing him, Lin Feng couldn't help but remember his previous life. In his previous life after Chen Yang died in a rage, he tried to fight with the senior student who pushed Chen Yang to death but it's a pity Lin Feng is weak was in turn beat to death by the student and his friends and due to the serious injuries he suffered, he missed the basic trails before he could gain anything.
It took him two months to completely heal his injuries and when he went to look out for his parents he came to know that they both died while protecting his younger brother whose whereabouts are unknown.
Even though he searched for his brother, his efforts proved to be fruitless, and when he met his sister six months later, due to being timid and naive at the start of the apocalypse she was taken advantage and she and her friends were toyed by a bastard.
Seeing this Lin Feng in rage assassinated the bastard even though he knows the bastard's father would hunt him he still killed him, his father was already mid-rank 1 powerhouse, while he was still a peak low rank 1, he didn't know the man came to know about his he killed her and started hunting him down.
The man had a powerful organization named Blood wolves gang backing him, due to the death of his only son the man began to crazily hunt Lin Feng without giving him a breather even though Lin Feng escaped from him countless times he could never match up to a huge organization as he was constantly forced into deadly areas where monster beasts and all sorts poisonous insects existed, and constantly suffered injuries and poisoning slowing down his cultivation speed
Due to these injuries accumulating overtime after six years after reaching peak rank 1 he was unable to break through and advance in his cultivation.
Due to this Lin Feng researched almost about everything all the way from smallest F- grade dungeon to the deadliest A+ grade dungeon from low rank 1 beast to peak rank 2 beast and after scourging and researching for almost three years he finally came to know that a herb in frozen desolate lands called Yin purification lotus can cleanse and remake his body purifying and helping him break through.
For this Lin Feng sold all his assets and bought a peak mortal grade armor and pills as he bet everything on this.
But its a pity though after all Frozen desolate lands isn't some random place only about 10% of the place is explored, even the most powerful experts of mid-rank 3 at that time will die if they aren't careful much less he a little rank 1 has no chance, even though he knows this he can't help but expect a miracle as this is his only chance to get revenge for his sister and find his lost brother.
Alas! before he can even reach the Frozen desolate lands his whereabouts were found and he was chased and killed he didn't expect after nine years of escaping he was still killed by that he think about it nine years a total of nine years have reversed thinking this he still couldn't get his calm and remain agitated.
Now that God has given him another chance he would protect all dearest to him and become top of food chain unlike his previous life, no it isn't the god that has given him this life Lin Feng still remembered that he used a special item that he found in an ancient ruins before his death thinking that it may be a life saving one in desperation, now that he thinks about it seems that isn't simple to be able to reverse time by 9 years as Lin Feng still remembered its specifics.
ITEM: Rebirth Wheel of Fate(imitation)
Grade: ?????????
Description: An imitation of the Immortal Artifact-Rebirth Wheel of Fate-can only be used once.
When Lin Feng first saw this he thought it was a joke and wanna throw it away, as he never heard of something called an Immortal Artifact but thinking that it may be a life-saving treasure he still kept it, after all, it can only be used once so he didn't wanna waste it but who would have that it would of game-breaking ability like this.
"Nothing, I was just thinking about something."Lin Feng replied in a low voice. Then he checked the time it's 11:30 there is still 30 minutes before the catastrophe begins.
"Chen Yang lets go outside." Lin Feng urged him in a serious tone. Chen Yang wanted to refute but seeing the serious look on Lin Feng's face he compiled.
Lin Feng and Chen Yang left as they sneaked out of the classroom.
Before Chen Yang could say anything, Lin Feng began to speak " Chen Yang listen carefully to what I say in 30 minutes the sky will darken followed by the opening of large cracks in the sky from which countless powerful monsters arrive".
"Lin Feng, What are you talking about?" Interrupting Chen Yang, Lin Feng began to speak " I know it sounds crazy and you think I've gone insane but believe me, you don't wanna regret this."
