Codename:Phoenix Chapter 62: Paranoia


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Qin Rong was in front of his computer making a 3D design of a unicorn paddle boat when he was abruptly interrupted by Wang Yuvin's call.

"Bro, are you free tonight at around 7 pm?"

Qin Rong had a quizzical look on his face upon hearing his friend's question. He then decided to tease him.

"Are you asking me out on a date?" Qin Rong asked as he tried to suppress himself from laughing.

However, it seemed like the other person did not find it amusing for the line went silent. And it didn't take long for the call to end.

"Hey, bro! Hello, bro Yuvin? Helloooooooo, brooooooo??"

The quizzical look on Qin Rong's face was instantly replaced by guilt. His joke might have offended Wang Yuvin.

He hurriedly dialed his friend's number but to his dismay, Wang Yuvin did not pick up his call.

He was about to dial it again, when a text message went in.

From: Bro Yuvin

Feeling guilty, aren't you?
The Hideout at 7 pm tonight.
Don't be late!

After reading the message, Qin Rong suddenly felt like pulling out his hair from his scalp. He fell for Wang Yuvin's deceit!

He shook his head as his focus shifted to the name of the place where they will meet up. What's with the sudden interest with The Hideout? Well, he can't wait to find out.


Since she left Kiang's mansion without her bodyguards, her phone was ringing nonstop.

As soon as she reached Jicheng Zhe University, she threw a quick glance at her phone.

22 missed calls
19 new text messages

She then lazily reached out for her phone to read the messages.

As she expected, all 22 missed calls were from her grandfather. She was now guessing that the 19 messages were also from her grams but she was wrong.

The topmost message was from Liu Shenbi. But instead of reading the message, she immediately deleted it.

She was about to get out of her car when she saw a white starex van heading her way.

By impulse, she pressed the convertible top button to close the roof of her Cabrio. She then started her car's engine and was ready to step on the gas when a sudden realization hit her.

She's already inside Jicheng Zhe, right? The security inside the university was 10x tighter than her grams' company. Meaning, that the people inside the van were not villains. Or at least that's what she hoped for.

After careful evaluation of the situation she was in, she glanced at the van's plate number from her side view mirror. The moment she saw that it was a diplomatic vehicle license plate, her worries went away.

'Kiang Leilei! Stop being worried over nothing!' She scolded herself after experiencing paranoia.

At this very moment, Kiang Leilei deeply regrets that she ran away from her karate lessons. Well, can't blame her, those were the days when her mother and father were still trying to make their relationship work. Of course, she chose to spend her time with them than attend karate lessons.

Before her mind started reminiscing about the past, she turned off her car's engine, grabbed her things and stepped outside.

"New school. Same attitude."

Kiang Leilei murmured to herself as she meandered in Jicheng Zhe University.
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