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After over an hour of eating and enjoying their sumptuous lunch, Wang Reiji excused herself once more. She was actually running late for the hotel's commercial shoot. Everyone understood her circumstance and bid her farewell. Wang Yuvin then excused himself as well to escort her out of the dining hall. 

"See you later, sis. Thank you for everything today. " Wang Yuvin said as he slowly looked away from Wang Reiji as guilt shrouded his countenance.

"And sorry for dragging our family into this mess I made." He added. 

Wang Reiji stared at her brother for a while before she walked towards him and lovingly tousled his hair. 

"Everyone makes mistakes. It is what makes us humans. What's important is that we realize that we are wrong and we do something about it." 

Wang Yuvin smiled as he gently nodded his head, seemingly satisfied of his sister's answer.

"I know you won't let anyone harm our family, especially my daughter. Also, I promised you my support. So, rest easy. Everything will turn out just fine." 

"Thank you for choosing to support this stupid brother of yours. I will make everyone who wronged us suffer a thousand folds more." Wang Yuvin replied as he clenched his hands into fists. 

"Yes we will. One person at a time. Now, I need you to calm yourself down and return to your guests... And can you please make up with Miss Leilei? The awkwardness between the two of you is really bothering me." Wang Reiji said, shrudding her shoulders.

Wang Yuvin let out a long sigh and replied, "We are that obvious? Too bad, it is not the right time to talk about us. You better hurry to the commercial shoot or the filming crew will get mad at a rookie actress."

"Hmp... Stingy! But what you said is right. I must now hurry to the venue. See you later then, bro."

"Alright! Good luck and have fun." 

Soon as Wang Reiji left the villa, Wang Yuvin took charge and continued to attend to his esteemed guests.


WR was late for the commercial shoot thus earning bad impression from the director and the rest of the team.

As she arrived at the scene everyone's giving her the cold shoulder with an annoyed look on their faces. But some were bold enough to badmouth her.

"Does she think she's a goddess in the industry? Showing up 1 hour late for her first tv ad! How proposterous!"

"She looks average to me. I wonder how she got the role."

"Well, who knows? That maybe behind that innocent looking face is a scheming b1tch who loves to hug thick thighs!" 

"We did not hire you just to sprout nonsense. Let this serve as a warning, we from Wang Hotels and Casino do not tolerate toxic people." Rentao cannot hold his anger anymore and strongly scolded the staff who talked shit about his boss. 

After his nagging, all eyes were now glued on Rentao as they all started to wonder who the hell he was. Just when the crowd can't get even curious, the director of the commercial filming walked straight to Rentao with an overly concerened look on his face. 

"Mr. Rentao! Sir, I apologize for my crew's attitude towards Miss Jing. But she was late for an hour and was the cause of the delay."

"Why should you apologize on behalf of your crew? Don't they have tongues? I heard their voices loud and clear earlier. Or do they just open their mouths to speak trash?" 

Rentao was about to say another word to defend his boss when Wang Reiji quickly moved forward and lowered her head down in front of the director. 

"Please forgive me for being late. That was so unprofessional of me. I promise to work hard today and not cause anymore delay." 

After saying her apology, Wang Reiji lifted her up and gave the director and the rest of the team her sweet smile.

"Alright then! Let's get started!" The director yelled, clapping his hands.

Before they started shooting the commercial, the director asked everyone to gather around him that he may give them his specific instructions. First he talked to his crew then the turned his head to Wang Reiji and asked her a question. 

"Miss Jing, I believe you are completely aware of the script, right?"

Wang Reiji gently nodded her head and said, "Yes, sir. I very well aware of the story." 

"And are you sure to do the difficult stunts without a body double?"

"Definitely, sir. I am confident about my capabilities." 

"Well, that's good. Please change your clothes now. Your dressing room is right over there." 

Wang Reiji's eyes followed where the director was pointing his finger. Since the location was outdoor, a small marquee tent was made into a dressing room.

She thanked the director first before heading to the tent with the stylists.

"Are you okay now? I hope your mood did not get spoiled because of them." As Wang Reiji and the team of stylists approach the tent, the man who seemed to be the senior stylist spoke to her.

"I am feeling fine. I guess being bad mouthed by other people is a norm when you are in the entertainment industry." 

"Yeah, right. And that is awefully sad. But you need to get used to it if you want to stay in the biz." The senior stylist replied as he cleared the fabric covering the entrance of the marquee tent and held it open for Wang Reiji. 

"Thank you." She politely said as she stepped inside the dressing room.

When Wang Reiji's sight landed inside the tent, a woman in her early 20s was sitting on the couch with a large pink box on her lap. Judging from the woman's uniform, she was a personnel in Flambeau by Miss Teri. Meaning, the box contained Wang Reiji's gown.

"Good afternoon. I am from Flambeau. I am here to deliver the gown to Miss Jing. Are you Miss Jing?" The woman quickly placed the box on the couch and rose to her feet.

Wang Reiji swiftly nodded her head and directed her eyes to the box then back to the personnel to thank her. 

"You are welcome. By the way Miss Jing, can you please try the gown first? Miss Teri instructed me that before I leave this place I must make sure that you look best in the gown." The personnel replied as she opened the box and carefully took out the red sleeveless pantsuit ballgown from the box.

Soon as the personnel revealed the gown, the tent suddenly became filled with gasps from the make up artists and stylists. 

"That is so fab! I wonder what color of eyeshadow and lipstick should I put on Miss Jing to match the color of the gown." The make up artist voiced out his admiration for the gown. 

"Well, as for her hair, I think loose curls at the end of Miss Jing's hair will help her appear feisty and sexy. Am I right, Miss Jing?" The senior stylist turned his head to Wang Reiji as if waiting for her approval.

Before Wang Reiji can give her reply, the director arrived and was now standing on the tent entrance to check if they started the preparation. 

"Since we are way behind schedule, please use the remaining time wisely. You only have thirty minutes to get dressed and glammed up. My assistant will come back after the time is up to fetch you up." The director did not wait for Wang Reiji and others to utter a response. He left as quickly as he appeared turning the lovely tent quiet.

"Don't mind the director, Miss Jing. Actually, he and the production crew just arrived not too long before you came. So, they were late as well, but they got earlier than you." The make up artist said as he led Wang Reiji in front of the vanity mirror. 

"I hope the CEO knows of this. How dare them act all righteous when they were also not punctual! Trying to make themselves look better but in fact no trace of professionalism in them." The senior stylist also shared a piece of his mind to everyone as he took out his tools from his bag and arranged them neatly on the vanity table.

"I do not know what's happening but I think you need to get in your gown first ." The personnel from Flambeau butted in whilst she fixed the skirt of the gown.

"Well let's hurry up before the assistant comes up!" 

Wang Reiji smiled brightly and took the red sleeveless pantsuit ball gown from the Flambeau personnel.
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