Conqueror of All Chapter 92: Sail to the battlefield!


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It didn't take long before Izan and Robin parted away from each other, Izan turned his body slowly around, he had a smile on his face as he knew there were people waiting behind him.

When Izan had turned around completely, he could see all of his wives standing there staring at him, some with tears running down their cheeks and some were smiling.

"I am back." Izan said in a soothing voice as he couldn't help but to stare at each of his wives. He could never know how they must have felt while being 'alone' until now, but Izan could understand their feelings. That was because Izan had a lingering feeling of wanting to be with his wives during the time he was 'training'.

The first one to jump at Izan had tears running down her cheeks, she couldn't say anything as her throat wouldn't let out any voices than her cries.

Izan's arms opened up as he caught Shirahoshi in his embrace, as he placed her head to his chest, he leaned his head towards her as he whispered in a low voice. "Shirahoshi… I missed you very much… Thank you for waiting for me this long…!"

It took very long before everyone calmed themselves down, Izan had to hug Shirahoshi, Perona, Hancock and Nojiko in turn for several minutes.

Izan lastly gazed at Jiutian who was still having a faint smile on her face, Izan knew Jiutian's personality and knew that she wouldn't act like his other wives, therefore Izan moved forward and hugged Jiutian in his embrace.

Jiutian closed her eyes as she calmed herself down while breathing in the scent of Izan. It didn't take Jiutian longer than half a minute before she managed to calm her thoughts, she didn't leave Izan's embrace as she spoke in a calm tone. "Izan, the Throne War is nearing, I have already told Defying to sail to the battleground…" After she said this, Jiutian left Izan's embrace while smiling, yet her smile now was more beautiful than her previous smile…

Izan turned around and stared at the girl with blood-red hair who was watching the entire scenario without her emotions changing. Izan called out softly her name "Defying."

Defying took this que and teleported right in front of Izan, she raised her head slightly and stared into Izan's jet-black eyes.

"You have done well…" Izan's lips curved upwards as he smiled at Defying.

"Master." Defying's lips also curved upwards the same as Izan's. She felt something inexpressible when she did the same as Izan. "Master, it will take two days before we will reach the place Jiutian told me about. But Master, why are we going to the so-called Throne Wars? They are not worth your precious time, if you want to, I will go there personally and sever all their heads and give them to you!" Defying's voice was calm and sounded beautiful, but the meanings of her words were rather frightening.

It was at this moment that the air around Izan started tearing up. "Defying." Izan's soothing voice wasn't present any longer as what was left was only his ice-cold tone.

Everyone that stared at Izan saw the difference, the easy-going Izan was nowhere to be seen and what was standing in front of them was someone that stood on top of everyone else with his personality alone, not even counting his strength…

"Being arrogant is fine, but never be ignorant…" Izan gazed at Defying seriously as he continued speaking. "You are very strong, stronger than most of who we have seen and will meet in this world, yet there are many worlds out there and many more who are currently stronger than us. Us being arrogant is perfectly fine because we know that our potential is much greater than them, but don't underestimate their strength either."

Izan calmed himself down as he cleared his throat. "This Throne Wars will be the first war of the many to come in the future. Each future battle will become harder than the last, therefore don't muddle your heads with a victory because we are far from reaching our main goal…" Izan spoke to Defying and to all of his wives, he wanted all of them to become strong and arrogant like himself, but that didn't mean that they should forget about everything else and stop their progress…

"I am sorry, Master…" Defying lowered her head slightly, she felt that her earlier thoughts were wrong and Izan, her Master corrected her. She will learn anything Izan teaches her.

Izan sighed as he slowly stroked Defying's head. "I don't want to see you being hurt in the future, because that would make my heart ache…" He spoke gently

"Yes Master, I will act cautious and won't get harmed in the future." Defying promised seriously as she stared at Izan. If Izan didn't want her to become hurt, she would do her best in never becoming injured.

"Let's just rest for the upcoming days before the Throne Wars, because we won't know for how long it will last." Izan sighed as he said this, he knew that battles with people at the same strength could last for days.
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