Conqueror of the Realms Chapter -1: Glossary of cultivation and other professions


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Note: this is only for the early stages and later will be mentioned in the novel.
Every major cultivation realm is divided into 10 minor stages and each stage is divided into early, mid, late and peak respectively.
There are four major types of cultivation systems:
Primal Cultivation system: This system majorly increases physical attributes while minorly increases mental attributes, Physical professions follow this cultivation system like Knights, Berserkers, Guardians etc....
Essence Cultivation system: This system equally increases both mental and physical attributes at moderate levels, Mixed professions follow this cultivation system like Thieves, Rangers, Archers etc....
Soul Cultivation system: This system majorly increases physical attributes while minorly increases mental attributes, Physical professions follow this cultivation system like Illusionists, Magicians, Elementalists etc...
Mentality cultivation system: This system increases mental power which is the most important attribute for almost all auxiliary professions like Beast tamer, Alchemist, Array master, Weapon Refiners etc....
Example of Attributes of a person practicing Essence cultivation system:
Name: xxxxxxxxxxx
Cultivation: the 10th stage of Rank 1( peak-rank 1)
Cultivation technique: Tri Elemental Essence law
Exp: 0%
Cultivation attributes:
Essence Energy: 100
Primal Energy: 0
Soul Energy: 0
Mental Power: 0
Body attributes:
Stamina(St): 560/560=HX0.8
Mana(Ma): 560/560=MX0.8
Life Span(L):42/120
Charm: -
Luck: -
When health reaches 0 Physical death.
When Magic reaches 0 Mental death.
Stamina and Mana are Health and Magic X 0.8

The above attributes are 10 for an average human adult.
The First 10 units of energy in any cultivation system doesn't increase attributes.
The increase in Body attributes corresponding to Cultivation attributes:
1 unit primal energy = S+1,V+1,A+1,Sp+0.33,I+0.33,W+0.33,H+10,M+3.3
1 unit essence energy=S+0.66,V+0.66,A+0.66,Sp+0.66,I+0.66,W+0.66,H+6.6,M+6.6
1 unit soul energy = S+0.33,V+0.33,A+0.33,Sp+1,I+1,W+1,H+3.3,M+6.6
This may slightly wary depending upon different types of cultivation techniques.
The growth of Cultivation attributes with cultivation stages:
When one starts cultivation techniques one gains 10 units of cultivation energy:
Rank 0: Starting cultivation 10 units(no Body attribute increase)
Rank 1(Apprentice stage): It starts with 10 units as base
Low Rank 1: 10-18 units
Mid Rank 1: 18-30 units
High Rank1: 30-50 units
Peak Rank1: 50-75units
Rank 2(Master stage): when reaches Rank 2 the 75 units increase to 100 units
Low Rank 2: 100-180units
Mid Rank 2: 180-300 units
High Rank2: 300-500 units
Peak Rank2: 500-750units
Rank 3(Grandmaster stage): when reaches Rank 3 the 750 units increase to 1000 units
Low Rank 3: 1000-1800units
Mid Rank 3: 1800-3000 units
High Rank3: 3000-5000 units
Peak Rank3: 5000-7500units
Rank 4(Lord stage): when reaches Rank 4 the 7500 units increase to 10* units(1*unit = 1000units)
Cultivation stages:
Rank 0 - lowest stage at the start of cultivation
Rank 1 Cultivator or Rank 1 Monster beast
low rank 1 - (1-3) stages
mid-rank 1 - (4-6) stages
high rank 1 - (7-9)stages
peak rank 1 - 10th stage and same for rank 2 and so on.
Rank 1 monster beast - Servant beast
Rank 2 monster beast - Leader beast
Rank 3 monster beast - General beast
Rank 4 monster beast - Lord beast
Grades of materials, pills, and weapons:
Gradeless (Rank 0)
Mortal grade (Rank 1) - useful for Rank 1 cultivators
Mystic grade (Rank 2) -useful for Rank 2 cultivators
Phantom grade (Rank 3) - useful for Rank 3 cultivators
Each grade is divided into low, mid, high and peak grades.
Cultivation techniques also are of the same ranking, Mortal grade techniques can only be cultivated up to peak Rank 1 same for Rank 2 and so on, the higher the grade the faster the cultivation speed and greater power, for example, a High-grade Mortal technique has faster cultivation speed and greater power compared to mid-grade Mortal techniques.
This Classification also goes for Seal masters, Alchemists, Array masters, Rune forgers, Weapon Refiners, Beast Tamers and other professions.

This all will later be repeated in the story this is just a sort of reference. I know the body attributes look unbalancing if you have any suggestions please help me in improving the story.
Thank you...
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