"so call everyone you wanna call and tell them in 30 minutes a large amount of monsters gonna come and ask them to move to the nearest trail dungeon as soon as possible, as for trail dungeon it appears after the apocalypse starts it's quite large so they will be able to see it, tell them to rush as soon as possible because when the monsters first appear they are a bit disoriented so they can use this chance to rush.
I know you had a lot of questions but please bear with me you'll understand everything as soon as possible".
Even though Chen Yang is suspicious he still began to call his parents. Lin Feng took out his phone and made a call. not long after a middle-aged man's stern voice could be heard.
"Father." even though Lin Feng tried to keep his calm his voice still trembled."oh! Fenger what happened don't you have a class now." his father's voice sounded.
"Dad, do you believe me?" Lin Feng asked. " yes son I believe you, what happened to tell me quickly." his father's anxious sounded.
"Dad what I'm gonna say is insane and everyone will think I'm crazy. dad, believe me, I'm not crazy and I don't wanna regret so, please do as Lin Feng began to explain about the apocalypse, Father bring mother and brother to the back 12th city middle school after the apocalypse started a large ancient monument appears there, at the start the monsters are a bit disoriented, so run as fast as you could into building, please believe me father for this once." Lin Feng urged.
"Ok son." his father sighed, even though this all sounded crazy. he still believed his son.
Lin Feng knew after the apocalypse earth started to expand 10 times of it's form former size. it isn't the size of the planet is increasing but more of a spatial folds opening, as a result, the distances between cities a largely covered with deadly places with monster beasts so it took at least five-six months to contact between major cities even though Lin Feng's parents lived in a small town near Jiang city it still takes at least two months to meet them.
Lin Feng called his sister." Brother! I've really missed you." a sweet melodious voice came from the other side. Lin Feng controlled his emotions and began to speak."Bingbing! where are you" Lin Feng asked.
"Brother I came to grand central mart for shopping with my friends." Bingbing's sweet voice sounded."so you Bunked the classes again." Lin Feng's sounded serious.
"Ah! brother don't say to father please." Bingbing's panicky voice sounded from another side."
"ok listen what I'm gonna say and do what I say otherwise I'll inform father about all your bunking then Lin Feng began to explain apocalypse and about trail dungeons and it's location." Bingbing wanted to complain but Lin Feng interrupted her and coerced her to do it.
Lin Feng knew if he just persuaded her normally, she would think it's a prank and take it lightly, so Lin Feng had to use his father and force her to follow.
Lin Feng then began to call his other two dormmates Li Huo and Yang Chao and asked them to meet him urgently.
Lin Feng began to call all his relatives and friends from his college and began to warn and Inform them about the incoming apocalypse and about the trail dungeons, even though most of them were skeptic about it they still accepted it.
Chen Yang put his phone, his face darkened, from the looks of it it seems he was ridiculed.
"No one believed you did they?" Lin Feng asked. "they didn't." Chen Yang answered gloomily.
"It doesn't matter as long as you informed them they will know what to do." Lin Feng sighed.
Just then from afar a fat man and a thin man are coming to the fat man is panting as he came, the fat man is Yang Chao, while the thin man is Li Huo.
The fat man panted as he asked:" Fengzi what happened why did you ask us to come here urgently don't you know this father has finally found a girl and you ruined it." Yang Chao asked indignantly, Li Huo is silent but from his expression, he also seemed to know the reason.
Lin Feng patiently began to explain to them the apocalypse and about the trial dungeon and what needs to be done and he also urged them to inform their friends and relatives about it.
Even though both Yang Chao and Li Huo are skeptical, they still dialed their parents and informed about the matter, as expected they only informed their parents and didn't inform others.
When they are about to ask him other questions the sky suddenly darkened as if a great beast loomed over it followed by a burst of noises from the university and surroundings as lot people came to see what happen.
Then suddenly a voice of panic and desperation sounded a lot of people began to run away, as the four they turned to left they saw a giant crack opening out of nowhere and a giant spider the size of a car along with small spiders ranging from the size of a football to a dining table.
"Fengzi you weren't kidding." Yang Chao suddenly screamed, even both Chen Yang and Li Huo's face looked grave.
As Lin Feng looked at the spiders rampaging, he then looked up the sky as he sighed.
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