Codename:Phoenix Chapter 203: Flaming Red


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With the short amount of time given to them to get prepared for the first scene, everyone inside the dressing room with Wang Reiji moved as swiftly as their body parts allowed them to. Good thing the make up artist and senior hair stylist were both used to working under a great deal of pressure. Thus, they were able to work professionally and even exchanged jokes with each other, entertaining themselves, most especially Wang Reiji who haven't had  hearty laugh for some time now. 

Also, the red pantsuit gown perfectly fit her that adjustments were not anymore needed. So, the personnel from Flambeau left right after she was satisfied with how Wang Reiji looked well in the gown  she was wearing. 

Since everyone was enjoying their work, they finished before the time given to them was up. 

"Done!" The make up artist exclaimed soon as he finished spraying a decent amount of make up mist on Wang Reiji's face.  

Everyone then gathered around her as they stared at her in awe, admiring her divine beauty and charisma. The innocent face that walked inside the dressing room some minutes ago was nowhere to be found. What was now in front of them was a gorgeous deity clad in red. 

Wang Reiji cannot also believed her eyes, she almost did not recognize herself. Though she looked regal most of the time, her aura today was in a different level. A true seductress, a conqueror of every being's heart. Closely examining her face in the mirror, Wang Reiji noticed that the make up artist put bright red lipstick on her lips paired with an equally eye-catching bronze eyeshadow and sharp winged eyeliner. 

"Thank you! I never looked this gorgeous in my life." With her sweetest smile, Wang Reiji thanked the make up artist. She then touched her hair and turned her head to the senior hair stylist. 

"I love these curls! It's been a while since I saw my hair look like this." She did not forget to thank the hair stylist as well.

"You are really stunningly beautiful, Miss Jing. It only took me minimal effort to bring out the goddess in you. Looking forward to your future projects!" The make up artist exclaimed, his eyes were full of pride as he stared at his lovely masterpiece. 

"When! Miss Jing, we already did our part. The rest is now up to you. Shut those naysayers up and impress them with your acting skills!" The senior stylist said as he brushed Wang Reiji's hair to place one more time. 

Wang Reiji understood what the senior sylist said and nodded her head in agreement. Taking a lung of air in, Wang Reiji stood up from her seat and gracefully walked in front of the life size mirror to check herself out. 

The commercial was just the beginning of their journey to the past. Their ever first step towards unraveling the events that forever changed their lives and identities. And once she stepped out of the dressing room, stood in front of the cameras and did her task as Miss Jing, thew was no turning back. 

Balling her hands into fists, Wang Reiji felt even more determined to find out the names of the people who snatched her future away from her as well as give justice to the untimely demise of Wang Yuvin's parents. 

How cruel life can be? As far as she could remember, when she was still using her surname Xing, she never offended anyone. She strongly believed that someone had just set her up. That she was made to be the escapegoat, an unknowing prey that fel right into the class of the vicious predator.

"Alright! Let's get going! Thanks for the hard work everyone." Wang Reiji said as she took a quick glance at her reflection in the mirror and walked out of the marquee tent. The make up artist and stylist followed after her as they headed to where the director and his crew were waiting 

The laughter and noise that filled the air before Wang Reiji arrived had abruptly died and instantly replaced with gasps. Everyone stopped what they were doing and curiously turned their head to get sight of the celestial beauty walking gracefully towards them. 

"I must say you looked really gorgeous. But we still need to find out if you will look the same in the lens of the cameras." The director sounded polite yet there was a trace of mockery in his voice.

However, instead of getting affected by the director's subtle insult, Wang Reiji ignored his words and showed no signs of worry. She even exuded more confidence right after hearing the remarks for the director. 

"Miss Jing here confirmed earlier that she does not need body double and that she will be doing the stunts herself. So, everyone standby on your posts now and we will now commence with the first scene."

The first scene of the commercial required Wang Reiji to run across the burning woods that resembled the ones that surrounded Wang Yuvin's village. 

As everyone gathered around the set, the atmosphere became suddenly enveloped with murmurs.

"I think she's desperate to become known the entertainment industry. Just look at what she is about to do. Run in the middle of the woods wearing stilleto shoes and ball gown!"

"Well, it shows how badly she needs the job! She can even risk spraining her ankles with this commercial." 

"Maybe Oriental Europa paid her a lofty sum of money that even if she gets injured from this shoot she can still manage to live a comfortable life."

The doubters began yapping nonsense again and talked how desperate Wang Reiji as a newbie actress.

But Wang Reiji knew better than to pay no mind to these negative people. Actualy, she was slowly getting used to their verbal attacks. 

"Everyone, into your positions now! The camera will start rolling in 3... 2...1... Action!"

The moment Wang Reiji heard the word action, she slipped into the character she had to portray. The burning woods scene was quite demanding. Though she was the one who conceived the idea, showing the right amount of emotions and proper expressions to give justice to the scene proved to be challenging. The character must appear confused, not scared. Brave but not too confident. Though she can run very well in her 3 inch stilleto, she must run like she was about to trip or fall into her knees anytime so that the audience can feel the thrill and panic from the comfort of their homes. 

Looking at the distance she was about to cover by running, Wang Reicji realized that it was not that lengthy. She needed to control her phasing or it would seem like she was endorsing  her stilleto as running shoes. 

As she begun to ran, memories from five years ago started flooding her head. She then vividly recalled the exact moment when she was frantically searching for Wang Yuvin. 

Five years ago, at the time the poor people's village was engulfed in the sea of flames, Wang Reiji was already a fugitive. When she was sentenced to life in imprisonment a week after General Prosecutor Zhang's death, Wang Daizhuo busted her out from prison and saved her from the injustice she received. Guilty that he was not able to save Skyla from her insanity, Wang Daizhuo promised to help her daughter in anyway he could. Because of this, he volunteered to adopt Wang Reiji so she can have a new identity and live freely. 

Before leaving the C country and head West, Wang Reiji went to the village to say goodbye to Aunt Hee and her family. However, when she arrived at the village, chaos had already reigned the land as flames devoured every object in its path. Though terrified with what was happening in front of her and almost immobilized due to shock, Wang Reiji found the courage to move her legs and rush to Aunt Here's house. Unfortunately, when she got there, she was too late. The entire house was completely on fire and most of its part were burned down. She then desperately screamed out her godmother's name. But much to her horror and despair, she heard no response and saw signs of Aunt Hee. 

With a heavy heart, Wang Reiji dragged herself around the area asking everyone about the family's whereabouts.

"I don't know! Don't ask me!"

"Get away! Move!"

"Save yourself from the wrath of the gods!" 

Those were some of the responses she got from the village people. Understandably, nobody was in their rightful minds since their homes and properties were being devoured by the raging flames. 

Not wanting to give up on her Aunt Hee, Wang Reiji walked some more. As she got near the polluted river, she saw a familiar object on the ground. She went near the object to take a closer look. After a few seconds of examining the object, she was able to recognize it. 

It was the shoe she gave to her godsibling as a birth day gift. 
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