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Soon as Europa left the room, Wang Reiji sighed a breath of relief and slowly sank into the floor. That was a close call! If Bai had arrived a little later, she might have told Europa something she will definitely regret in the future. 

Indeed, her daughter had matured a lot. Her questions already made sense. And as a mother, she was expected to provide answers. True answers, not fabricated ones. 

"I will deal with this later. Yuvin still has guests to entertain and I have a commercial to film in the afternoon." Wang Reiji scolded herself as she gently tug her hair to snap her senses back. She then slowly rose and glided towards the life size mirror to check if she had messed up her outfit.

Standing in front of the mirror, Wang Reiji scanned herself from head to foot. She wanted to make sure that she looked decent. As the CEO of the casino hotel Oriental Europa she had to properly represent herself and her business. She wanted to give the guests a good lasting impression of her so she chose a style that exude elegance. She wore a black slit sleeve floral maxi dress paired with nude ankle strap heels. She did not wear any accessories anymore but she made sure that the beautiful waves of her hair and side bangs were enough to accentuate elegance. She also kept her makeup light, allowing her skin to breathe for a while before the heavy makeup for the filming of the commercial.

"This looks okay to me." Wang Reiji mumbled to herself as she threw one more glance in the mirror before she decided to step out of the room. As soon as she closed the door behind her, she took a lung of air and started to gracefully walk along the the second floor of the villa. Soon enough, she found herself descending the stairs while the twins Ai and Bai stood at the last step waiting for her. 

"How do I look?" She suddenly asked. Wanting to know other people's opinions.

"Gorgeous, CEO Wang!" The twins answered in unison. 

"Hehe... Thank you for your honesty. Is everybody in the dining hall?" Wang Reiji asked, worried that she made their guests wait for long.

"Master Yuvin is still outside." Ai answered.

"Waiting for the arrival of another guest." Bai replied, split second after Ai spoke. 

"Hmm... I see. Anyway, how was the preparation?" Wang Reiji asked as she and the twins walked towards the dining hall.

"It went very well." 

"None of the ingredients are missing"

"Good... Thank you for your hard work." Wang Reiji said as she halted her steps in front of the dining hall. 

Ai and Bai then lowered their heads down as they held the door open for Wang Reiji. 

She then smiled warmly at the twins before she went inside the hall which was redecorated upon the chef's request. Instead of the long contemporary dining set, a sleek looking customized indoor mobile kitchen was placed in the middle of the hall. The doors to the veranda which were usually closed and concealed with curtains, were now fully opened, allowing the cool breeze to move in and out of the dining hall. 

"Mama! Sit beside me." Europa called out to her. Following the source of the voice, Wang Reiji saw her daughter sitting comfortably beside Kiang Leilei. She then smiled at the little girl and replied, "Of course. Where will I sit if not beside you, my darling." 

As soon as she approached the banquet table, Chairman Xu and Kiang Leilei greeted her again. She greeted them back before inviting herself to take a seat beside Europa. 

"Sweetie, have you seen your uncle?" Wang Reiji asked, it seemed like Wang Yuvin forgot to tell her about the remaining guest. 

"Nope. I haven't seen him since I went down. Aunt Lei, have you seen your boyfriend?" Europa asked nonchalantly. 

"B-boyfriend?" Kiang Leile's face blushed, but she quickly dismissed any romantic thoughts because of what happened between her and Yuvin earlier in the garden pavilion.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Yes, my uncle Yuvin is your boyfriend. Mama said that." Europa replied.

"I am sorry about this misunderstanding, Miss Kiang. I should have used a different term. What I meant was my brother was your male friend." Wang Reiji was quick to apologize when she noticed that Kiang Leilei looked slightly displeased when her daughter referred to her uncle as Kiang Leilei's boyfriend. She then begun to she wonder. Did something happen? They looked lovey dovey when she arrived from the office. 

'I am probably overthinking.' Wang Reiji thought to herself and quickly dismissed what she had observed.

"I think I better start preparing the soup now. Please excuse me." She remembered the soup that Chairman Xu wanted for lunch.

"Oh, no need to cook the soup now. I can have it some other time. You see, your daughter told us that you have an important appointment in the afternoon. I don't want you to get tired over some selfish request." Chairman Xu protested.

"Are you sure, Chairman Xu? It's really fine with me, though." Wang Reiji felt uneasy. Based from the old man's reply, it seemed like he was going to visit the villa some other time! He will be coming back in the future! Upon this realization, Wang Reiji had never been this eager to cook a Chinese oxtail soup in her entire existence.

"I am perfectly fine with it. This old man is very happy for you and your family's generosity. Please come over at our house for lunch next time." Chairman Xu smiled warmly at Wang Reiji before he took a sip of his tea.

"Thank you for inviting us. For sure my daughter will definitely love that." Wang Reiji suddenly felt better. It seemed like the chairman had no intentions of visiting the villa again anytime soon. Instead, he wanted the Wangs to visit them next time.

Just when she was about to tell Europa that they will be going to Chairman Xu's house in one of these days, three people arrived at the dining hall. Two of them were pushing a cart full of different ingredients and the remaining person was following them from behind. Wang Reiji furrowed her brows, but when she recognized that the three people wore a Golden Palate uniform, she begun to reliazed that these guys were the ones in charge for their lunch.

"Pardon our intrusion, I am Sous Chef Arthur and these are my kitchen staff. I am sorry that the head chef cannot come today. He was still on a vacation so he decided to send me as a replacement." The good looking guy wearing a black toque explained.
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